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Dunell Hills Police Department
Abbreviation: DHPD
Group Numbers: Varies, a small core of officers is always active

Ask around, someone will point you in the right direction

Goals: To protect and serve in North-West Malton
Recruitment Policy: All survivors; any level of experience.
Contact: DHPD Forum
DHPD Discord
DHPD Discussion
NPOV Statement

The Dunell Hills Police Department is a dedicated group of survivors that operates in and around the suburb of Dunell Hills. The DHPD is heavily involved in the role-playing aspect of the game, specifically in role-playing police officers attempting to protect a civilian population from both zombies and PKers. Its role-playing ethos and internal organization means it has been one of the largest survivor groups in the game for several years. For some time its main antagonist has been The Dead zombie group. The two organizations have been locked in an almost continuous battle for control of Dunell Hills.

The DHPD motto is "Fac fortia et patere", a latin phrase meaning "Do brave deeds and endure."

How it all Started

In the early months of the outbreak, several residents of Dunell Hills found themselves huddling in the rubble of one of the hospitals. It was there that former volunteer firefighter Sharko organized the rag-tag group of survivors and started consolidating supplies and skills. A quick and dangerous raid on one of the nearby police stations yielded a box of badges which survivors began wearing to indicate membership. Thus the Dunell Hills Police Department was born, a group of survivors working together to find some way to bring stability and something approximating law and order to their zombie infested suburb.

The DHPD successfully build Dunell Hills up to be one of the safest places in Malton and began expanding their influence to the neighbouring suburbs, forming the Dunell Militarized Zone (DMZ). Then disaster struck: The Dead chose to make Dunell Hills their home. Ever since, the DHPD and The Dead have fought over these few blocks of Malton.

What is the Present Day Situation?

Many officers of the Dunell Hill Police Department, over time, began to feel the effects of continually killing and being killed. Slowly, officers began to lose interest in the fight, falling to the ground with the intent of staying there. This was the situation for several years. Recently, however, officers have begun to reanimate. Bones long since thought rotted began to knit themselves back together. Flesh, desiccated and hardened by time and sunlight, suddenly began to rejuvenate. Officers that The Dead, and the entire city, had thought lost to time are searching long-forgotten hiding place for fresh uniforms. Badges are being polished, boots are being laced, and the entire city of Malton seems to be holding its breath. The officers of the DHPD are once again in the fight!

What does the DHPD Do?

In Game

DHPD officers currently operate in a guerilla style manner, both inside the contested areas of the DMZ and the so called "Buffer Zone" currently claimed by The Dead, as well as across other areas of Malton. Our in game activities include:

  • Coordinating revives, conducting clearance and 'cading operations, and actioning combat operations against zombie and PKer forces.
  • Operating a legal system for punishing Player Killers which is aimed at inconveniencing them while depriving them of a "bragging points" system.
  • Offering public revive services when able to do so.
  • Conducting assistance operations by taking back forgotten suburbs, giving locals the ability to survive once more.
  • Offering incentives to players via a "ribbon" system for achievements, plus a regular turn around in internal command structure providing lots of opportunities for advancement and contribution to the group.

Out of Game

The DHPD maintains an active forum and discord, encouraging members to get to know each other. While this is focused primarily on in game coordination it also includes:

  • A lot of general chatter about other browser games, fun online videos and socialising. We also encourage our enemies and allies to join in, so long as people are able to act like adults. Being a bully or acting in a disrespectful manner will get everything up to and including a permanent ban.
  • Forum coordinated mafia and other roleplaying games.(NOT CURRENTLY ONGOING)
  • A fiction section for the budding writers out there, including online comic writers.(NOT CURRENTLY ONGOING)
  • Opportunities to make ribbons, banners, avatars and other graphics for group members, or to have them made for you.
  • Opportunities to work on browser plug-ins and other tools to assist the DHPD.

Joining the DHPD

The DHPD is open to all pro-survivor living characters.

If you are interested in signing up please come along to our forum or DHPD Discord and post your intent to join. Someone will be along shortly to assist you.

DHPD Manifesto

  • Stay human.
  • Protect innocent civilians.
  • Tag the area to direct wandering survivors to safety.
  • Maintain safehouse barricades.
  • Encourage members to contribute and communicate.


  • Forum:
DHPD Internal Communications
  • Discord:
DHPD Discord (This is the easiest method to reach an officer during these trying times.)
  • Radio Frequency:
In-game DHPD broadcasts are on the 26.60 MHz frequency. Transmissions are rare.
  • Newsletter:
The DHPD Newsletter is the source for news on everything DHPD.


The DHPD aims to work with all pro-survivor groups in our area of operations. Some of the organisations supported by the DHPD include the following:

  • Bascombe Defense Force
  • Cotty Department Irregulars
  • Posse Reunion Tour

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This user or group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.
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This group has ratified the Coalition for Fair Tactics Group Pledge.
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