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Malton Examiner
Pict 20051004PHT01030.jpg
Abbreviation: TME
Group Numbers: Seloth,Vigeous.
Leadership: Seloth Antri
Goals: To bring news to the city of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Ask via our discussion
Contact: Contact via discussion of pm Seloth Antri via Brainstock.

Bringing the News to you

The Malton Examiner was greater Maltons most popular news paper. During the early days of the outbreak the paper was used to direct people to safe zones and provide information on outside events.

We bring up-to-date stories from inside Malton's war zones, as well as providing special interest stories for both Zombie and Human.

Issue 11 07 August 2007

Issue 11 07 August 2007

Walrond Square hassle continues.

Local NecroTech personnel are receiving criticism for their lack of revives in the recent days. People are being diverted to nearing Revive Point zones.

Santlerville in crisis

The former business district of Santerville lies in ruins after the attack and week-long occupation of the LUE zombie horde. Both NecroTech Buildings in the suburb and Dowdney Mall remain in zombie hands making gathering supplies and revivification difficult. Organized human defenders remain in the area, but survivors warned the suburb and surrounding area are extremely dangerous and should be avoided for the time being.

Greentown party

The Quartly Study Group set up an open air party in Cleal Library running through the 11th of August as part of their ongoing 'The Road Not Taken' Tour. Transcripts of the event can be found here.

Main News

D.A.R.I.S. has returned

The flag of DARIS

The Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs (DARIS) was founded on September 8th, 2005, and claimed the Shearbank suburb. They immediately issued a Declaration of Independence (which can be found on their group page), including a group objective to kill all survivors in Shearbank who did not belong to DARIS. For several weeks they maintained complete control of the suburb, keeping it almost completely free of zombies, but also free of non-DARIS humans. The original Council of Leaders considered the group to have institutionalised PKing, while members of DARIS equated these to "legal executions" as per the articles of their nation's constitution. For this reason, the suburb of Shearbank was the political focal point of the city for the thirteen days of glory it was in power. The operative phrase at the end of their Declaration of Independence is the phrase "henceforth in perpetuity, STAY OUT OF SHEARBANK."

It appears perpetuity is about to begin again.

Recent reports have been coming in of tags spray painted throughout Shearbank once again telling people to leave or suffer executions. Sources also tell us the first person officially killed by this re-born D.A.R.I.S. is local Firefighter Jimmy Two Stacks. Upon killing him, his murderer The Regulator stated "NO DEM ALLOWED IN D.A.R.I.S. territory", suggesting perhaps that the Department of Emergency Management has been singled out as a target of D.A.R.I.S. hostility. Inside sources have told us that like its predecessor, this D.A.R.I.S. is very organized and expected to be extremely efficient in operation.

In addition to all of this, citizens of Shearbank have been anticipating the arrival of the zombie horde LUE since it attacked Dowdney Mall. Long time Maltonians may remember that the original DARIS formed in the wake of The Many's destruction of the suburb almost two years ago. However, DARIS was finally expelled by another zombie horde in the form of The Undying Scourge. In either case, with LUE coming and D.A.R.I.S. already in the area, one thing seems quite clear.

It may be a good idea to stay out of Shearbank.

Dulston at war

The Dulston Alliance prepares for war with PKers of Malton, mostly from the PKA. The DA stated that it and The Burchell Arms Regulars won The Battle of Rolt Heights to the Southeast of Dulston, causing an uproar in the PKer community. Battles are soon to hit the streets of Dulston with minor conflicts already happening. At the same time, the zombie groups Infected Swarm, Cybele's Shamblers, and the Dulston Destruction Tour have been working in concert to take minor resource buildings in the suburb. What effect, if any, they will have on the coming survivor war is unknown.

NW Malton goes Extinct...ion

The zombie horde Extinction has turned the suburbs of Dakerstown, Jensentown, Quarlesbank, and Roywood red with Judgewood and Gatcombeton looking to follow soon. Unlike most zombie hordes, Extinction focuses on NecroTech Buildings and slowly forces the survivors out of the area by denying them revivification syringes. Although this event seems to have escaped the notice of many citizens of Malton because it has unfolded over many weeks rather than days, the fall of these suburbs could easily prove as significant as the zombie adoption of Ridleybank. Unless a coordinated effort is made to take back the Northwest, its unlife may become a permanent condition of the city.

Letter to the Editor

((If you have something you wish to say to the people of malton post here))

Issue 10 10 July 2007

Issue 10 10 July 2007

Short News

Biertag A Complete Success

Biertag, a holiday sponsored by the Burchell Arms Regulars, was a complete success. PKers, Death Cultists, and Survivors alike joined in a day of peaceful inebriation.

