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Strike Team Information
Numbers approx 40
Leadership Goolina - Moloch - Yosemiteclimber - Zoutroi - Globule13
Goals Kill harmanz, advance the interests of the RRF
Recruitment RRF members may apply by messaging Goolina or Moloch at the}}


In order to join the Gore Corps, you have to be dedicated to making life miserable for the harmanz in Malton, and you must not have brain rot. Gore Corps members wait for careless survivors to revive them, and immediately start shooting to kill, overbarricading entry points, and underbarricading resource buildings. If you have what it takes, PM Goolina or Moloch on the RRF Forums.


While rolling through Malton with The Big Bash, a zombie named Goolina kept getting needlessly combat revived. So one day instead of throwing herself out the window, she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and stick it to the harmanz who revived her. When the survivors inevitably threw a shitfit over such PK'ing, a death cultist was born. After getting in touch with Papa Sonny and Papa Patrucio, the Gore Corps was founded.


The following harmanz are current priority targets for the Gore Corps

For their cowardly and unwarranted attack on Quartly Study Group:

for being illiterate.

for being a l33t-talking dumbass n00b snack. LOLZ @ U! Zerging and other asshatery --- INDEFINITELY

for being a fucking turncoat.

The following members of the Santlerville Rangers

Anyone whose name appears on the Quartly Study Group's On Notice list. This includes zambahz as well as harmanz.

  • Zajebywator - Comeon, think of an original insult, will ya?


The following harmanz were previously on the hit list
  • Protomorph - PWN3D by Heiki (1/14/07), killed by xeose (1/16/07), gunned down by Fenris Ungor (2/24/07).
  • p4x639 - killed by Pyromonkey (1/18/07) and by Zoutroi (1/18/07). Twice in one day, because that's how we roll.
  • Falkenberg - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (1/24/07), killed by Goolina (1/28/07), killed again by Ghoulius Caesar (1/30/07), killed one more time by The Lurker7 (2/4/07), and yet again by xeose (2/9/07), and one last time for good measure as the mall fell by Deathbymoshpit (2/15/07)
  • RebelReefer - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (2/8/07), killed by xeose (2/11/07), killed by Pagram Librarian (2/24/07)
  • XombieCrusher - finished off by Heiki (3/9/07) - (Learn to spell Zombie and Destroyers, idiot)
  • BAPBAP - killed by Itakura, Heiki's Alt, at Nichols (3/9/07)
  • Koda - killed by Pagram Librarian (04/03/07)
  • LTFC - killed by StrayZombie (4/20/07), gunned down by Goolina (7/10/07)
  • Sandsun - killed by Pagram Librarian (4/20/07), and again just because (4/28/07)
  • Thekyle - executed by Goolina (4/29/07) and by Ghoulius Caesar (5/27/07) and by Robert McFarlane (7/13/07)
  • Mishenka - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (5/5/07)
  • Elliot Reed Killed by Pagram Librarian (5/7/07), killed by Ghoulius Caesar, with love (5/15/07), and again by Ghoulius Caesar (5/21/07), and once more by Scientist Zed (5/24/07), and yet again by Goolina (7/9/07), and from Russia with love by Robert McFarlane (7/11/07)
  • Univest - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (5/7/07), killed by mmmm human (5/21/07), and again by mmmm human (5/25/07), killed by Mold (7/10/07), gutted like a fish by Pagram Librarian (7/12/07), had an unlucky Friday the 13th with Robert McFarlane (7/13/07)
  • Haff - killed by zoutroi (5/9/07) and by Keith Moon during a joint RRF/MoTA strike (5/16/07)
  • The Hall NT and Dewes NT gennys...again - smashed beyond repair by Goolina (5/10/07). It just feels so good to rub it in.
  • Jan Itor - killed by mmmm human (5/24/07)
  • chisox14 - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (5/27/07) again by Ghoulius Caesar (7/8/07)
  • Dan Kasper - killed by heathen at frightfan (5/30/07)
  • Cenfire - killed by Willie Clinton (5/30/07)
  • Histor's Eye - killed by Tocmanj (5/30/07), killed again by Ghoulius Caesar (6/1/07)
  • Pvt Hale - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (6/1/07), killed by zoutroi (6/5/07)
  • TrooperElite - killed by Ghoulius Caesar (6/18/07) and again by Ghoulius Caesar (6/20/07)
  • ClydeFrog - Killed by Pagram Librarian (6/22/07)
  • Lachryma - Killed by Willie Clinton (6/25/07)
  • Bluemofia - Killed by Willie Clinton (6/26/07)
  • Sox4lifeinpa - killed by Mold (7/9/07), killed by Morrolan e'Drien (7/12/07)
  • TheKamikaze - killed by Goolina (7/15/07). Mmmm zerglicious! And again by Robert McFarlane (7/17/07)
  • MaoTzedong - killed by Robert McFarlane (7/17/07) Tastes like chicken!
  • Deletion - killed by Mikeaveli (7/31/07)
  • BAPBAP - Killed by Swing Your Pants (21/08/07).


Yes, it's a short list.