Crespin Grove Railway Station

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Crespin Grove Railway Station
Last Update August 2021
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Crespin Grove Railway Station

Brooksville [36, 69]

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Basic Info:

  • Train station. No trains are running.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Railway Stations:
    • "Its platforms are empty, its departure boards blank, all trains having left the city during the evacuation."
    • "…a fire-damaged white-stone building surrounded by lawns. Behind railings, you can see railway tracks disappearing into the surrounding city."
  • This building can be barricaded normally.

Crespin Grove Railway Station is a rail station in Brooksville. One of the oldest stations in Malton, it has a storied history. Before the outbreak, it was on the Orange Line.

Malton Rail Orange Line
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You are standing outside Crespin Grove Railway Station, a narrow concrete building plastered with posters. Behind railings, you can see railway tracks disappearing into the surrounding city.


You are inside Crespin Grove Railway Station. Its platforms are empty, its departure boards blank, all trains having left the city during the evacuation.

Barricade Policy

Crespin Grove Railway Station should be maintained at Extremely Heavily Barricaded, as per the Brooksville Barricade Plan.


  • S64-GRS - Groups & Radio Stations - Brooksville & vicinity



Crespin Grove Railway Station was built in 1906 by a small railroad company, under the name "Jones P. Hawson Memorial Rail Station". Nobody knows what the name of the company was because the relatively small company went out of business about 2 months after it's completion. When it was originally built, it was a small wooden station with slate roof tiles. The station only had about 4 employees, and was lavishly decorated with mahogany and oak.

Later History

After another rail company took the station, an accident on July 22nd, 1922 at about 11:57 PM caused the station to burn to the cinderblocks that made the foundation. It was rebuilt under the name "Crespin Grove Railway Station" about 20 years later in 1942, when rail traffic reached it's height due to military shipments. It was at this point incorporated into the Orange Line. This design was not too different from the original, but had toilets, electric lamps, and telephones added to the building.

In 1974, The building was refurbished, replacing everything. The refurbishment was finished in early '75, leaving us with pretty much the same station we know now. The decor was changed in late '82, and it was about 3 years later that the AVRail 288 accident occurred. After the AVRail 288 accident, the station's safety features were renovated. The yellow line by the tracks was moved back by about 3 feet. The support posts were removed and the roof was fitted with an internal suspension-bridge like support system. Minor changes from then on out included changing the station's primary decor colors to grey and blue, installing LED departure boards, constructing cell phone kiosks, and enlarging the parking lot.

The Zombie Apocalypse

On July 3rd, 2005, the zombie outbreak occurred in northwest Malton. The government called every train out of Malton after instituting the quarantine, and at Crespin Grove Railway Station it was no different. People wishing for immediate evacuation received it, and after the last train departed early that morning, Brooksville was left to its own devices. Now it sits abandoned.

Current Status

4/24/2014 The building has been very strongly barricaded. A portable generator has been set up here; it is out of fuel. The building has been decorated with an African painting.--James Castillo 14:25, 24 Apr 2014 (EST)

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The nearest Hospitals are St. Perpetua's Hospital in Mockridge Heights (5E) and St. George's Hospital in Greentown (2SW, 3W), both only 5 blocks away.

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The nearest Police Stations are Rounds Boulevard Police Department (1SE, 1E) and Dixon Way Police Department (2SW) in Greentown, only 2 blocks away.

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