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1--10:03, 22 August 2010 (BST)

You are standing outside Eudaimonia, a beautiful restaurant turned light-filled safehouse. The thick doors stand open to all comers, but with oiled hinges ready to close at a moment's notice. Lights are on inside, and red Christmas lights edge the windows. Thick snow covers the ground, with footprints entering from all directions, and leaving in all directions. Further sets of footprints lead in and out of the building.

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You are sitting inside Eudaimonia, a beautiful well-lit safehouse that was a restaurant pre-outbreak. Plush sofas line the walls, and brightly coloured beanbags dot the floor, pulled into groups by people sitting on them. Further back the room opens into a dancefloor, with one full wall taken up by music equipment and the opposite wall a well-stocked bar. Christmas lights edge the triple-glazed windows, and a thick metal bar stands next to the door to bar it if necessary.

Your parents are here, with your siblings.

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