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Template created by Tohrurokuno 8 Jan 08 Proud Sponsor of Urban Dead!
Eluctor decided to stop being a cheapskate and donated to Urban Dead. So what's your excuse?


Profile of Characters


Started as a medic and is currently a level 35 Military.

Bounty Hunting activity

Action Who Rapsheet Warn Witness Kill Date Suburb Location Points
Bounty claim Hasugo RG 2009-08-13 Osmondville Club Fortescue [88,77] 38


Started as a firefighter and is currently a level 32 Civilian.

Bounty Hunting activity

Action Who Rapsheet Warn Witness Kill Date Suburb Location Points
Bounty claim oinkler RG 2009-08-05 Ruddlebank the Cheeke Building [19,82] 2
Bounty claim grouchy time RG 2009-08-08 Lockettside Tompson Mall [21,82] 7
Bounty claim mein sohn RG 2009-08-11 Ruddlebank the Cheeke Building [19,82] 23
Bounty claim Psychotic Pantomime RG 2009-08-15 Ruddlebank Hinckesman Bank [19,83] 58
Bounty claim Trever W RG 2009-08-19 Lockettside the Beer Building [22,81] 6
Bounty claim Peter McGrady RG 2009-08-19 Lockettside Tompson Mall [20,82] 25
Got PKed Trever W RG 2009-09-01 Lockettside Hind Crescent Rail Stn [22,83]
Bounty claim Desmond Styles RG 2009-09-06 South Blythville Bennet Cinema [22,74] 102
Bounty claim Dr Bleed RG 2009-09-10 South Blythville Club Penfold [27,75] 5
Got PKed Kerosyrup RG 2009-09-22 Havercroft Chaffe Cinema [32,46]


Started as a zombie and is currently a level 25 civilian.

Bounty Hunting activity

Action Who Rapsheet Warn Witness Kill Date Suburb Location Points
Bounty claim DrJackson RG 2009-08-05 East Boundwood Cassell Auto Repair [43,8] 7
Got PKed Letitia RG 2009-08-06 Yagoton Warehouse [43,12]
Bounty claim The Demon of Razgriz RG 2009-08-13 East Boundwood Cassell Auto Repair [43,8] 14
Bounty claim LefterRight RG 2009-08-29 Yagoton Club Botting [41,11] 29
  • Killed as zombie, perhaps in random violence, by Edmund Titchener on 2009-08-06.

PKing I Committed Before Bounty Hunting

Urgggggggh, Level 43 Civilian, current leader of RDD. An avowed PKer. Can't be trusted, so should be zombified so folks know what they're dealing with. Killed at [54, 18] on 2009-August-1.

PKing I think I Witnessed

Sidestreamer. Level 41 Military, no group. Killed three survivors (Sasquatch009, elliptik and Ettin) at [46,34] on 2009-July-28. I'm guessing the victims were all very low on HP; the seven in the building left unharmed were all 50HP or better.
Tommy Versetti. Level 43 Civilian, no group. Killing at [69,22] on 2009-June-14.
lemacdad. Level 43 Civilian, group: Red Shirt. Killing at [79,15] on 2009-June-08.
Always Late. Level 41 Civilian, group: The Reformed Order of the Grim Reaper. Killed at [79,15] on 2009-June-08.
bob317. Level 41 Civilian, group: The Reformed Order of the Grim Reaper. Killed at [79,15] on 2009-June-08.

GKers and Saboteurs

Folks I saw acting on behalf of the other side:

dTangentTwo - Level 41 Civilian, Group The Dead Bunnies. Took out a generator at the Anthony Building in Santlerville [77,27] on 10 July 2009.
Mazoku - Level 41 Civilian, Group LUE. Destroyed a generator at St. Telesphorus's Hospital in Scarletwood [73,88] on 25 May 2009.

Jerks that Kill at Revival Points

I'm getting tired of being bashed when I've gone zombie and I'm waiting at a revival point that clearly states on the wall "Revival point! Don't Kill!" So I'm gonna start keeping a list of the assholes. In the unlikely event that I run across any of 'em, I'm going to engage in some PKing.

deathbot6sick6 - Level 18 Military - player id 1079219
Genii - Level 1 Civilian - player id 1539500
King Arthar - Level 6 Civilian - player id 1519132
God Damn Commies - ironically, a Lieutenant in S.T.A.R.S., which supposedly hunts down those that do this.


