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The Pescodside Defense Alliance has a daily/weekly Necrotech Scan system Founded by Lemonhead7t7. He put Ottari, a highly renown member of the PDA in charge of it, and now at least once a week (sometimes month) a scan and status update is posted here for the public.

The Inman Building:

Necrotech Scan:


Status Report: Zeds continue their strange northward migration, opting to travel in slightly larger groups this week. Still, no break-ins have been reported in the eastern end of Pescodside and, other than the occasional flare lighting up the night sky, a hush has fallen over the suburb. Report posted at 12:01 AM EST on June 1st, 2007. -Ottari

The Clewett Building:

Necrotech Scan:


Status Report: Zeds continue to skirt the range of the Clewett Building, opting to traverse Pescodside close to the eastern border of Malton. Activity in Rolt Heights remains low, and the Clewett Building is well-occupied and ready to repel any zeds. Report posted at 12:01 AM EST on June 1st, 2007 -Ottari

The Waish Building

Necrotech Scan:


Status Report: Numbers of active zeds still seem to be conspicuously low along the Dulston border. Intel gathered in a brief survey of the 4X4 block encompassing Treweeke Mall and its surrounding area showed some 77 dead bodies. The possibility of a mass revival lingers. For now, Dulston residents can only wait, watch, and reload their shotguns. Report posted at 12:01 AM EST on June 1st, 2007. -Ottari

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