Main News

LUE, The New Mega-Horde

In recent weeks, a new horde by the name of LUE has destroyed 4 malls, and the suburbs surrounding those malls. Recent news says that the horde's next target is Fort Creedy. Folks in the area are strongly cautioned.

PKers Mysteriously Missing.

Many have noted that most, if not all large-scale PKers attacks have completely stopped. Most people are baffled, as large attacks in the last year have been in the mainstreams eye. Attacks such as The Ides Of March and the Rolt Heights War claimed over 400 lives.


  • Need someone taken out?

Contact the Rouge Heart Aces!

Issue 9 22 May 2007

Issue 9 22 May 2007

Short News

Blackmore Building no more

After realizing that Blackmore Building has come back the RRF have come to remove the human intrusion.

Caiger doing good

Caiger mall has been reported to have no zed activity.Although there are reports of feral zeds wandering near the mall.

Dunell Hills update

The whole suburb is starting to look better now, with many buildings continually powered and barricaded, and low causalities overall. A combined effort by the Malton Rangers and Yagoton Revivification Clinic, combined with the local DHPD, is starting to have effect as the zombie population is starting to decline as some discouraged zombies start to wander to another, more promising and less defended suburbs

Main News

CGR & CDF quarrel on

Pitneybank whilst not experiencing a flood of zombies is still at threat from the walking dead particularily in the South-West near the fort where break-ins are all to common. Open warfare between the CDF and CGR continues unabated and Giddings is a magnet for both murderers and their pursuers, Not a safe place for Zed or survivor alike.

Above is a quote from a Giddings mall resident.

While Giddings is seen as one of maltons most safest places it is also known for it's fighting.Walk down any part of Giddings and you will see CDF and CGR killing each other.

Two CGR members in training.

CGR,self claimed Revolutionaries,CDF self claimed Hero's.BOTH seen as enemies to each other and to others around them.

Many cannot blame CGR for their actions,They have had many corruptions,Even a former leader of their's has turned against it.Yet they still hold a popular image.

CDF training in a fort Creedy warehouse

But no no no,They just don't kill pkers or gkers,If you've ever revived a PKer and such they will kill you as well.In November 2006 the CDF sent a strike force to Shackleville to eliminate people in Club Cummings,Knowen for harboring pkers.Well the strike team went down led by Cult((who seems to be in CDF one minute and out the next))and killed not just the pkers,but PKRN members as well.This led to fierce debate as well,Not because of the simple act of just killing them but killing some one as they are known for riving pkers.And do you think they went as CDF,Well No no no yet again,They disguised them selfs as The Fortress.

So from this journalists opinion the CDF are not to be trusted,They still may have a few good decent members and may have been in good intention when it was still young but that is does not seem to be the case today.

Letter to the Editor

((If you have something you wish to say to the people of malton post here))

Contract Killing?

Want some one taken out of the picture,Contact the Malton Mob.Email or go to their forum and post.

Include the following.

  • Profile
  • Last known location
  • What you want them to her before they die
  • Any other info
  • Reason for killing

Issue 8 07 May 2007

Issue 8 07 May 2007

Short News

Nichols Mall siege ends

After 3 weeks of fighting, the Spring '07 siege of Nichols ends in a survivor victory. Only scattered feral zombies remain around the mall and the surrounding area, as survivors celebrate within

Blackmore Building siege update

Blackmore Building (NT) siege continues. 30+ standing zeds outside, 2 zeds inside, 50 Defenders

Walrond Square controversy

Walrond Square,Famous for being the revive pint of Giddings mall is now a xp farm for Zombie killer.People are advised to move to a different suburb for revives.

Dunell Hills still in danger

DHPD is still working to secure the Hills. Determined occupation by zombie groups and feral's hamper our efforts to maintain safe houses for any length of time. Mobility is key to staying alive here. Overall survivor population is minimal

Main News

Caiger Mall retaken

Since February 8th Caiger Mall,Maltons most famous has been in undead hands.

The Mall was re-taken by volunteer's who risked their lives in organized assaults of the Mall.The Assualts took place on Friday,The 4th of may,The included people from CMS,DEM And DHPD.Most notably a large number of DEM are still present in the Mall.

At the present the Mall is low on survivors when looking on it's previous self.

Mall Status
  • NW-33
  • NE-51
  • SW-38
  • SE-89

This is both good and bad.It is good as it has survivors holding the mall but bad as it is a low count for a mall,especially his one.However many MFD personnel have been going to surrounding buildings spread the word of it's retaking and are try to get people to stay there once again.

