The Storke Building

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The Storke Building
Last update Nov 2020
BoogieDinosaur (talk) 02:17, 9 June 2023 (UTC)

The Storke Building

the Storke Building

Greentown [30,79]

Duckett Lane
(South Blythville)
a factory a warehouse
a factory
(South Blythville)
the Storke Building Puckle Bank
Vine Cinema
Broadway Drive
St. Matthew's Hospital

Basic Info:

The Storke Building

History & Significance

The Storke Building is an imposing 19th century yellowstone office block off Duckett and Broadway in Greentown.

Before the zombie outbreak and subsequent quarantine of the city the Storke Building was a thriving commercial centre host to a diverse range of businesses, from a prestigious private anti-natal clinic to a world-renowned specialist in avian taxidermy.

Now-a-days the Storke Building is occasionally home to Malton's transient survivor population and a pair of nesting Marabous that escaped from Malton City Zoo last year.


The nearest Revivification Point is to the north west at Gee Avenue [26,72], South Blythville.


Nearby is St. Matthew's Hospital. Not too far away, to the north-west, is Marven Mall. To the east are Branagan Row Fire Station and Eley Way Police Dept and to the south, the Highton Building (Necrotech).


  • "You are standing outside the Storke Building, a large yellow-stone building with a curved roof."
  • "You are inside the Storke Building."


Barricade Policy

  • In accordance with Uniform Barricading Policy (UBP) the Building is to be maintained at Extremely Heavily Barricaded (EHB) whenever possible allowing access only to those with Free Running. This minimises Zombie Spying to only those who have taken survivor skills.
  • Since Generic Buildings in Greentown are considered safe houses, it should be barricaded to Extremely Heavily Barricaded. Survivors who have Free Running can enter next door at a Very Strongly Barricaded + 2 building.

Current Status

August 19th, 2013 about 5 survivors and 5 zombies inside, seems to have just occurred. cades down. genny still running. --icbi1 20:44, 19 August 2013 (UTC)

June 16th, 2013 - Two survivors inside. VHB. Genny is running. Radio is currently set to 28.28 MHz. --RoyKirk 21:40, 16 June 2013 (UTC)

Safe and powered. --Major Dick 00:59, 28 February 2009 (UTC)