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Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs

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The Guardians of the Populat

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Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs
Abbreviation: ERIS/The Exclave
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: The President serves as an executive leader, though the organization is managed through direct democracy in regard to most things.
Goals: While for practical reasons group membership is hypothetically restricted to keep numbers low enough for feasible post-quarantine treatments, individuals may apply for citizenship (membership) on our forums if they should so choose to.
Recruitment Policy: Asserting our sovereign control over all Malton and cleansing its population of all mutated humans.
Contact: Instant message or join our forums.

The Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs (ERIS), also known as The Exclave and, formerly, the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs (DARIS), is a semi-nomadic pro-pure human group. While, strictly speaking, it is active in no specific suburb, The Exclave tends to base itself, when not on operations elsewhere, in its birthplace of Shearbank and the surrounding area. The Exclave, the remnants of the old DARIS, was previously based in Shearbank until circumstances forced them to relocate to Yagoton and, later, Wykewood, before they became effectively semi-nomadic, returning to Shearbank on a Semi-Permanent basis only months later. During this time, the group, formerly Calling itself "DARIS/The Exclave" (The Exclave in group tags), renamed itself to the Exclave Republic of Independent Suburbs (though still keeping The Exclave as its primary name/nickname) in order to disassociate itself with the negative aspects of DARIS (which it still claims to be descended from) and to allow it to be more universal and original. The group, formerly a pro-survivor one, is intent on purifying Malton's population of mutants (the entire population) to enough of an extent that there will be a small enough group of people (mainly citizens of ERIS) left that it will actually be realistic for anti-mutation treatments to be given to them so that they may resume normal lives and pose no threat to pure-humans.

Exclave Radio - 26.54 MHz Short-wave Radio Info
The Exclave has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.54 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Any transmitter in Malton may be commandeered by ERIS Government Forces.

For this reason, ERIS is regarded now as a PKer group. Exclave forces will hold fire when encountered with PKers as they themselves act as agents of purification, and Exclave forces deem the destruction of the organized mutant groups to be the most important element of the cleansing due to their slowing of the cleansing process and revivification of mutated individuals.

The Exclave is presently headed by its President, Damien Alner, and its militia led by Colonel Savaer. Our government is mostly managed through direct democracy, as to allow the whole nation, the whole populat, to have a voice.

The Exclave welcomes those able to see past the undue stimulation of their sense of humanity by the mutant population of Malton, and those who are willing to do whatever it takes (mainly filling plenty of survivors with lead and helping the hordes kill as many mutants as possible). We also welcome those who, alongside the preceding qualities, also possess the governmental spirit required for our great city-state in the long run, and the drive to see the populat's will done.

As of 2011, the group remains semi-nomadic, moving throughout various suburbs. However, recently the group has declared that, due to the instability of Shearbank, it was relocating its capitol from central Shearbank's Stickling Mall to Shuttlebank's Norris Bank, which was also declared the new presidential residence.