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Gabriel Holding
Joined: 2007-11-12 14:50:30
Character Details: Civilian, UD Profile
Occupation: Discussing early Russian literature
at the Quartly Library
Favourite Equipment: lots of guns
Favourite Weapon: several pistols
Current Status: Alive
Location: Roftwood
Current Level: Level 23
Deaths: unknown, but quite a few
Group: Quartly Study Group
Journal: None
Currently reading: Gavrila Derzhavin. Out loud.
Last Edit: 20080220123249

Gabriel Holding

A member of QSG, Gabriel Holding (starting to be known as Gabe) was initially a free-wheeling, axe-wielding zombie killer travelling in random directions. He lived through a period of being an The Opportunists, though, ironically, only died once and was quickly revived by a passer-by. He then found himself at the Blackmore Building, taking part in its defence, and shambled into Roftwood, where he was revived and promptly joined the Librarians. Tends to carry around lots and lots of guns.

The full meaning of the name is only apparent to speakers of Russian.

Character Description

May or may not look like a Russian eighteenth-century poet. His love of books old and, grudgingly, new led to his joining the QSG in an effort to find and restore to their rightful place as many as possible.

Wearing: a blood-flecked museum staff peaked cap, a black tie, a white long-sleeved shirt, a grey jacket, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of tan boots


Dungeonmasterguide.jpg Quartly Study Group
L i b r a r i a n
Crayon children.jpg The Great Bookstore Rescue
With the help of the The Zodiacs, this Librarian rescued the ruined bookstores of Roftwood from the illiterate undead twice in one week

January 29th to February 3rd of 2008

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