Most recent entries at the top. Today is 2024 February 24 (although maybe not in my time zone).

2009 September 12

Wow, not a good day. All three of my characters were zombified in the past twenty-four hours. Sucks, but at least none of 'em were PKs.
Actually, I discovered that Zopyrus wasn't quite dead. A long list of zombie attacks had just enough interspersed FAKs that I still had something like six HP left, which was enough to get me to a hospital, search for sufficient FAKs that I could even help a few others, use two revive syringes, and get to a non-critical building for the night.

2009 August 30

All three of my characters has had long run of being alive recently. That ended today for Eluctor, when pZerman took me down after I'd fallen asleep after spending the last of my AP killing off the zombies in and repairing the Craddy Building. My last AP was spent closing the doors and I waited 'bout a half-an-hour to come back and move Eluctor to a neighboring building. But he was dead. The bright side: I'd gotten all the survivor skills and had accumulated 1200-plus points, so a little while spend as a zombie means I jump from being level 23 to level 35, all with mad zombie skillz. Currently awaiting a revive at the RP next door, Churchous Avenue. Generos is still alive and collecting a bounty today!

Er, Zopyrus is stuck mostly through a PKK, but forgot he'd done a revive and didn't have the AP to finish it. How embarrassing! And the ammo went too fast -- far too many "you missed" when the hit ratio is supposed to be 65%. So he might not get a chance to finish the kill, and might well die for trying. Bummer.

At least the target, Raptimus, doesn't have one of those absurdly inflated self-descriptions. You know, "eight feet tall and green skin, so many muscles that the shotgun in his hands looks like a child's toy". Most PKers must have very small penises. And the poor fellow is only a level 17, although he is in charge of a PK group, supposedly.

2009 August 14

All three of my characters are now enjoying bounty hunting. I'm a bit frustrated that the Rogues' Gallery doesn't seem to be updating. None of the hits I've made have been reflected in the respective Rogue's rapsheets, and the most recent timestamp seems to be over three weeks old.

Before bounty hunting it is requisite that one load up on ammunition. Something that hadn't even occurred to me previously is to carry multiple pistols and shotguns. By making sure they're all loaded and AP is maxed out before starting a PKK, one doesn't need to spend APs reloading in the midst of a kill. Brilliant! Naturally, to get all that ammunition one has to hang out near a mall and spend typically one full AP cycle just rebuilding ammo stocks. My most recent insight is that I shouldn't turn off pistols or shotguns on the search settings. Each of my characters has (I think) four pistols and three shotguns, but sometimes a just-picked-up gun is partially loaded (actually, I'm not sure I've ever picked up a non-empty shotgun), and it might make more sense to then drop an empty one (no AP to drop items), since that makes the ammo free. The only downside is that just picked-up weapons are seldom full, so re-loading in the midst of fighting becomes more likely.

2009 August 1

Committed my first act of PKing today. I've been killed often enough by other players that I occassionally check the profiles of folks I'm sleeping with. When I found my dozing roommate was the leader of an avowed PK group, I took preemptive action. It was satisfying, although I had to resort to a fireaxe when I ran out of ammo, so I ended up covered in gore.

2009 May 25

Lots of zombie activity in southern Scarletwood near the two hospitals. I wandered away from St. Telesphorus's Hospital to check on the status of St. Spyridon's Hospital (fine, at the time) and Hillard Road Police Department (down and ruined), and when I returned to St. Telesphorous's the zombies were inside. A few minutes later barricades were back up to VSB and the sole zombie that had come inside was dead. But then... I saw a survivor — Mazoku — destroy a generator. Hey! I searched the name on this wiki and discovered it on a list of anti-survivor rogues. Interesting. Well, Mazoku is level 41 and Eluctor is currently level 4, so I'm not gonna tangle. Further research reveals that makes him an especially vile GK'er -- or at least particularly nasty to the pro-survivor partisan.