As for Zombies,There seems to be only 26 zeds,4 outside the SE wiand 22 outside the local NT the Latrobe Building.

Many may remember the last siege in Malton when Shacknews successfully took down Caiger mall near single handedly.

Necrotech and Zombies Unlimited Press Release

Necrotech and Zombies Unlimited Press Release
As of April 1, 2007, Necrotech has initiated testing of a new "zombie socialization promoting pheromone". This scent attractant is particularly effective against the "young" zombies who have only been dead a short while. The pheromone causes those susceptible to gather in large, docile groups, where they are no danger to nearby survivors. The pheromone has a limited range (about as far as a zombie can travel in a day) and Necrotech has limited supplies and production capacity, though we are looking for ways to produce more.

As of May 1, 2007, Necrotech is proud to announce it's new partnership with Zombies Unlimited, initiated in an attempt to improve conditions for the survivors of the zombie outbreak in Malton. We will be providing this new technology free of charge to Zombies Unlimited, paying all production expenses out of our own pocket and forgoing any licensing fees. In exchange, Zombies Unlimited will (among other tasks) fly, land, and maintain drones planes, using them to emplace and maintain pheromone dispensers at certain key points in the city, in an effort to draw otherwise potentially dangerous predators to those areas and pacify them. The fact that this activity allows our employees (and hence the company and its properties) to benefit by studying a fairly "tame" mass of zombies is, of course, no sway on Necrotech's altruism. Designated target points for this effort are:

Caiger Mall Colonization

Need some where safe to sleep,Need some where to get your ammo fast,Well come to Caiger Mall where all your needs can be met.

Contract Killing?

Want some one taken out of the picture,Contact the Malton Mob.Email or go to their forum and post.

Include the following.

  • Profile
  • Last known location
  • What you want them to her before they die
  • Any other info
  • Reason for killing

Letter to the editor

Sir-On behalf of the struggling Necrotech Employees of the city, I would like to say we are sick and tired of being referred to as "support types" by the gun-happy thugs in this city. It is the military and police who should be supporting those of us dedicated to returning the unwilling victims of violent death back to life. No matter how many times you shoot a zombie, it WILL stand back up, and it will REMAIN a zombie. And eventually it will kill you. But with enough of us around, nobody need remain dead long. If you are never dead longer than it takes to sleep the night, who can say death is a danger? Guns can't give you safety against the zombies, but needles can. So, don't look to us for support; support us. Or else we may just have to leave you dead as we found you. Thank You


Issue 7 22 April 2007

Issue 7 22 April 2007

Brief News

Dunell Hills nearly back

From the original 40+ zombies looking for revives it is now down to a short 8 in St Lorenzo's Church ,I myself was one of those that were revived by a number of striked revives in the past two days.The Suburb is still in desolation but shoukld be back on it's feet soon.

Drama Club tours Malton

The Drama Club staged a performance of "Apocalypse Now" in Alphege General Hospital as part of their Outward Spiral Tour of Malton (the original venue of The Mycock Building had no audience). The group plans to travel clockwise around the border suburbs of Malton with one show in each suburb. Today they performed for the 3 survivors there as part of this tour. See their group page for performing groups and schedules.

Yagoton in need

The Suburb of Yagoton is still be besieged by countless zeds,Many Breaks are occurring daily with the area around Whatmore building feeling the most struggle.

Main News

Stickling Mall in Crisis

Stickling mall is down once again,From the apparent re-taking yesterday it has fallen back into zed hands.The mall seems to have more zeds it than humans in it at present

Firefighters on the ground from Malton FD report that Stickling Mall is once more overrun by zombies. Although the 'cades are still holding some quarters, there are very few living humans left inside, while there are groups of zombies in all corners.Zombies are out numbering at least 3 to 1. Despite barricade levels, the mall is a dangerous place. Closest NT and hospital still powered to aid in the acquisition of relief supplies.

From last reports this seems to be the situation.

  • NW no cades, 8 zeds
  • SW no cades, 3 zeds
  • SE EHB, 8 zeds 1 survivor
  • NE HB and 5 survivors.

Need I remind our readers that these are very out of date and the Mall is most likely nearly or fully over run.

New Arkham Free Zone

One of the largest strategic or mutual development was the idea for a New Arkham Free Zone. While undeveloped, the main details call for an unbarricaded neutral free port in New Arkham (SW-most suburb in Malton) maintained by taggers and agreement. Local groups have both praised and opposed the idea, with regional groups offering no comment. Tourism coordinators promote it as, "A center of learning for both Zombah and Harman children alike. A place where just because you were reborn dead you aren't banned from public works, and the undead or never dead aren't eaten or torn apart for liking living or unlivin

Issue 6 20 April 2007

Issue 6 20 April 2007

Brief News

Revives slow at Giddings

One of the most notable revive points in Malton,Walrond Square has in the last few days reported a back lash of zeds that wandered into the rev point.Officials have told us that if you wish to get a revive go to a different point.

