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The Dunell Military Zone aka the DMZ, is the main area of operation of Dunell Hills Police Department. The DHPD make no claims to own or maintain the DMZ.

Dunell Hills Military Zone
Peddlesden Village Chudleyton
Dunell Hills Military Zone West Becktown
Owsleybank Molebank
Known groups in this Area:-



No Longer Active in the DMZ:

  • Hospitals: 15
  • Police Stations: 13
  • Fire Stations: 22
  • Schools: 18
  • Monuments: 21
Phone Masts:

Ostrehan Towers [2,36]
Gotch Museum [14,35]
The Houghton Towers [4,24]
Universal Manufacturing [13,46]
The Donovan Building [14,27]
Dobin Auto Repair [3, 44]

Welcome to the Dunell Hills Military Zone

This area is the main area of operation by the Dunell Hills Police Department.

Please Note: This area is not fully secure, survivors should carry a weapon at all times for safety reasons. The Dunell Hills Police Department continue to enforce the Laws in the entirety of Dunell Hills; We would like all visitors to the Hills to know that although most of the local by-laws can be disregarded, Federal Laws are still enforced and Martial Law is in effect for the area. We apologize for the strict measures taken but would like everyone to know that we have their best interests at heart and will use the utmost of restraint. Also, it is recommended that visitors to the suburb gain free running quickly so they can have access to all the resources and safehouses in the secured zones.

Violations Include
  • Theft or Destruction of Property (Specifically Property Important to the Survival of the Living. This Does not Include abandoned Property.)
  • Murder (Please Note: There is no sanctioned justice system active in Malton, Criminals found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of Murder will be executed.)
  • Assault (Unprovoked attacks on others may earn you at least week in jail depending on the severity of assault, You have been warned.)
    • Type 1 - Minor Scuffles, Fighting
    • Type 2 - Assault with a Weapon
    • Type 3 - Sexual Assault
      Note: Penalties will be enforced at Police Chief's Discretion.
      The Punishment will fit the crime, we still operate within and
      are bound by National Laws.
  • Being Undead (In case you really don't know... Unfriendly Zombies will be executed on sight.)
  • Public Drunkenness (In most cases we will be partying and drinking with you; but if you've had too much and/or become a danger to yourself and/or others, you will be placed in a cell until sober. We really do apologize, but it's so you don't get killed by zombies while drunk. This is usually only enforced if the subject is drunk outside or in an unsecured building.)

What to expect in the DMZ

If you are a Survivor:

The DHPD believe in helping any survivor in the DMZ, often to the point of self sacrifice. Many of our personnel will search for FAKs at local hospitals and distribute them to NON-DHPD members exclusively in an attempt to assist other groups and individuals in the DMZ.

Expect lots of pro- and anti-DHPD graffiti. There are a number of folks who are opposed to the DHPD, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but actions that pit Survivor against Survivor will not be tolerated. Say what you want, but don't destroy barricades, generators or transmitters. These are the lifeblood of a survivor organization and we need them to operate effectively.

If you are a Player Killer:

Simply put: expect to be perma-killed until you either vacate the DMZ or make the appropriate apology. We WILL NOT allow "innocent" civilians to be gunned down for easy XP or for the hell of it. If you want to kill someone because they have a "Trenchcoater" description, take it outside.

If you are a Bounty Hunter:

We will not hinder your pursuit, nor will we assist unless the person being hunted is persona non-grata or warranted in the Hills. see DHPD Most Wanted. If you collect on a bounty while within the DMZ we ask that you declare yourself as such and cite which list your target was marked on. Although we do not accept the validity of all such entrants on the various lists, we will not hinder the pursuit of those listed.

If you are a Zombie W/O Brainrot:

You may be shot or revived at will. If you are Standing on a marked revive point, you WILL be revived. The DHPD follows an expanded Sacred Ground Policy refered to as the Hallowed Ground Policy ALL CEMETERIES AND CHURCHES WITHIN THE DMZ ARE CONSIDERED REVIVE POINTS. Please Note: You may be revived without warning. The DHPD is split about 50-50 in regards to combat reviving, so even outside of the above designated RPs you should expect to be revived without warning. Notice to "Friendly Zeds": we understand that 'unlife' may be a conscious decision on your part and ask that you understand that because of the nature of this outbreak you may also be inadvertently shot. We apologize for the inconvenience. Remember Mrh? is the universal grunt for "Revive Please..."

Revive Requests

Revive Requests can be Issued to the Dunell Hills Police Department via:

Forum: [1] (See the Revive Request thread at the Front Desk).

If You are a Zombie with Brain Rot:

You will be shot, stood up against a wall and shot again. Your corpse will then be disposed of in a manner of our choosing...

If you "blockade" revive points your profile will be collected and should you continue you will become a primary target within the Hills; we have an extensive communications list and we WILL disseminate the information as necessary. Please do not block revive points.

If you break into a powered NT Building

Expect to be revived. Our Scientists have been instructed that ANY Zed in an NT building is looking for a revive and will be treated accordingly. Notice: some of our personnel are a bit antsy when it comes to Zombies in a close proximity so they may just shoot you instead. We apologize for the inconvenience and the bullet hole... we ask that you please go to a designated revive point unless absolutely necessary.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoy your stay in the DMZ; The DMZ is contains Club Meade, the BEST, only working nightclub in Malton, which has managed to secure a deal to have hops and barley airdropped by the Military at the nearby Brewery. Please Enjoy and Feel Free to Stop by the precinct's police station for Ammo and Weapons, our doors are usually open to survivors, provided they are not under siege, In those cases, we designate safehouses for survivors to go to, should they need a place to stay.

The DMZ is comprised of six suburbs. Dunell Hills, Peddlesden Village, Owsleybank, Chudleyton and Caiger Mall, Molebank, and West Becktown.

  • Operations
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  • Communications
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