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Micro Miner

Level 41 scientist
Entered Malton: March 15, 2006
Since joining FedCom:
20 zombies
3 enemies, 0 PKers
Revives: 2
Died: ? times
PKed: 0 times

Member of FedCom
Main focus: The PKing group that is '"Heathers"
Killed another member of Heathers yesterday


OperationRevival.PNG veteran of Operation: Revival

After been thrown into the UD world on 15th March 2006 as a Necrotech Lab Assistant I had no clue what to do.
I plyed my trade by DNA Extracting all Zombies that I came across.
A short while later I saw a group recruiting which seemed to suit me, they were Whittenside Medical Corps.
They taught me a little about the game and gave me tips on which skills to go for first.
I quickly gained XP and bought skills so I could heal & revive others, after that I concentrated on fighting skills.
Currently I'm at level 41, I have bought all the skills available to survivors and zombies excluding Brain Rot.

Recently activity within WMC diminished, mainly due to the latest Big Bash.
It left most of Whittenside as Zombies with very little chance of a revive.
When I realised that WMC didn't seem to have much of a future I joined FedCom.
They were affiliated with WMC and had helped with the revive efforts.


Level 10 civilian
Entered Malton: September 6, 2006
Since joining MPD:
2 zombies
0 PKers
Revives: 0
Died: ? times
PKed: 0 times

Constable of the Malton Police Department; a major branch of the DEM
Currently in the Kotd Academy in the SE-2 district


The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg Weapons Master (Advanced Pistol Training + Advanced Shotgun Training)
Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg Reconnissance Specialist (Freerunning)
Field Medicine Merit.jpg Field Medicine (First Aid + Diagnosis)
Engineer's Ribbon.jpg Engineer (Construction)

Murphy0 was created because my main character was at the limit of his knowledge.
Micro was at level 41 and with no other skills to buy apart from BrainRot which I have no intention of ever buying.
So to freshen up UD I started another character.

Murph started his UD life as a Cop in the South East of Malton, he slowly gained XP and trained in some medical skills which helped him gain XP faster.
When he was level 8 he joined the Malton Police Department.
Currently he is level 10 and an undergrad in the Kotd Academy, operating in the Stanbury Village area, and loving it.