Dunell Hills still infected

The suburb of Dunell Hills is still largely empty of Human life,Revive points are still glogged with zombies.DHPD personnel are still attempting to re-take the suburb but aid from any would be helpful for them.

Blesley Mall

Zombies have started to leave the from recent reports and there is only about 30 zeds in the mall,People are asked to help re-take the local NT so people in the Cemetery revive point can also aid once revived.

Primary Elections

The votes have been tallied.

The Zombiecratic party has had a tie between Bullgod and Murray Jay Suskind. The leader for the Humanative party was Mr. Karloth Vois.

Main News

Rolt Heights up-date

The relentless killings being committed by the PKer Alliance throughout the suburb has considerably decreased the local survivor population. The Dulston Alliance in turn has shown its continued support for the stricken suburb with the Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps, Dead vs Blue, and the Friends of the Featherstone Library having mobilized volunteers to form what they have termed "hunting parties" in joint operations with the Burchell Arms Regulars. In a unrelated news story, Metal Fox has begun to patrol Rolt Heights in the hopes of helping the faltering suburb.A recon report from the DEM, which placed Torec Shadecrow, leader of Cybele's Slayers, in Heytown in recent days, along with undisclosed sources indicate that the group of deadly female assassins have in fact "officially" departed Rolt Heights after their celebration ended over a week ago. Of course some of the group may yet still linger in order to take part in the PKer Alliance's war with locals.

Metal Fox has erected a new revive point at the Batt Arms to help stem the tide of casualties resulting from the PKer Alliance's Rolt Heights War. At this time there has so far been no official response from the Burchell Arms Regulars so there is no way to determine what their stance is on the issue, as the location selected consider just within the BAR's traditional sphere of influence at the Burchell Arms. This reporter believes that so long as the building's barricade policy remains untouched the BAR might not have a problem.The Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol has continued to slowly retake the southwest corner of the suburb; meeting heavy resistance from both zombies, as well as, any remaining serial killers and Mafioso. Ayliffe Street PD is, at the time of this report, still under zombie siege.

Although many of the pker groups have left people should still be careful,One of the groups still at the are are the Malton Mob who now wage war with Burchell Arms a.k.a B.A.R. ,They do so over many reasons,One such is the gunning down of Mr Shadows and another for revelries over Club Cummings and Burchell Arms.((O.C.C:Mr Shadows has stated he is doing this for Role playing reasons mostly))

Issue 5 16 April 2007

Issue 5 16 April 2007

Brief News

Rolt Heights nearly Empty

The southwest corner of Rolt Heights, once under guard of the Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol and safe haven for hundreds of other survivors, lies dormant. Ayliffe Street PD is empty, as are many surrounding buildings, others being occupied only by lone zeds and familiar graffiti which reads "You sleep, you die."

Dulston Safe Zone

Dulston is once again a safe zone, With a minimum number of zeds, most being at a local revive point. People should be careful when leaving as many of the buildings are over barricaded.

Shore Hill still in danger

Shore Hills is still in danger as a lack of survivors. While zed numbers are still low, barricades are still quickly brought down.

Tired of walking into a hospital at 2 HP, with an infection, only to find it full of zombies and ransacked? Find a hospital near you on the Malton Hospitals Group page! If you want to help in game, contact Labine50 via Brainstock.

Main News

Mall Tour Destroy Gulsonside

Gulsonside has been the target of attack since the 14th, many buildings have quickly fallen because of this. Blesley Mall was has been breached in th last few hours, now has over 100 zeds in the building, most corners having more than 45. From rumors we have heard, this is supposedly the last Mall to be attacked. Never the less, we have been given information to pass on to our readers in this area.

  • If you are still alive, get as far away as possible.
  • If you are dead, go to a nearing suburb revive point.
  • People are asked to form groups and attack in coordinated strikes.
  • Do not engage the Horde by your self unless there is no choice.

As said above, local revive points are out of commission, and may contained wanted criminals.

Issue 4 15 April 2007

Issue 4 15 April 2007

Brief News

Red Down, Grey Up

As Mall Tour '07 winds down, so to does all the red 'burbs. Most of the danger is in the North West, but with all the destruction and mayhem, what is left? Nothing.

