The Norvell Arms

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The Norvell Arms
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the Norvell Arms

Pegton [83, 56]

Dinham Alley Police Department Aldhous Drive Whale Road
Howes Square School the Norvell Arms Dolbridge Street
Herick Bank Jotcham Bank a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.


The Narwhal Pub on the day of its Grand Opening.

A truly old world pub, made of local stone and still bearing some remnants of thatch, now mildewed.


Originally known as the Narwhal, after the 12-foot narwhal tusk displayed in its snug bar, this crusty old pub is the epitome of spit-and-sawdust, although blood-and-guts is now more accurate.

The first publican, Angus 'Thirsty' Mac Innes, was a true seadog of the 19th century. Having left his hometown of Ullapool as a bairn and sailed the world for thirty years, man and boy, he then sank his life's savings into this humble public house. When Mac Innes died of scurvy, the pub was taken over by Fergus 'Drinky' McCrowe and his son Mingus.

The timbers were said to have come from the last tall ship Mac Innes served on, HMS Woodworm, which was mysteriously wrecked off the coast near Malton despite calm seas and a mild western breeze; coincidentally the Woodworm was carrying a consignment of Jamaican rum back from the Caribbean, and the Narwhal's early reputation was built on its selection of excellent rum as well as its whiskies. The 12-inch thick single-slab oak bar still stands in silent homage to its old landlord, although the narwhal's tusk is long gone. If you stand perfectly still, it is said you can still smell the salt, tobacco and rum of Mac Innes's breath, hanging in the air - but that might just be the nearby zombies.

Barricade Policy

Entry Point. Keep at VSB++!