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I have returned!

Tremble in fear zeds, for Alice has returned to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and guess what I'm all out of...

Northeast Corner stuff

Earletown Rhodenbank Dulston
Pashenton Rolt Heights Pescodside
Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
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Danger Level Danger Center Neighborhoods Territories

Most Wanted Zergs

Group Culture

Zerg.jpg Neighborhood Zerg Watch
This user supports the
Neighborhood Zerg Watch

Zerg Graveyard

God-is-dead.png Kevan is Dead
This user acknowledges that Kevan is dead and that the rules no longer apply.


Joined: 2010-02-11 07:26:24
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Active
Character group: The Burchell Arms Regulars
Character stats: Level 22

Joined: 2011-08-28 21:57:27
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: Eyeglasses
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Retired.
Character group:
Character stats: Level 11

Joined: 2011-04-02 03:09:03
Character class: Corpse
Favorite equipment:
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Retired.
Character group:
Character stats: Level 4

important news

The Burchell Arms Regulars

I have joined the BAR!

Rhodes Renegades

Might be joining the renegades soon once they get done with all their talking and voting or whatever and let me know what is up.

Big Coffin Hunters (retired)

i was member of this great group and all trembled before our mighty numbers...all 2 or 3 of us. well we pounded the dulston alliance into submission anyway...ok not so hard...but whatevar. :P

Zerg Hunting

For now im dedicated to hunting the zergs around Dulston, Pescodside, Rolt Heights and Rhodenbank.

Yonnua Koponen is an evil man

and you guys are clowns for making him a sysop around here.

the time i kicked NOOberts ass

was awesome. but i forgive him for his crimes and now we can be friends. if he ever dares to come home after the asswhupping i put on him. its ok noobman, come on home.

N00bert's Return

it seems that n00bert has returned and now we might get married.

things that suck

trying to run a zombie for the first time and logging in every day and finding ive been revived. srsly,wtf. its worse than headshot cuz i have to spend 20 AP to stand up twice +lots of AP to find and jump off a building. i dont even know why zombies play this game. they must be like masochists or something.

things that suck 2

zergs. really they are the lowest scum. not just because they cheat tho. before i hunted zergs i had never been text raped once. since i started hunting them, its like just another part of the day to be text raped. they really get butthurt over being uncovered i guess. srsly, kevan needs to step up and do something about them. and its like you get no help from the locals with these things. they will hate an honest PKer with a passion but zergs just get a pass from like almost everyone. nobody wants to get text raped/blatantly zerg rushed in revenge daily by some dude living in his mommys basement that has nothing to do but run hundreds of zergs in between bouts of beating off and crying into their cheetos i guess. wot a bunch of wimps. really you people that complain about zergs on the "other side" but don't do anything about the ones on "your side" have no room to say anything. zergs are the only thing worth really hating in this game ok. its time to like stand up and confront them. all zergs not just the ones that are your "enemy".