Our information and contacts tell us that as many as FIVE suburbs are now ghost towns, with little to no life or unlife at all. One man was reported saying that it was "Like Miranda is that movie Serenity." Of that we have no doubt.

Election Updates

1st: Murray Jay Suskind with 43

2nd: Bullgod with 38

3rd:Karloth Vois with 24

Rolt Heights

As the violence of the Rolt Heights War continued to spread across the suburb like wildfire it has become increasing common for survivors in adjacent suburbs to witness the war's fallout. In nearby Pescodside the Warner Building became the scene of a retaliatory attack as Mr Shadows, the Don of the Malton Mob, was viciously gunned down in typical gangland style by a veteran member of the Burchell Arms Regulars. The attacker's parting remarks were said to have been, "The B.A.R. welcomes you to the area! Get used to waking up on the ground, champ."

Survivors later reported finding the famous mobster's bullet-ridden corpse lying in the street, although it's believed the Don was revived not long after his untimely demise. The Malton Mob has since vowed revenge.

Main News

New Arkham Free Zone

With the idea of a zombie-human neutral zone, many people were both accepting and skeptical. Our reporters sent out a survey, and we were surprised at what we found.

In almost ALL the surveys, it was the HUMAN side who did not want to make an alliance, while on the Zombie side, most, if not all, were willing to compromise.

One zombie had this to say, "We want to make a place where we can all live free, but the harmanz are just to stuck up and egotistical to want to do anything productive. That is why zambahz will outlast the harmanz. We are diplomatic, and if that doesn't work, we destroy everything. The harmanz don't agree with each other, and have little to no power to back up their claims. Many of us are down here putting our Barhah on the line, while the harmanz are just being stupid."

I must remind all that the opinion of our interviewee's does not necessarily reflect the view of this reporter, paper, or establishment.

Unfortunately, Sir Fred of Etruria was not available to comment.

Interview with Mayoral Candidate Bullgod

We would like to formally apologize to mayoral candidate Bullgod for not interviewing him with the other two. We requested an interview, and he was nice enough to let us have some of his time.

Bullgod Interview
Mayor Candidate
1. Whats the first thing you plan to do if you win the election?

I'm planning to throw a massive party, free booze, brains and strippers for every one.

2. Which suburbs will be of your primary concern?

Well Whittenside will always be my home but I've been to every suburb in the city now and I cant find a place I don't like. I'm a feral, buddy, I go with the groans.

3. What positions will you make and who will fill them?

I dont plan on making up a bunch of petty useless jobs for people not to do. if anything I would start a city council with representatives from all player types, with myself representing the zombies, my human opponent for the humans, and PKers, GKers, and ZKers, also having a member. i dont know what we would do specifically but I feel it could help bridge the gap and help us to understand one an other better.

4. What is your view of Pking?

Love it, I partake myself when revived. Them PKers are doing gods work in my opinion.

5. What will you do for the long run?

Really with this game theres not much i can do, even as mayor i would have no real authority, many of my opponents forget that and make promises they cant keep. best i can offer is my continued support for all zombie and human player rights in the game. i dont want to see the game become so unbalanced that its not fun for one side. Ying and yang brother.

We would once again like to thank Bullgod for his time and understanding.

  • Mayorenglish.jpg

Issue 3 14 April 2007

Issue 3 14 April 2007

Brief News

Malls, your current update

9 malls are currently safe, 3 are rebuilding, 4 are in zombie hands, 3 are under attack, and one is unknown at the time.

Safe: Woodroffe Mall, Tynte Mall, Treweeke Mall, Tompson Mall, Mitchem Mall, Joachim Mall, Hildebrand Mall, Giddings Mall, Dowdney Mall.


Ackland Mall, Bale Mall, and Buckley Mall.

Under Attack:

Blesley Mall, Lumber Mall, and Nichols Mall.

Zombie Hands:

Stickling Mall, Pole Mall, Marven Mall, and Calvert Mall.


We have not heard any word on the once great fortress of Caiger Mall since the end of March, when it was in Zombie Hands.

Note:Blesley Mall is under attack from the Mall tour 07


Leader of Red Rum and member of the PKA, Karloth Vois, has made a statement that the Malton Police Department are too stay out of Rolt Heights. The message was sent by by Vois when he executed one of their Marshals. A witness also heard him utter the following, "We've already cleansed the other PD from 107 survivors to nothing." While these numbers have NOT been confirmed, this establishment believes it to be true.

Election Updates:

The leader for the humans is Karloth Vois with 23 votes. But the Human party is being over-run by the Zombiecratic party. 41 votes for the leader of the race, Murray Jay Suskind. In a close second with 36 votes is Bullgod.

