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Erica Gait
Birth Date: 28 November 1986

Age: 24

Allegiance: Survivors

Group: Fort Perryn Defense Force

Years of Service: 2010-

Unit: Alpha Squad

Rank: Private First Class

Alt: Winter Gale

Battles/Wars: Siege of Perryn (final stages of Operation Iron Fortress), Operation Brush Fire, Training Mission, Big Bash 3, Operation Damage Control, Operation Helping Hand, Siege of Blesley Mall, Battle of Gulsonside, Battle of Whittenside, Operation R&R, Operation Chinook, Operation Flying Hellfish

Contact: Fort Perryn Defense Force

Ooohh, Shiny!


Scout.JPG Scout
This user is a scout and is probably off locating zombie concentrations.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.

M24.jpg Scout/Sniper
This User is capable of a 1000yd HeadShot

Just Who in god's name is this Erica Gait?

Well, for starters, she wasn't born in Malton and didn't even want to be in Malton. Unfortunately for her, being in the military, she was assigned to a NATO force about to be deployed in Malton in an effort to stem the undead tide that threatens to overrun the entire planet.

What Then???

The international/multinational bio-containment force that arrived in Malton succesfully prevented further outbreaks (except Monroeville and Borehamwood, then again, those were contained too) but it left most of Malton's civilians and the soldiers stationed and deployed there quarantined (i.e. imprisoned). Erica arrived in Malton during the later stages of the outbreak and found herself trapped - surrounded by thousands of undeads.

Her battle for survival have just begun...

Malton Tour

Before joining the Fort Perryn Defense Force, Erica embarked on an epic tour in and around Malton. This provided her with a rich cultural experience since it offered her a chance to met and interact with the local populace - consisting of a lot of diverse, unique, and sometimes strange individuals (humans and zombies alike) and groups. Unfortunately she forgot to bring a camera.

Here's for keeps:

1. Cannonball Crew - they're tough, what can I say? And an intelligent and tactically aware survivor group.

2. Fort Perryn Defense Force - they've seen me through some tough times, and the booze, who can ever forget those drunken parties.

3. Army Control Corps - I spent nearly two hours trying to add most its members in my contacts; definetely a large and well-organized survivor group.

4. The Fortress - they captured Fort Perryn from the cold and slimy hands of the Feral Undead and that just gotta say something about themselves.

5. National Socialists Union - Neo-Nazis in Malton? Puh-leeze.

6. The Black Flag - commies in Malton? C'mon guys, don't we have enough zombie problems for us to deal with ideologies and politics?

7. Heathers - classy bitches...

8. Cobra - they're supposed to be the enemies of G.I. Joe right?

9. Spetznaz - I met them briefly, one of their commanders was on a recruitment spree.

10. Philosophe Knights - the largest PKer group, and philosophers at that.

The Zombies, who could ever forget them:

1. Feral Undead - I fought against them for nearly two straight months.

2. Ridleybank Resistance Front - gotta love the Gore Corps.

3. Militant Order of Barhah - after defending Whittenside against the Feral Undead for more than a two months, the MoB just had to sweep the burb in a single week for it end up ruined and bereft of any breathing soul (zombies don't breath right?).

4. Clubbed to Death - my first run-in with them was kinda traumatic...they're smart, they really are...this are zombies with brains...

Oh, wait, those "individuals"

1. Dominica Bekker - a real-life cyberterrorist!

2. Liz Bathory - she should write a book about Zombie Survival.

3. piccon009 - if ever you need a friend.

4. Mink Snopes - PKer, apparently the only PKer I remember.

5. Hermann Munster - the CtD's Overmind.

6. ZombieGeorge - for destroying my generator!!

I actually lived through this

1. The 2010 Siege of Fort Perryn - this raged for about two months, a highly contested battle which exemplified how a group of survivors, using superior tactics, can actually defend a Fort against an organized and large horde.

2. MoB Tour - this was hell on earth.

3. The 2010 Siege of Fort Creedy - the RRF blitz through our defenses...the battle lasted for about a week or so.

4. Big Bash 3 - well, I was at Fort Creedy at the time when BB3 hit the suburb, I was sleeping and when I woke up the fort was breached and the gatehouse ruined but I was relatively untouched and unscathed. I survived through sheer luck. Nice.

5. Siege of Blesley Mall - between the CtD and an assorted survivor group...I learned the hard way why malls are harder to defend than forts.

In a nutshell

Erica and Winter - how are they different?


1. Adores Teddy Bears and Emily the Strange's four cats.

2. Likes Whittenside and Fort Perryn in particular.

3. Member of the Fort Perryn Defense Force (a semi-autonomous group of the Cannonball Crew).

4. Loves chewing gum (if only she can find a gums in Malton - she'd gladly exchange guns for gums).

5. Loves pepperoni pizzas.


1. Likes her iPhone, but hates the fact that the MacBook Pro cannot run StarCraft II Wings of Liberty.

2. Is fiercely independent.

3. Is free-spirited.

4. Likes mango shakes and fruit juice.

5. Loves her shemagh.

Malton's Haute Couture

Paris = Chanel

Malton = Dr. Schwan's Essentials

Since arriving in Malton, Whittenside in particular, Erica became an avid supporter and user of Dr. Schwan's Essentials product line. Here are some of the products she uses:

A.s.egraphic.png Dr. Schwan's Essentials
Erica proudly wears Dr. Schwan's patented Zombie Repellent Hair Tonic.
A.s.egraphic.png Dr. Schwan's Essentials
Erica discretely benefits from Dr.Schwan's Pre-Mortem Wrinkle Solution.
A.s.egraphic.png Dr. Schwan's Essentials
Is Erica out of AP? You will never know thanks to Dr. Schwan Brand Optical Paralytic Eyedrops.
Syringebling.jpg The Doc’s Novelties
Erica revivifies in style with The Doc's Novelty Syringe Sleeves
Dsfabric.png D.S. Textiles
Erica’s dignity is safeguarded even in extreme circumstances thanks to Médecin Schwan’s Self Mending Silk.

The Politics of Malton

While largely apolitical, Erica does agree with some of the policies set forth by Malton's self-proclaimed politicians:

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
Erica Gait supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Swithun.PNG Religious Respect Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Religious Respect Policy

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy
Erica Gait supports the
Uniform Barricading Policy.

Let's Talk Tactics

UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block
Covertops.jpg Covert Operations
This user favours covert ops tactics.

Souvenirs/Memento Mori

Visited Fort Creedy
This user has visited Fort Creedy.
Visited Fort Perryn
This user has visited Fort Perryn.

Malton's Equivalent for Charity Groups

Ccpatch fpdf.png Survivors Defending Fort Perryn Supporter
This user or group is a supporter of the Survivors defending or reclaiming Fort Perryn. And Naked Twister, this user or group loves Naked Twister.

Smallaofc.PNG Survivors Defending Fort Creedy Supporter
This user or group is a supporter of the Survivors defending or reclaiming Fort Creedy.