Ketchelbank Barricade Plan

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This is the Barricade Plan for the suburb of Ketchelbank.

This diagram shows what levels buildings should ideally be barricaded to in order to provide protection in the form of Extremely Heavily Barricaded buildings, whilst designating entry points in the form of Very Strongly Barricaded buildings. Please note this plan indicates the preferred levels of barricades, and not the current levels.

If you wish to discuss alterations to this plan, please use the talk page.

If you need to edit the barricade plan, go to Template:Ketchelbank Barricade Plan. If changes are made, please be sure to also edit the Barricade Policy section of the page for any buildings affected.

To include the barricade plan on a page use:

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Ubpicon1.gif UBP Unreviewed Barricade Plan
This barricade plan is under review for compliance with the Uniform Barricading Policy. Comments on this plan may be left here.

40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
30 Turle Bank
City Zoo
the Lion Enclosure
City Zoo
City Zoo
the Reptile House
Allerton Street
the Ponsford Arms
the Whittard Monument
31 the Staples Building
City Zoo
City Zoo
the Bear Pit
City Zoo
City Zoo
Broadbear Road
Laycock Grove
the Shalmer Building
Bockett Street
32 the Kempson Building
the Elephant House
City Zoo
City Zoo
the Giraffe House
City Zoo
Gunson Row
Silcock Row
Jarrom Street
Fishwick Way
33 Boniface Drive
City Zoo
City Zoo
the Aquarium
City Zoo
City Zoo
St. Matthias's Church
Bethell Square
the Salisbury Motel
St. Joachim's Church
34 Edgcumbe Street
Getsom Drive Fire Station
Edson Bank
a warehouse
Banbury Square
the Telfer Building
Stalling Street
Pridham Avenue
Bindon Lane
35 Heckworthy Auto Repair
a junkyard
Rawling Boulevard
a factory
the Trick Museum
the Russell Building
Riddell Way Fire Station
Mickleburgh Way School
a carpark
36 the Hepton Motel
Darch Square
the Bater Arms
Cowan Street
a junkyard
the Horder Motel
Chafey Walk
St. Eusebius's Hospital
Feathers Lane
the Kirkby Building
37 Blunt Boulevard Railway Station
Pine Walk
Mulock Drive Railway Station
Club Lazenbury
Catcott Auto Repair
Burlton Bank
Heddington Alley
Club Mothersele
Breay Avenue
Riddick Boulevard
38 Thick Plaza
Gyls Walk School
Budden Avenue
Doutch Towers
Huggins Towers
Keedwell Grove
a carpark
St. Jude's Church
Arscott Road Fire Station
39 Eaton Avenue
a junkyard
a warehouse
Carroll Bank
Hayes Street
Petheram Boulevard
Coaker Square
a carpark
the Keeffe Building
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points
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