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Vinetown Scout

Vinetown Scout

"Hold the Front Page!"



Ross Johnson background is in the army. A former long distance runner, he was assigned a pathfinder role within his regiment. He had a natural gift for map reading and an unnatural gift for spotting trouble.

Johnson soon tired of the army regime and handed in his commission. Back in Malton he became a local celebrity and head of the Vinetown Fun Runners.

Always on the move, he is easily recognised by his distinctive green trainers, passing information from group to group, and looking for that story to warm the heart of the masses.

Spotlight.JPG The Daily Spotlight
For all your news needs.

Currently wandering around the southeast of Malton, looking for stories to impress his new editor. His pockets are full of pencils and a large tube on his back contains maps and spare paper.

The Daily Spotlight/Penny_Heights_Breathes_Again.

News in brief

Top News from the city of Malton
 B   B   C 
Column The End Of Forks, From the Other Side, by Jack Ebbutt
Column Santa Shot Down, From the Other Side, by Jack Ebbutt
Column A New Infestation, From the Other Side, by Jack Ebbutt
Column Protesters Protesting, From the Other Side, by Jack Ebbutt
News/Story the testimonial of the last man alive at the fall of fort creedy, Edited by Harvey Levin
News/Interview A short interview with Alpharius of the Gibsonton Nationals, By Les Nessman
News/Story The Day the Love Died...Wedding crashed in Brooke Hills, from the associated press
More news from the BBC

Game Notes

An ALT originally created to survey Northern Vinetown, so I could update the location blocks.

He is now a junior reporter for The Daily Spotlight.

As a level 11 character he almost won a Manhunt.

And as a level 14 character he came third in another Manhunt.

His favourite movie is The Life Aquatic by Steve Zizou.

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