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Abbreviation FX
Group Philosophe Knights
Name Foxlion
Goals To be a Sword for Knowledge
Recruitment Visit the forums
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Rank Philosophe

  • Date of Birth: Summer 1991
  • Place of Birth: Munich, Germany
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: Tall enough to reach the top shelf
  • Complexion: Unknown, face always hidden under a mask
  • Weight: Light enough to play capoeira
  • Gender: Y chromosome
  • Build: Wiry
  • Race: A global citizen
  • Remarks: Witnesses report FX is often heard laughing under the mask. When asked how he can laugh at the current life in Malton, he usually answers, "If I didn't laugh at the absurdity, I'd have to cry."

"I am that gadfly which God has attached to the state, and all day long …arousing and persuading and reproaching…You will not easily find another like me.-- Socrates"

The Past

Foxlion, a mercenary with an unknown background, entered Malton in late August 2012. Due to decisions made in his former life, he had been given a choice to die, go into exile in the wilds of Alaska, or permanently enter the quarantined Malton. Unwilling to die, and preferring a place with human company to one without, he voluntarily entered the city, hoping to find a new world, a place where a solider could live without government's abuse, a place where people were free to live their own lives. He was prepared to give up the comforts of 'modern' life, and live the dangerous game, as long as he had freedom.

Instead, he found Malton was far from a free new world, or even an anarchic hell, as he had expected. It was an extension of the world he had left- just even more savage, cruel and degenerate. Politics, deception, coalitions, police, lists of 'terrorists' to be executed, mob justice, ignorance- all the poisons he had fled from, still existed. And outside zombies waited, feeding on the weak everyday.

Foxlion tried to help the human cause by shooting zombies, but it was a useless approach. Re-death did not stop the zombies, and his attempts to help suburbs under siege only led to his own death. While waiting for a revive, he was often neglected for days by survivors who did not stop to help, or even headshot by ignorants.

Frustrated by the ignorant approach of the survivors, so ineffective to his trained eyes, Foxlion bloodied his hands for the first time with the blood of the people who had lured him into joining Blackmore 2012, then abandoned the field to pointless defeat. During those activities , he met several people labelled 'PKers' by the general populace and realized they were usually far more reasonable, intelligent and agreeable, and had a sense of humor, while so many survivors do not.

After November, Foxlion tried the peaceful approach again, but became embroiled in the fierce local war between The Spanish Inquisition and JRC, before leaving the area and roaming further north.

The Future

Tired of shooting pointlessly, tired of being killed, Foxlion came to the northern border of Malton. Looking hopelessly at the walls of Malton, his prison, Fox contemplated death, though he knew it was no escape, but only a temporary lapse into mindless hunger. Suddenly he became aware of voices talking about philosophy, and what the meaning of knowledge was. Suspicious such educated minds could exist in the city, he pulled out his pistol and approached the lit mansion.

Climbing over the barricades, he was surprised to find a place un-looted by zombies and rogue survivors, a haven filled with books, art from a better time, and culture. They even had tea. But behind the beauty, the logical thinking, they were the most efficient group he had yet seen. Impressed, Foxlion made his presence and wish to join them known.

In the mansion of the Philosophe Knights, Foxlion met like-minded people, who shared his feelings and hatred of ignorance, his interests, and his goal to make Malton better. That night, Foxlion donned the white mask of the Knights, took the name FX and never looked back.

His future is unknown, but will be in good company, and always for the pursuit of knowledge.

Books.jpg Centers Of Learning Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Centers of Learning Policy & acknowledges that all libraries, schools, zoos, and museums in the city of Malton are considered safe places. No survivor in one of these locations may be killed for any reason unless that survivor is a specified enemy of this user or group.

APP1.jpg Artifact Protection Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Artifact Protection Policy, acknowledging that the looting of museums is strictly prohibited. This user or group will do what they can to prevent museum theft in order to preserve Malton's cultural and intellectual integrity.

Fine Arts1.jpg Fine Art of Malton Supporter
This user or group supports the Fine Art of Malton movement & acknowledges that all museums are PK ceasefire zones, heal points, and are to be a barricading priority.

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