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[19,27] – [20,28] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Caiger Mall
The survivor population seems to have mostly recovered from a bloody springtime. Dozens of zombies had swarmed the area assaulting short-lived strong-points one after another; now they seem to have melted away into the ruins to the south and west of the mall. A small contingent of four zombies are probing the NW corner, but even if they breach Cager, they are likely to be repelled with minimal bloodshed.
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Frequency: 26.43 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: [19,27] – [20,28]

Caiger Mall

[[Chudleyton / Darvall Heights]] [19,27] – [20,28]

a carpark Silwood Crescent a warehouse Coker Avenue
Eden Library Caiger Mall Caiger Mall Holloms Auto Repair
the Tynte Building Caiger Mall Caiger Mall the Latrobe Building
the Hussey Monument the Hearne Building Pagram Library Salopia Row

Basic Info:

  • Malls are an excellent place to find a wide range of items; the only major items that cannot be found here are revivification syringes and fuel cans. As such, Malls are frequently used as safehouses and fortresses by survivors. Zombies often check inside (when they can get in), and organized zombie groups sometimes lay siege to them. They are listed as a Tactical Resource Point.


Caiger Mall, also referred to as Barhah Mall by many zombie groups, is a four-block shopping mall located on the boundary of the suburbs of Chudleyton and Darvall Heights; Caiger's western half is located in Chudleyton, and its eastern half is in Darvall Heights. Along with Ackland Mall and Giddings Mall, Caiger used to be the primary symbol of human resistance against zombie hordes, and the site of many pitched battles. It held onto its legacy as the mall that cannot fall until late-2006 when the third siege occured the mall finally fell to zombie hands for the first time ever. After two failed attempts at securing the mall, the survivors abandoned any hope of resurrecting the mall back to its former glory. Through 2008, it was largely kept in zombie hands, but in the recent past, it's begun to be traded between zombie and survivor hands on a regular basis.


The mall known today as Caiger almost never was. Conceived during the Mall Boom of the 1970's as the northwest's share of the Mall pie, Caiger was originally intended to be set in the center of Chudleyton (and called Harraway Mall, after a prominent local scholar) on land now occupied by the Harraway Building, Club Hodson, a junkyard, and a small residential street. The original design was to be based off the Nichols Mall open-air style, but after disaster befell that mall in mid-1976, the committee was forced to scrap that option and begin working on a redesign. That design took a considerable amount of time to work out, and was about three-fourths done when the Energy Crisis crippled Malton in early 1979, forcing the ultimate scrapping of the first Caiger plans altogether.

The plans lay in a locker in Howard Library for four years after that, gathering dust as the city slowly dragged itself out of its slump. Once again, construction and expansion became the order of the day, and in the northeast urban renewal became the next big thing. And thus it was that Caiger got its second chance- while searching the library for blueprints to be used in the renewal projects, Chudleyton councilman Harold Erikson came across the abandoned plans.

The councilman was impressed, and it didn't take that big of a leap of thought to have a mall reviving the local economy- and Erikson getting the credit and acclaim. But the council disagreed- if Erikson wanted to make a mall his pet project, by all means he could. But the funding Erikson would have needed was required for other projects- Erikson would have to come up with the huge sum of money on his own.

Thankfully for the area, Erikson knew just the man- a longtime friend of his, in fact. Percival Stothert ran a burgeoning bank company that based much of its personnel and executive functions in neighboring Darvall Heights, though he had been considering relocating elsewhere due to overwhelming complaints by his employees- the area was not safe, not at all good to look at, and considered by many to be dead. So when Erikson announced his plans to the banker, Stothert leapt at the chance. Erikson would have his funding.

Erikson consulted the council, the council consulted their counterparts in Darvall Heights, and after a slight bit of negotiating (and more alterations to the plans) construction was begun in autumn of 1984, and progressed without a single hitch all the way up to its completion next summer. On September 12th, Stothert (whose main hobby was gardening) dedicated the mall to Dean Caiger, a lesser-known botanist who had spent much of his life working in the area and who had developed a strange cross-breed between a rose and a tulip, depicted today as the mall's symbol.

Though not particularly notable in terms of architecture and design, Caiger Mall is at least pleasing to the eye, with its beautiful white stone exterior and stylized frieze along the roof depicting the history of Malton. The mall from above resembles a flat-topped, angular kite shield, with a narrow point in the south (the main entrance) widening drastically to the main body of the mall towards the north. From the main entrance run three main avenues at 45-degree angles to each other, branching out until they meet the main body of the mall to the north (which on its own is much more similar to the familiar square design of most Malton malls). The mall's somewhat minimalistic design draws the eye away from admiring the exterior and onward inside, where angles and lines rather than curves are the order of the day for interior decor. The mall's soft orange-and-cream paint job was chosen to relax the viewer and slide their eyes off of it, drawing them to the more brightly colored shops and plazas.

In the post-Outbreak era Caiger's spartan design and evenly spaced shops and pillars have led to it becoming a favorite of Dam Tactics strategists, who find it easier to apply their tactics to the orderly layout of Caiger than to the curving styles of Pole Mall or Tompson Mall, or the intermittent, random designs of Nichols and Joachim.

