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Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
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Mission and Focus

Malton College of Medicine is a survivor group dedicated to teaching newcomers to Malton how to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse. Its faculty, staff and students are busy, visible and vocal participants in the life of Eastonwood and, when its friends and allies need help, elsewhere in Malton. MCM aims to support its local community in Eastonwood and neighbouring suburbs by healing the wounded, reviving the unwillingly undead, and by maintaining and defending vital resource buildings. Alongside its programme of lectures, classes and informal instruction in the mechanics, strategies, anthropology, psychology and ethics of life in Malton, MCM aims to provide a cheerful sanctuary for all its visitors at St George's Hospital.

What makes MCM unique is the focus on the new player. MCM is not about the veterans with big egos or about 'winning' the game: it's about the students. Faculty and staff spend a great deal of AP talking and teaching to help students progress through levels, often putting their own interests aside. We call out the names of the wounded so that freshman students without Diagnosis and Free Running, whose ability to gain XP is severely restricted, can acquire those essential skills as quickly as possible. For that reason, we ask that the healing of wounds be left to the new students. Most freshmen will gain almost all of their experience inside the college walls. Once they can diagnose and free-run, we encourage students to go on medic runs of the surrounding area, helping the community and gaining more experience along the way. Faculty and staff are always available to guide students, answering questions, offering encouragement and reassurance, cracking jokes and lifting spirits. MCM is an interactive, noisy place, where the teaching takes place in an atmosphere of fun.

Malton College of Medicine is a neutral zone. We teach and heal all survivors, regardless of group affiliation, whether or not they usually play as a zombie, have brain rot, or even feature in the Rogue's Gallery. PKing on college grounds is forbidden, as is bounty collecting. Our focus is on teaching our students, and PKing and bounty hunting disrupt the supportive atmosphere.


Our forum explains these policies in greater detail. Prospective students should read the sticky posts on the forum before signing up.

Policies In General

  • The faculty of Malton College of Medicine encourages asking questions!
  • MCM is a neutral zone. No PKing, please.
  • MCM is a neutral zone. No bounty collecting, please.
  • The faculty of MCM reserves the right to expel problem individuals given just cause and sufficient warning. Violating our neutrality by PKing/bountying on MCM grounds, can result in expulsion, as can abusive or obscene behavior.
  • Nobody is a low priority. Except in a serious conflict, heal indiscriminately. We're all in this together; the level one survivor you save today could be the one who kills the zombie chewing on your arm a few months down the road.
  • If you don't need the XP, call out the names of the injured so that students can heal them.
  • If you have Diagnosis and Free Running and zombie activity is low, please allow freshmen students to heal small injuries so that they can gain experience more quickly.
  • MCM teaches Combat Revives. See C.R.A.P. for an explanation of the reasoning behind this policy. Attacking zombies be warned: you will likely be CRed. Zombies who break through our barricades are considered volunteers for our Combat Revive class, and we thank you in advance for volunteering! MCM does not teach blind revives or stupid revives. A problem PKer is usually better left dead; a problem zombie is usually better left alive. Both are out of their element that way.
  • Only one alt can be a student, staff, or faculty member of MCM. Members who wish to train a new alt at MCM will have to move the existing MCM alt to a new suburb. Zerging is not allowed. Alts of members of MCM absolutely must keep a ten space minimum distance from their MCM alt. On the bright side, when you graduate, you get a nifty graduation template for use on your wiki user page as a diploma!
  • No person on the Ignore List shall be given safe haven on the MCM campus. Persons on the Ignore List will be shot on sight by MCM security. Persons condoning or sanctioning text rapists are not welcome at MCM, will have no safe shelter there, and will be placed on the Expelled list.

PKer Policy

  • In a neutral zone, everyone is healed indiscriminately, and that is our goal. PKers and former zombies alike are safe and welcome at MCM as long as they behave according to the same code we expect of everyone else. They will be healed and treated in a civil manner.
  • If a PKer kills a person on our grounds and appears to remain a threat to other students they will be expelled from the college, removed by security, and placed on the DNR list. They will be given as little attention as possible so that their unwanted behavior isn't reinforced by drama. The appropriate report will be filed with the Rogue's Gallery.
  • If a PKer kills a person on our grounds and leaves we do not retaliate. This person is placed on our DNR list and given as little attention as possible. The appropriate report will be filed with the Rogue's Gallery.
  • If MCM staff or students run across known PKers away from campus, they take no action against them. We do not wish to bring a war to MCM.
  • We do not have a "KOS" list.

Our Lists

DNR List

  • We have a Do Not Revive List; doing something that gets you on this list will also mean we do not heal you.
  • This list is reserved for people who are a threat to the College as Pkers, and for repeated griefers. You have to work to get yourself on this list. We reserve the right to add an entire group to this list should the behavior of the group warrant it.

Please Don't Revive List

  • MCM also has a Please Don't Revive List. These people have requested that they not be revived by MCM, or they qualify as "not-so-smart revives". These people have not misbehaved, and we have generally congenial relationships with them. We just aren't reviving them at the present time.
  • Note that under "battle" circumstances, MCM reserves the right to combat revive these people should the situation warrant. Also, the nature of MCM means we always have less experienced members with us who are still learning, and who will occasionally make mistakes, including mistakes as to who to revive and when. We apologize in advance for this, but it's inevitable: if you hang around MCM, mistakes WILL happen. We will, however, try to not revive the people on this list when possible.