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The DHPD Newsletter
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The DHPD Newsletter is a round up of both operational information and informal chats with both DHPD and allied personnel. The DHPD makes no claims as to the authenticity of any statement made by non-DHPD personnel. The newsletter is meant to provide a regular update on DHPD and allied groups activities without breaking OPSEC.


2021 News

November 2021

November 18th

A surge of previously unseen zombies has swept the northeast quarter of Malton, threatening a balance which has existed since the horde known to survivors simply as "The Dead" swept across the city in the early 2010's before being attracted to the suburb of Dunell Hills by officers who sacrificed their own homes and even lives in order to keep the threat from destroying the whole of Malton by keeping the hordes attentions there. Fears among the officers of the Dunell Hills Police Department have emerged that the walls which were erected around the city at the beginning of the blockade have failed to prevent the disease from escaping the city and it is now spread worldwide. Officer Arthur "Krul" Birling gave a brief statement to several reporters and is quoted as saying "Unfortunately, cell coverage is non-existent in this day and age, and what few military radios and police scanners have survived are filled only with static. The DHPD and her allies have been running guerilla operations across basically the entirety of the city for the past few months, and we have been supported by local survivor groups every step of the way. My fellow officers and myself want to thank everyone for their efforts and support, and we want to let the population know we will continue to fight every step of the way. If we fall, our brothers and sisters in arms will revive us and we will fight again!"

October 2021

September 2021

August 2021

August 11th

A few days ago, Dunell Hills Police Department officers were involved in a multi organization strike on the Mitchener Building, which was revealed to be another Necrotech facility that had fallen into an extreme state of disrepair. DHPD officers, along with several members of the Old Arkham Reclamation Effort (OARE) struck the facility in a lightning fast attempt to repair the facility back to the point it can be utilized by any further survivors in the area. Officer "Jesus", in an official statement, had this to say: "DHPD officers alongside OARE allies were involved in the clearing of the Mitchener Building through a rapid deployment action. Zeds, including several which were afflicted with the "Brain Rot" common to older zeds, were dispatched inside the building through firearms, melee weapons, and the use of Necrotech syringes to "Combat Revive". The facility was then rapidly repaired, and is ready to be occupied and used by local survivors." After the strike, officers and allies were just as tight lipped as ever about their next move or operation, however, DHPD Officer "Dr Syko was heard singing "Gangnam Style" while OARE member "Harvey Goolap" stated several times that dubstep was still a thing no matter what anyone else though about it.

July 2021

July 18th

Several officers of the Dunell Hills Police Department coordinated with new found allies inside The Old Arkham Reclamation Effort (OARE), in an effort to conduct "clearance and 'cade" operations within Marven Mall earlier this week. The initial operation was a rousing success for the survivors, and the mall was quickly reclaimed for use by survivors. Several locals were spotted during this time restocking on much needed supplies they were able to scavenge from the newly re-opened human bastion. This, unfortunately, was also the cause of the malls fall approximately 48 hours later. A survivor was spotted entering the mall who was in poor health, and seemingly suffering from an infectious bite. The individual later died while purposely remaining indoors, and reports from that point forward become muddled. It appears that either several other survivors either entered the mall and also willingly died via infection or through suicide by undead. The surprise attacks from behind quickly overwhelmed the defenders, who were forced to retreat and recover their dead and undead, which was completed in short order. Officer and ally spirits remain high and talk of further joint operations in the future serves as a signal that even in these dark days, the living will of a survivor will triumph.

June 2021

Due to an unfortunate incident involving Dr Syko attempting to distill moonshine and not realizing he couldn't smoke while doing so, all transcripts for the month of June were lost. Coincidentally, any fires near the Beer Building around that time should be considered part of the "Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire Tribute Band" celebration that got out of hand.

May 2021

May 05th

Officers of the Dunell Hills Police Department partnered with Creedy Defense Force troops in a multi tiered operation spanning the entirety of the suburb of Pitneybank. Pitneybank had recently been hit hard by members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF) megahorde, yet DHPD officers quickly assisted in bringing both the Moorish Necrotech facility and Giddings Mall back to life through "clearance and 'cade" operations before assisting in a raid which managed to return Fort Creedy to human hands for a limited time before the swollen hordes became too much for the defenders to handle. Several officers did pass along their feeling of gratitude for the survivors who manned the Revive Point that was used during the operation, stating it was one of the best manned points they had seen in a long time. As they left, several members of the DHPD expressed excitement about going to party and blow off some steam. As Dunell Hill Police Department officer "PsycoPhil" was seen pouring a yellow liquid from a water bottle into the boots of officer "Cissero" while the latter was asleep, morale seems to remain high among the returned members of the PD.

April 2021

April 22nd

The Dunell Hills Police Department has successfully spearheaded an effort to re-open the Kilt Store located in Nichols Mall. The operation was a huge success, resulting in countless survivors being able to restock on desperately needed supplies. In addition, several civilians and DHPD officers were seen wearing brand new kilts, some of whom had been forced to wear their old ones for years. Unfortunately, the Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF) zombie horde was eventually attracted to the lights and sounds emanating from the newly restored mall, and a siege broke out. After four days and two sucessfully rebuffed RTS by the RRF, Nichols Mall fell back into zombie control during a third RTS despite the best efforts of Dunell Hills Police Department officers, Kilt Store employees, and random survivors such as one Sgt. Mcreedy. Officers leaving the scene were reportedly happy with the effort and gains from a successful mall restoration and were in high spirits talking about going to a birthday party.

April 18th

The Dunell Hills Police Department along with the Soldiers of Crossman, Department of Emergency Management, GHOST, and elements of numerous other groups managed to clear and barricade the Ackland Mall for a number of hours before it was retaken by zombie forces. Though several survivors were killed, it appears all of the fallen managed to get revived quickly. Approximately 2 days after the fall of Ackland, the DHPD vanished from the view of "DBlank" a self appointed "The Dead" spokesperson. Asked about the Ackland Raid, an anonymous DHPD officer stated "DHPD went in first, cleared a lot of it. We accounted ourselves well for that, happy with what we did." Another anonymous DHPD officer, when asked where the DHPD went after Ackland, simply stated "As long as PsychoPhil can find alcohol does it really matter where we are?"

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