Winmill Library

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Winmill Library
Jelito2008 (talk) 18:05, 27 October 2020 (UTC)
Winmill Library

Kinch Heights [40, 84]

Mist Way
Haddock Walk the Noyce Arms
the Harrold Hotel
Winmill Library the Henning Hotel
Tikhon General Hospital
Bugden Avenue the Grimley Motel

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Winmill Library


Used as the headquarters of the group sevlioce from 05AUG2005 until late 2013. Currently used as a base for the group Horde (the current incarnation of sevlioce).

Also used as a reading room for Tikhon Medical, Winmill Library is further used as a place for a backup radio transmitter.


Named after the peculiar structure atop the building's roof, it was once a very busy library, situated perfectly between a hospital, 2 hotels and a motel. Travelers and patients alike welcomed the quiet yet inviting atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy a good read.

Barricade Policy


Current Status

Operational, Fueled Gennie, Transmitter. --Auralius 16:08, 9 August 2010 (EST)

VSB. No generator, a couple of zealous readers, catching sunlight inside. --Alexander Ignus 17:19, 4 November 2010 (UTC)

Overrun. (zombie book day?) --Auralius 11:12, 31 March 2016 (EST)

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