Main News

Dowdney Mall Terrors

Members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front's most terrifying and controversial group, the Gore Corps, have been spotted several times in and around the Dowdney Mall, raising cries of alarm.

They have been, as they are known to do, destroying valuable equipment and murdering people. One man who was there during one of these attack had this to say, "It isn't alright, how these folks are coming in here an killing people. But what is really making me scared is the apathy of our protectors around here. They say they are cautious, but it really isn't showing."

What our interviewee was referring to, was the local militia in the Slanterville area and how he believes they are not really being careful, but revivifying any infected person they see.

More to come as it arises.

Rolt Heights Counter-attacks

Recent times have seen a few organized counter-attacks from groups such as B.A.R. As well, a few of the larger groups, such as the MPD and MFD, have been spotted in the area. While Rolt Heights isn't getting any safer, these 'search and destroy' groups are giving people peace of mind.

But are they putting the fear into the murderers?

A Murderer by the alias of Torec Shadecrow has agreed to give us an interview.

Vigeous: This is Vigeous, reporting live from a secret meeting place. Today we will be interviewing Torec Shadecrow, leader of the group of killers called Cybele's Slayers.

Vigeous:This interview will be purely about the attacks on Rolt Heights, any other information can be found on their wiki page.

Vigeous:Good evening Miss Torec. Are you ready for the interview?

Torec:You want a statement from me, ask away.

Vigeous:Alright then, here we go.

Vigeous: First question, are you worried about counter-attacks from groups in Rolt?

Torec:To be honest, we were a little more concerned with attacks from outside when were planning. I wouldn't even really say we were worried about counter-attacks, just anticipating and looking forward to them.

Vigeous:Second question, are you surprised at the response from survivor groups?

Torec:I was slightly surprised to see the response that locals have taken; they really are fighting for the suburb. However, the thing that surprised me the most is the general "we're not going in there" response from Bounty Hunter groups in Malton.

Vigeous:Third question, do you think that the situation has been handled correctly?"

Torec:Things were a little rushed, details and attack priorities weren't too well established, but overall we have pretty much done what we set out to do. The co-operation of the groups in the PKA who participated is almost unprecedented in the PKA history I believe, and it shows.

Vigeous:And finally, the last question, WHY are you killing in Rolt Heights anyway?"

Torec:There are two stories that need to come together to answer that question. First, a few months back, and I don't remember the correct order of events, but the PKA and Red Rum started talking about taking over a suburb. There were supporters of both ends of the argument, and during that time, something of a general strategy for sacking a suburb was established. Secondly, sometime around the 20th of March, I happened to find that Cybele, the namesake of our umbrella group, had a festival called Megalesia (there are a number of different spellings of this, mind you) coming up on the 4th of April. I asked my girls what they thought we should do to celebrate the festival, and PerpetuallyDead (DT on the Philosophe Knights forum) suggested that we occupy a suburb. From there, things started snowballing. I asked Karloth to relocate some of the planning threads so I could see them, and a sub-forum on the PKA boards was set up. Everything was fairly well established already, so basically all I needed to do to get things started was give them a date. There was some trouble as far as targets (Edgecombe fell right before we were going to hit it), but eventually, Rolt Heights was selected because it's in the middle of a green zone, and attacking an already weak suburb would have not been fun. Even though Megalesia is over now, everyone's still sticking around (it was never the plan to leave after the event was over, mind you) and doing what we do best.

Vigeous:Well, thank you for your time and honesty, and I wish you good luck with your work.

  • The Special Operations CO is looking for troops- All applications will be considered- Apply by conatcting Ferrum Leo on brainstock...
  • Mayorenglish.jpg

Issue 2 12 April 2007

Issue 2 12 April 2007

Brief News

Turf war may arise again

The Malton Mob, owners of the famous Club Cummings who recently left the Suburb of Shackleville to assist the The PKer Alliance. However The Filthy Fiends Gang, who less than a month ago lost a turf war to the Malton Mob, took hold of Club Cummings and have stated that they "Have peaceful intentions and wish to only use the club to fuel their business." No Statement from the Mob has been released.

Greater Stickling still down

The greater area of Stickling Mall is still down and over run by zeds. Figures have shown an average of one zed per block.

Future Uncertain for Yagoton

The faith of Yagoton is still uncertain as the battle between Human and infected continues.The most densely packed building, The Whatmore Building, has more than 120 survivors with 30 or more zeds outside. Seven other buildings in the suburb are all reporting trouble.

