The Hinckesman Building

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The Hinckesman Building
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the Hinckesman Building

Foulkes Village [9, 84]

Naisbitt Library the Barnefield Monument St. Maximillian's Church
Holdoway Drive the Hinckesman Building the Rees Building
a warehouse the Burdett Building the Hobby Building

Basic Info:

The Hinckesman Building


A small concrete building with crosses of tape over its windows.


The Hinckesman Building was owned by an insurance company before the zombie outbreak. They were often criticised because of their high premiums, and a few days after the outbreak the building was subject to an arson attack by a disgruntled customer whose policy had not covered losses or damage caused by zombie apocalypse. 12 people died in the attack: 9 customers, 2 employees and the arsonist, who got a bit too close to the flames and was burnt to a crisp. The similarities to the fire at the Dadson Building have led many to link the two.

The building was partially rebuilt by survivors to increase its security because the building's integrity was compromised by the fire. However, zombies in the area often stop by in the hope of tasting the famous char-grilled flavour of Hinckesman safehouse occupants.

Barricade Policy

Current Status

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