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  • I played for most of 2008. Then went AWOL for...a while. Then I came back for a month or two in 2011...and went AWOL again until 2014.
  • I currently run a PKer, a zambah, and a philosophe (who doesn't PK). I also toss around a feral dual nature-er when I have the IP hits to spare. My career survivor is hibernating until the city actually needs career survivors again. :p
  • I'm partial to crazy schemes, lost causes, and any sort of play that pushes the limits of the game mechanics. Track me down if you've got some out-there idea. I might be game.
  • Gnome's game is awesome, and I might be in it somewhere.
  • My obligatory template collection is here.

Current Projects

  • EMRP to Process - Manually doing some of what the bot once did, when time allows. Utilizing my own userpage as the dumpsite right now for convenience, but others are welcome to edit and help with the dump and upkeep if I'm AWOL.
  • Suburb Danger Map History - Starting to catalog this once again. The empty gallery pages made me sad.
  • Danger Report Cleanup - Changing old Danger Reports (March 2014 or earlier) to "unknown," so that this nifty map is actually sorta-up-to-date.
  • Rot revive - Am trying to track down which NTs are actually still used by the playerbase as RRPs, then update/change building descriptions and suburb barricade plans accordingly.

Stuff I Never Want to Have to Track Down Again

Old Links I Hope Come Back

Copy-Paste To Help Newbies

  • These are probably the most helpful guides out there: and
  • Here's a helpful map:
  • If you need a revive, a good bet is to stand in a cemetery. They are widely accepted as universal revive points. If you don't see one nearby, try going to one of the marked 'revive points' in your current suburb:
  • Your best bet for gaining XP is to find a Very Strongly Barricaded Hospital, enter and stock up on as many First Aid Kits as you can, then run around healing anyone you see stuck out in the street. (They are more likely to be injured than people inside).
  • You can also heal zombies for XP. Healing zombies in the street doesn't hurt the survivor cause, and you really can't afford to be picky at this point. If you're truly desperate, you can also hit, then heal, zombies.

Copy-Paste Recruitment

  • OR

Stuff I Did

  • Boring Stuff - observations and opinions on the game and metagame, mostly from 2008 and 2011.
  • Malton Uprising - Free Malton? I made some pretty posters, edited manifestos, and kept the kill list. Also lots of scouting, shooting, forum-arguing, coalition-gathering, and putting out bushfires.
  • Ferroque Necari - because perma-headshot had eliminated the zombie threat in Monroeville, and I wanted to at least die in a fun and interesting way, and not by some random pointless PK.
  • Blood - an analysis of its mechanics, and some accompanying documentation
  • Scouting Borehamwood - some maps
  • NecroNet Mechanics - a work in progress

Other Stuff I Find Interesting