Parkhouse Towers

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Parkhouse Towers
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Parkhouse Towers

Pegton [89, 52]

Harden Park a warehouse Barnete Row School
wasteland Parkhouse Towers Maney Lane Police Department
Edmondson Square Newstead Library Burye Avenue

Basic Info:

  • Multi-story housing blocks. Windows can be jumped from to turn a character into a zombie.
  • Towers have no internal descriptions. Some towers, like Lerwill Towers in Greentown, have mobile phone masts mounted on them.


Parkhouse Towers: the central keep today.

"A four-storey grey-stone building surrounded by railings," the official Tourist's Guide to Malton's description, barely scratches the surface of this fascinating and historic building with its crenellated towers, gorgeous views and ornate stonework.


The Norman fort

Formerly the site of Norbert I's 9th century hunting lodge, a wooden structure which was destroyed in a fire after a bizarre banqueting incident, the strategic nature of the site ensured that it would remain important for the next thousand years.

Overlooking Malton's Great Rift Valley, which splits Pegton from the low-lying swamps of Dentonside, the locale attracted the attention of the Norman invaders of 1066, who built an imposing keep on the escarpment. The outline of the bailey's defensive fence can still be discerned. The keep was extended and ornamented over the Middle Ages and early modern period, and a basic heating system installed to add to the creature comforts of this draughty stone fortress, but the distinctive Norman square tower and round archways remain at the heart of Parkhouse Towers.

The thick walls and high towers should make this an ideal safehouse against zombies, but the Towers' lack of glazing makes them surprisingly vulnerable unless every loophole (literally) is bricked up, barricaded or - at a pinch - stuffed with dead bodies. The effort required to do this in such a sprawling structure, and one which is in places severely decrepit after centuries of weathering, is rather off-putting to survivors who simply want to shoot stuff or get bladdered.

Barricade Policy

Tradition dictates that the Towers be kept highly fortified, to keep Dentonians (and latterly, also zombies) out.

Dentonian tradition aside, the Pegton Barricade Plan requires that the Towers must never be more than Very Strongly (VS+2) barricaded. This building's purpose is to serve as an access point for all survivors and a safehouse for inexperienced survivors who do not possess the Free Running skill. Visitors are requested to never barricade beyond Very Strongly unless the building is currently under siege from 5 or more zombies.

Current Status

For Future Help, recording a date to the building status is recommended.

  • May 3rd, 2013:

NWO Building Usage

The NWO is using this building as a safehouse/headquarters for our Pegton branch. All survivors are welcome to stop by and fill out an application, or if you need a safe place to sleep for the night. Building is currently being staffed, fortified, etc etc. We will be offering Revives and healing services. Thanks for being understanding and working with us. If you wish to get a revive, please post on our forums asking for a revive and stand at Harden Park. Zombies standing at Parkhouse Towers will be assumed hostile and terminated with extreme prejudice.

Rules 1. Parkhouse Towers is a safe haven to all, this means that there is to be NO player-killing in any way. PKing on Parhouse grounds will result in being added to the rogues gallery, and hunted by the NWO Rogue Division.

2. Refuel the generator whenever you see it is running low on fuel. This is to ensure that people do not get hurt by bumping into chairs or tables.

  • November 13th, 2009: NOT SAFE Doors left Wide open with 2 zeds inside; one awaiting revivification.
  • July 10th, 2007: Unknown at this time. -- Bono Landy 17:28, 10 July 2007 (BST)
  • July 8th, 2007: NOT SAFE (1 Zed inside with doors left wide open but not ransacked). -- Bono Landy 15:04, 8 July 2007 (BST)