Cannibal Corps

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Cannibal Corps
Abbreviation: Cannibal Corps
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: ???
Goals: To eat.
Recruitment Policy: Recruiting Here

Learn a trade
Earn money for college
See new places
Meet new people
Eat them
Join the Cannibal Corps

Since the lockdown at Malton, supplies have been few and far between, and with the scarcity of animals and other sources of food, 42nd Marine Company decided to find "alternative" food sources. At first, this meant that survivors who shot at innocent civilians were hunted down and used for food sources, with the remainder passed out at hospitals and food checkpoints.

The team medic was able to come up with a method of regular injections to the marines and a special cooking technique, allowed the marine company the ability to eat processed zombies as well, without the fear of zombification. Mild side-effects of the drugs used to stave off zombification are:

  • The buildup of endorphins that cause aggressive tendencies in the troops.
  • The retention of more memories than usual when actual zombification occurs, and thus the retention of military training.
  • A more developed musculature, which can make for potentially dangerous zombies.
  • Psychotic episodes, including delusions and sociopathic outbursts.

Now calling themselves the Cannibal Corps (also known as the Cannibal Corpse by those who have been attacked by them), the marines roam Malton looking for their next meal. Highly organized with mobile phones, they maintain their military tactics and continue to strike at the negative elements of the Malton survivors (although what exactly qualifies these individuals as negative elements is up for debate) as well as unchecked aggression towards the zombies who they view as potential rivals, food sources, and their primary mission (to destroy all zombies).

The marines have recruited some civilians, scientists, and other military agents, but they have to go through a regimented training course as well as regular injections and group meals. Unfortunately, the group tends to be random with their recruitment, possibly due to the sociopathic nature of the drugs they regularly take.


The initial thinking was to stock each platoon solely with capable marines, but with initial losses from the early days in Malton and with the few "moral objectors" forcibly removed, this proved to be unrealistic. The marines who survived were split amongst the three platoons and heavy recruitment would be needed to bring them back up to fighting strength.

Cannibal Corps Platoon 1

Cannibal Corps Platoon 1 or more commonly referred to as CC-1, was the first platoon restructured under the newly reformed Cannibal Corps. CC-1 is the closest platoon to being brought to full strength, so it is the most formidable of all of the platoons in head-to-head fighting. Platoon 1 has seen combat experience in the Yagoton area and from their peacekeeping action against the the Abandoned.

Cannibal Corps Platoon 2

Cannibal Corps Platoon 2 or more commonly referred to as CC-2, is a mixture of seasoned marines and raw recruits from the citizens of Malton who decided to join the Cannibal Corps. Currently CC-2's role is that of support for CC-1 until they are brought up to fighting strength.

  • ??? - Platoon Leader

Cannibal Corps Platoon 3

Cannibal Corps Platoon 3 or more commonly referred to as CC-3, was recently reformed from the old platoon, and is nowhere near ready to see combat action. CC-3 is currently entering the training phase for the new recruits, and is based in an undisclosed location.

  • ??? - Platoon Leader

Current Target(s)

The Bale Mall Elite - The self-proclaimed ruling class of the Bale Mall who feel that zerging is not cheating, but a necessary tool in order to combat the "PKer scourge" to the area. They have declaired a sort of martial law in Bale Mall and actively get others to hunt down and kill anyone who kills in the mall. Hypocritical? Yes. However, this is not the reason for fighting against them, as they use multiple characters and remove their group affiliation from their profile in order to grief their designated targets in any way possible. Once on their Enemy List, there is no getting off of it. Since we were put onto it by the Abandoned, we have no choice but to target The Bale Mall Elite.

Former Target(s)

The Abandoned - After much deliberation and due to the loss of their moral compass and only member of The Abandoned who was able to control the blatant zerging actions and frequent attacks on the citizenry, a police action was authorized but was eventually suspended as:

  • Neutral mediators from the DEM call for a cease fire between the Cannibal Corps and The Abandoned. This means that the police action against the Abandoned is suspended. Investigations into some members of the Abandoned continue due to allegations of certain members in their group zerging or encouraging others to use alternate characters in the area.--The Godfather of Яesensitized, Anime Sucks Talk | CC CPFOAS DOЯIS Judge LOE ZHU 22:34, 12 September 2006 (BST)

Status - Cease Fire

Children of the Darque - Once one of the members of the Corps heard how the Children of the Darque spelled Dark, he went into a fit of rage, spouting how they were actually some sort of a terrorist cell in Malton and proceeded to start shooting at them. Since the first incident took place, the remainder of the group has officially started hunting this negative element in Malton, although the commitment to this hunt varies from member to member. Update: With the removal of the Children of the Darque from the official listing of confirmed groups and then an IM from their top member/zerger stating the following: [03:05] aimiboo: i guess you win. The police action on the Children of the Darque has been reduced to a cleanup operation, due to their defeat.

Refer to Operation: Darqueness Falls

Random Smith - A "friend" (see alternate character) of one of the Children of the Darque members specifically designed to cause strife with other groups in the area. (Reference:Inflammatory Profile)

Status - Destroyed