Survivors near Rolt Heights in Danger

There seems to be reports off some PKers straying out of Rolt Heights and killing survivors outside the boundaries. An unknown sources tells us that it is probably retribution for counter-attacks from BAR and RCDC

Main News

Malton's Mayoral Elections

  • We would first like to apologies to Murray Jay Suskind who is also one of the favorites. The findings did not cover the Zombiecratic Party.

Below are interviews with two of the Mayor Candidates, Murray Jay Suskind and Labine50

Murray Jay Suskind Interview
Mayor Candidate
1. Whats the first thing you plan to do if you win the election?

Celebrate with the rest of the zombies of Malton by eating some bra!nz. Then I shall enact sweeping reforms to make guns, drugs and barricades illegal in Malton.

2. Which suburbs will be of your primary concern?

I'm concerned for all of Malton. Whilst the zombie homeland of Ridleybank is always a high concern, those corners of Malton which show up as green gravely disturb me. It is often symbolic of harmanz who have locked themselves into buildings to horde guns and distribute their life-wrecking drugs.

3. What positions will you make and who will fill them?

There will be many important positions in my cabinet. Although my competitors in the primary will receive spots for the spirited competition. as well, Jorm, Patrucio, and XYU are also very deserving of cabinet offices.

4. What is your view of Pking?

It's a petty harman concern that will go away once guns are outlawed.

5. What will you do for the long run?

I'll change it to a nice, lurching shamble. Zombies get winded very easily since our lungs don't function, so it's important that we be allowed to go our own pace.

Labine50 Interview
Mayor Candidate
1. What's the first thing you plan to do if you win the election?

Say "Holy crap how did that happen???" then drink a liter of hard liquor.

2. Which suburbs will be of your primary concern?

Probably Roywood.

3. What positions will you make and who will fill them?

Bureaucrat in charge of the Bureau of Bureaucracy, (most likely Dylan Mann) adviser to the Mayor on Piña Colada-Related Issues, (Not quite sure...) and of course, Manager, Department of Bicycle Repair. (How much do you know about bicycle repair?)

4. What is your view of PKing.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 'Cuz the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, and what might be right for you, may not be right for some, and it takes different strokes to move the world. So what? They'll have theirs, you'll have yours, I'll have mine, and together we'll be fine.

5. What will you do for the long run?

Attempt to get more orange juice into the city- there have only been fifty cartons confirmed in supply crates. The survivors and zombies alike need their OJ, and I believe that if we all had more OJ, we would all get along better.

And there you go,The views from The Zombie,Pro Survivor and hopefully tomorrow the pker Mayor.

Mall Tour '07: Pole Mall Struck!

The most destructive force since the early days of UD. The Big Bash and the largest Mall tour have destroyed more than 17 malls so far. Some of the malls include Ackland Mall, Giddings Mall, and Nichols Mall. This Horde strikes hard and destroys all other buildings. In some cases the surrounding suburbs as well.

The last mall hit, Pole Mall, is known for being a three sided mall. It was savagely destroyed, all survivors inside were killed in a matter of hours. Even the spectators at the nearing Stadium enjoying the daily Fights were victims of the massacre. 178 Zombies are outside the NW corner, 62 inside the NW, with 97 in the NE. So far there is no information on which mall is next,what we do know is that they will tear it down. Since the fall of Caiger in Summer of 2006, which was the result of the feared Shacknews horde, it has shown that even the most powerful malls can be destroyed by good zombie coordination.

UD Project

A new project aiming to bring the culture and history of Malton to be documented.Here is a transcript of a speech given by the chairman.

HereticSoul Interview
Project Supervisor
Hey all. I know you're not familiar with me, though if you've seen any obsessive advertising for MRS, you know my affiliation. (Point and case.)

Anyways, Idril, who I'm sure you know better than me, and I are starting a comprehensive study of Urban Dead called the UD Project. Creative, I know.

The point of the project is to analyze the culture, tactics, and sociological tendencies behind Urban Dead, as well as to compile a fairly comprehensive history. For that part in particular we need the help of veteran groups and members, as our first goal is to gather a 2005 history. Also of particular interest is answering the question as to why survivors are forced into buildings while zombies can wander the streets.

The UD Project has a wiki page at [1]. It also has a web page of its own that is undergoing construction, and, in the future, will hopefully have more content. We'll keep updates on the wiki, but the vast bulk of knowledge and history will be placed on the website.

So we'd appreciate your cooperation in our ongoing pursuits. Thank you!

  • The Malton Mob are looking for new faces to join the ranks of henchman. Please email them or register and apply via their forum. Must not hesitate to kill and must do what ordered to.