2009 May 20

There seems to be a lot of wrack and ruin around. I suspect there is a tipping point beyond which zombies will predominate; I wonder if anyone has ever attempted some form of simulation? All of the revive points seem to be packed with zombies waiting for a smaller and smaller number of those capable of helping.

2009 May 16

So Eluctor is sitting peacefully at an official revive point after my latest bout with being dead, and some idiot who thinks he tough comes by for a gratuitous head-shot. Thanks, player "God Damn Commies" -- you're a jerk.

2009 May 15

I'm playing with the idea of creating a template to describe prescribed barricade levels. Check my Sandbox page.

2009 May 8

I'm actually running three characters in the game, since the first one (a medic) taught me that a beginning character has so little skill and power that the game isn't very interesting. (Three characters also properly accommodates the IP hit limit.)

I mean:

while (bored for days on end) {
    wander from a protected haven trying to find some_zombies;
    while (ap > apRequiredForCommuteHome ) {
        hit zombies with fists doing almost no damage and getting almost no points;
    run back home;

If a newbie character is using only fists (10% chance of doing 1 damage), wouldn't it take something like 1000 hits to earn the 100XP to upgrade? Given that twenty AP are probably set aside for commuting to the action, that leaves thirty AP per day for hitting Zeds. So roughly 33 days of repeating that? Sheesh. So I tried with another character, a fireman. Better: an axe means a 10% chance of 3 points damage; for regular civilians that cuts the time down to about eleven days. But a firefighter starts with Axe Proficiency, so gets a 25% chance of 3 points damage, which should mean it takes less than five days to earn that first 100XP. Then I decided to run one character as a zombie, what the heck. I'll keep all three characters widely separated.

2009 May 7

Trying to find some action? I discovered that a Danger Map exists and helps. Its creation appears to be automated — I'd cringe to think that it would have to be manually checked and updated. The fact that the game and the wiki share a domain name is, I think, a clue: the creators have integrated the wiki's ability to report on the game much better than most wiki/game symbionts.

Generos thanks SA Seeley Booth for the FAK.

2009 May 6

I'm new here. Don't know if I'll be here long, I'm looking into a number of games. I forget whether a wiki somehow automatically informs a user when there's activity on their talk page, so if not I might not notice anything put here. Anyway... [Yes, it does, BTW]


I do much of my experimenting in my own Sand Pit, Sand Box, SandBox2 and SandBox3. (Multiple play spaces are really necessary when toying with templates).


I've created two templates that replace and standardize the text used for Barricade Policy. They are:

  {{ user:Lariat2301/DesiredVSB | plan=barricade_plan | entry=site | upgrade=level }}


  {{ user:Lariat2301/DesiredEHB | plan=barricade_plan | entry=site }}

All parameters are optional. They both have a suggested parameter of "plan=" which is the page name for the suburb's barricade policy. For DesiredVSB, the "Entry=" parameter specifies that it is the free-running entry point for the specified building; for DesiredEHB it functions as a pointer to an adjacent VSB site that can be used for free-running access. DesiredVSB also has an "Upgrade=" parameter to emphasize that barricades might/should be raised higher during heavy zombie presence.


  • I haven't yet created a keep-the-doors-wide-open template.
  • I need to combine these into a single template, but templates are ugly beasts and all those braces hurt my brain.
  • I want to add a "NoUpgrade" option to VSB for those site that should never be raised beyond free-running status. Kempsterbank, for example, specifies that junkyards should never be above VSB; this makes sense since there will always be rookies around, and it is possible to get knocked to street level even for veterans.


I finally learned about the DangerReport template, and that brought up all sorts of questions. (Including "why not make the "update" link go straight to the wiki edit page? can that be done?"). My interest is in creating a bot that will automatically sweep through a suburb's DangerReports and construct a single page (or template) for that suburb showing a color-coded map of it's activity. But I don't know how to create a bot, and I honestly haven't done too much programming in the past few decades...


I edited Tohru Rokuno's {{Donated}} template (used at the top of this page) so it could justify right (or center, or fully to the left). He doesn't seem to have been around recently, so he probably didn't mind.