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im just your freindly neighborhood zombie...

ohhh...dotted lines...mmmm...



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my myspace

Must Get Revenge On These Guys!

MetalCharms attacked you for 2 damage. (3 days ago) ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again.

About my characters

I have 7 accounts on Urban dead

  1. amanofpower - Level 3 Medic Darvall Heights
  2. aratonstilts - Level 2 Medic Darvall Heights
  3. 19081l - Level 1 Civilian Darvall Heights
  4. ratonstilts - Level 7 Zombie Darvall Heights
  5. a ratonstilts - Level 4 Scientist Darvall Heights
  6. a rat on stilts - Level 5 Scientist Buttonville (staying here for now)
  7. a man of power - Level 4 Scientist Darvall Heights

only few of these guys survive at the time...


Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
This user has signed the Coalition for Fair Tactics Player Pledge.
Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.
McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

GangstaRapVader.gif Gangsta Rap
This user is correct that it's not the East or the West side, North or the South side, but the Dark Side.
yay Project Welcome!
Killerwhale.jpg Killer Whales
This user thinks killer whales are better than dolphins, and would totally be a killer whale, but with wings and missiles and shit.

WikiPatrol.png Project Wiki Patrol Member
Dedicated to maintaining the wiki.
ConfederateFlag.jpg Southern Pride
This user is from the South, and is probably a homophobic redneck.
Earth.jpg Where is Malton?
Amanofpower thinks that Malton is in uranis.

Spartacus.jpg I'm Spartacus
This user claims to be Spartacus.
Proud Member
Pwlogo.png Project Welcome Member
This user is a proud member of Project Welcome.
Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.

800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
This user is American.
Clonearmy.JPG Attack of the Clones
Attack of the Dupe Clones!
Cry.PNG Jesus Cries
This User hates bad Suggestions that make Jesus cry.

Emot-bandwagon.gif Templates make FUNFUN!
This user thinks that templates are a fun and exciting way to express your opinion!

Kenny.gif The PKers got Kenny!
Oh my God! You killed Kenny! You bastard!
Sinclair logo.gif Sinclair Affiliation
This group is affiliated with The Sinclair Corparation.
You are encouraged to also Affiliate.

Stop Terrorists.gif Stop the Terrorists
This user will attempt to screw with terrorist plans and fail most of the time.
Pluto.jpg 8/24 - NEVAR FORGET!
This user or group remembers Pluto.
amanofpower thinks that masterjabbok is the Antichrist.

God.jpg Worship God!
This user believes God is amazing and that everyone should worship Him.
Dew.gif Mountain Dew
This user kinda likes to drink Mountain Dew and got pwnd by a Mountain Dew can.
ToiletRoll.jpg A.S.S. Cleaner
This user or group supports the use of stupid templates for sanitary purposes.

BanStick.jpg Ban Stick
This user WILL report you to Vandal Banning.
Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.
Mamamia.jpg Mama Mia! Mama Mia!
This user finds thunderbolts and
 lightning very, very frightening.
Error.png Speedy Delete It
This user likes to delete junk without all that pesky democracy getting in his way.

Kittens.jpg Stupid Suggestions!
Whenever you make a stupid Suggestion, God kills a kitten. Stop killing kittens.

Pie.jpg Piebtration
This user believes that pie duels can solve most problems in life.
Angry banana.jpg Mad Banana
This banana is ANGRY!
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

ASS-logo-draft-1.png ASSault Supporter
This user or group supports ASS's current ASSault.
Burnthewitch.jpg Burn Her! She's a Witch!
This user is on a witch hunt and will burn any witch they find.
This user is a Christian.

BananaBearHead.jpg Fucking Pwnage!
God bless the Banana Bear and his mased potato-damaged keyboard.

Toenail.jpg Toenail
If my toenails smelled like peanut butter I'd shave them.
Goodtobetheking.jpg It's Good to be the King
This user thinks it's good to be the King.
Newt.gif How do you know she is a witch?
This user was turned into a Newt...
This user believes that any

Suggestion involving fire should

have Buddhist Monks on Fire.

SnakeisDead.jpg SNAKE IS DEAD
Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

Mariopimp.jpg Mario the Pimp
This user believes chicks dig plumbers who do Shrooms.
This user or group supports the vendetta against the stupid suggestions on the Suggestions Page. Everytime one of them is posted we will Spam it into oblivion. Victory will be ours, and with it, Pie!

Spanish.jpg Spanish
This user is Spanish.

The Ridleybank Resistance Front
RRF Wiki HomeRRF Discord Server
Department of Homeland SecurityAuxunit 10
Gore CorpsTeam AmericaThe Constables
The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the idiots giving a free meal to the undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, they will march on the choked heart of Malton and be slaughtered mercilessly. Death will be theirs, and with it, humiliation!
Llama.JPG Drama Llama
The Llama is watching you.
Know what you are talking about.
Malton Citizens Broadcast
This user or group follows the
Radio Transmission Conduct Protocol
Hypnotoad-1.gif Hypnotoad
All glory to the Hypnotoad!
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