Recent News

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December 2018

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History of Caiger Mall


The First Siege of Caiger Mall

Main article: First Siege of Caiger Mall

The First Siege of Caiger Mall started 5 November, 2005 and ended in a survivor victory on 1 December, when the Ridleybank Resistance Front pulled out. Caiger stands as one of the longest sieges of any one building in Urban Dead history, one of the most famous survivor victories, and the first time the RRF has lost with its combined forces.

Malton Iditarod

Main article: Malton Iditarod

Truly the most spectacular sporting event Malton has ever seen. The Iditarod is a savage, unforgiving circumnavigation of the borders of Malton. The race is 40+ miles, 8 days, carrying full packs of food, ammunition, first aid, and an axe, with nothing but your competitors and the sunken eyes of the enemy to keep you company.

The Second Siege of Caiger Mall

Main article: Second Siege of Caiger Mall

The Second siege started in the early days of February, 2006, as part of the Mall Tour '06. After the events that lead a large number of players on both bands to go On Strike and it's consequences, many zombies organized and started taking mall after mall, all over Malton, along with the help of some of the most important Zombie Groups. Because of the result of the first siege and its status as a human bastion, Caiger Mall was left for last. However, poor zombie strategy and a well-organized resistance led to the defeat of the Tour by the middle of March.

The Third Siege of Caiger Mall

Main article: Third Siege of Caiger Mall

On the week before Halloween, Shacknews stepped up its attacks on targets in the immediate Caiger area. Being the largest group in the game and known for its organized attacks Caiger Mall fell into zombie hands for the first time. You can also read the news from this period in the news archive.

The First Ruin of Caiger Mall

Main article: First Ruin of Caiger Mall

On August 17th, 2007, the LUE zombie horde attacked the NW quadrant of Caiger Mall. Within 40 minutes, the corner was empty of survivors and ruined. Thirteen hours later, all four quadrants were ruined and over 300 zombies inside.

The Second Ruin of Caiger Mall

On the 3rd/4th December, Caiger mall was attacked by Red Rum and Pathetic Bill, clearing the upper and lower left corners in record speed. The Eastonwood Ferals then proceeded to ransack the Upper and Lower left corners. The right hand side of the mall also fell shortly after.

The Third Ruin of Caiger Mall

On February 14th, 2008, the Militant Order of Barhah assaulted the NW quadrant of Caiger Mall and spread to the rest of it in little over 36 hours. They had assistance from several local feral zeds.

Nearby Revive Points

Nearby NecroTech Buildings

Caiger Mall is one of the few malls to have a NecroTech Building in an immediately neighboring block, making it highly defensible against drawn-out sieges. In the case that that building has fallen, ready access to other NecroTech Buildings may become desirable or necessary. The NecroTech Buildings within ten blocks of the mall, listed from nearest to farthest, are:

Building Suburb Coordinates Distance
The Latrobe Building Darvall Heights 21, 28 1-2 E, 0-1 S
The Sweeney Building West Becktown 19, 30 0-1 W, 2-3 S
The Herman Building Darvall Heights 24, 26 4-5 E, 1-2N
The Kening Building East Becktown 23, 30 3-4 E, 2-3 S
The Oxley Building West Becktown 15, 31 4-5 W, 3-4 S
The Sugg Building East Becktown 24, 32 4-5 E, 4-5 S
The Harraway Building Chudleyton 13, 25 6-7 W, 2-3 N
The Daubeney Building East Becktown 26, 35 6-7 E, 7-8 S
The Attwell Building East Becktown 20, 36 0-1 E, 8-9 S
The Minshull Building Chudleyton 10, 26 9-10 W, 1-2 N

Zombie Groups

List of zombie groups dedicated to retaking Caiger and defending it from Humans
the new megahorde, devoted to keeping Barhah Mall in zombie hands!
the slightly less organised horde!
will support all efforts to hold Barhah Mall and help Salt the Land around it

Survivor Groups

List Of Human Groups Dedicated To Keeping Zombies Out Of The Mall

Full Time Defenders

Owners, operators, and current defenders of the Mall, come what may.
The Mall naturally falls within their protection, since they seek to restore and unite Darvall Heights and North-West.
The Communal Group that started it all.
Caiger (a.k.a. Firebase Charlie) was our primary headquarters for some time. We're going to take it back!
We may be small and relatively new, but we're dedicated.
Special-Ops; one Zed, bounty, Rev or Cade at the time. But always calculated. (CMS-Meta might return in 2010)

Other/Part Time Defenders

Mutinous zeds and half-cat humans.
You know, doing stuff and fighting zombies...
We're here to help
Serving Malton by protecting Caiger.
Got a light?
Keeping an eye out for PKers.
When we're around and not roaring drunk.
We're here, and ready to help.
We've heeded the call to arms.
I think they are planning a drunken new years party here... not a bad idea though...
Right now there's a lack of cookies in Caiger. We intend to remedy that.
Maybe it's hidden behind that shrub.
Providing assistance to those in need.
We've shown up for the big siege. It's been fun.
Collecting Pker bounties inside the Mall
Keeping you informed on all the Caiger Happenings
Fought many times to protect the Mall, before they disbanded.
We often stop here for some action on our way to other destinations.'
Our vagrant associates often use the mall to restock supplies, the mall is high priority and we will defend it fervently.'
We've got your Beck!