  • Note from creator:Hope you enjoyed it


Issue 1 12 April 2007

Issue 1 12 April 2007

Briefs News

Pkers at a low in Giddings

There has been a drop in the number of PKers in Giddings Mall. Generally, this mall holds most of PKer related murder. With the recent attack of Rolt Heights, they have dropped to a low. People have been seen walking around with FAKs or guns.

Election Update

From a recent survey, the Favorites for the election seem to be Karloth Vois and Labine50. Read tomorrow's issue for more updates and interviews.

Ghost town Suburbs

The Suburbs of Jensentown, Roywood, Molebank. and New Arkham are all currently described as Ghost towns. People are encouraged to move to these suburbs to re-populate them.

Main News

Rolt Heights getting worse

The Suburb of Rolt Heights is under attack by Maltons most feared and villainous. One witness has been reported saying that they are "Attempting a take over of the Suburb."

Person Story
Survivor of We heard of Rumors of some killers heading or way but we ignored it as they are in nearly every suburb. We didn't expect much until we heard that survivors in Romuald's Church,I think Father Romary runs it, were all murdered. We thought it was a one off incident until my wife saw the it happening in the Building next to ours. All the people were being killed. The soldiers that were sent in since quarantine were all killed, like ants getting stepped on. We left the building we were in and found that all of the suburb was slaughtered, with propaganda from the groups underPKA spray painted everywhere .We headed west and found dozens of people in the western part of the suburb hiding from the onslaught. We have plans to stay in one of the nearing malls till this passes over.
Rolt Heights
Image of one of the attacking pkers

That was Mr. Saunders description of what is occurring there at the moment. People are surprised at the relaxed position of the MPD. Apparently the special unit of the Malton Marshals has not attempted to go in, as they are currently working on a different issue which sources say is much less affecting and dangerous than the current Rolt Heights attacks. People are reminded to stay vigilant. If you cannot leave the area please keep your doors locked and to carry an armed weapon at all times. It seems special community watches are being formed.

Dunnel Hills still in disaster

For those who are unaware, Dunell Hills was stuck by the the large gathering of Zombies nicknamed the Mall tour, a name earned by their destructive wandering to the city's malls. The Dunell Hills Police Department force were near complete annihilation. This transmission, which we have put in text form was received by many radios,it is believed to be Marty Banks, one of the DHPD'S captains. Need I reminded you this transmission was sent on the 6th of April.

Marty Banks Transmission
Dunnel Hills [static] "Oh god help us!!!" [handgun fire] "He's dead!" [whine] "No!!!" "This is Marty, we're being hunted and exterminated systematically, there's only a few of us left... someone help us!!" "Banks get over here! help me move him!" "The Barricades are still coming down!" [static] "S***, shoot it!!" [shotgun fire] [static] "aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!" [static] [click]
Few of the Major number of Infected

One of our field-reporters, Seloth Antri, was at the scene.

Reporter Seloth Antri Report
Dunnel Hills It started out as pretty normal stuff, the average zed attacks. You know they go for the buildings which are big and have lights flashing out. Well then the local NT seemed to be getting more and more undead pilling up outside, it fell and the next day it was back. This happened for about two weeks, but then it didn't come back. The revive zones were packed with the undead. Many of the surrounding buildings fell and hundreds died. I saw the DHPD fighting some killers until they were surrounded, and then they fought side by side. It was a terrible sight. Right now the suburb is gone, and I dont think there is much of the local law enforcement left. I did see quarantine soldiers over the walls helping people near them, but they couldn't do much. Going to this suburb in the near future is not advised.

And that was from our field-reporter Seloth Antri.

At the moment there are no reports of any survivors in the suburb. As stated above, entry into the suburb is not advised. It has very few safe zones, but those who do enter should be heavily armed.

RRF sightings near Giddings

The people of Giddings were thrown into panic today when members of the RRF-Gore Corps were spotted. They have been seen raging through the mall, destroying generators and killing who they can before being taken out.They are believe to be the part of a collection of zombies nicknamed the RRF, as they seem to have the elements in there blood which makes them still hunger for human flesh even after revivification. They are thought to be in a 3-4 block radius of Giddings Mall. If sighted please report on the Giddings radio.

MCDU Save Raines Hills, But Cause Controversy

The Malton Civil Defense Unit heroically helped the people of Raines Hills. On arriving in the 4th of April, they Barricaded all five NecroTech buildings and powered all buildings key in defense of the suburb. Their Military personnel sent clean-up squads into the streets and kill ed zeds on sight.

Unfortunately, they barricaded and killed zombies in ignorace that it was a NecroTech Brain rot clinic. Some locals were upset, but from the last news report, it seems they restored it to its proper condition.


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