Elson Phone Mast Building Caretakers

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A Human Group operating in The Elson Building in Quarlesbank (25,3)

Elson Phone Mast Building Caretakers
Abbreviation: Elson phone mast bldg caretakers
Group Numbers: Currently 14
Leadership: No chain of command, everyone is Equal
Goals: To protect and maintain the Elson Phone Mast Building
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Caretaker's Forum

Basic Information

The Elson Building Caretakers are a group of survivors who maintain the Elson Building (25,3) and keep it at constant EHB to maintain the local mobile phone network. To support this effort, the Caretakers have expanded their area of operation to include the Elson Environs - a total of six buildings and a cemetary in the Elson area. These locations are:

Because this area may be larger than the small group of caretakers can handle when times get tough, the buildings are placed in the order that the caretakers will use to prioritize support. As the group grows, so will support.

Note also that the Caretakers will lend a hand to all within the surrounding area. Thus, while The Milnerr Building is outside our support area, we never the less provide barricading and electrical services whenever possible.

Membership Information

If you choose to become a member of the Elson phone mast bldg caretakers then it is highly recommended that you have the 'free running' skill as the building is always at EHB.

However any members wishing to join do not have to be a certain level, the caretakers accept people from all walks of life, be it scout, medic, cop or even the daily shopper! If you are new to the game and learning the ropes then please don't feel afraid to ask for any help, collectively the caretakers have spent over 8 years in Quarlesbank and plenty more in the game itself so we know our way around and can give you any help you need. If you're a higher level then just come on in! We'll give you a quick tour of our area and introduce you to everyone in the building.

As of september we have our own forum! - http://elsoncaretakers.proboards50.com/index.cgi - So please feel free to drop by and ask us any questions you want!

Alternatively you can come down to the building personally and introduce yourself there to everyone. Overall joining the caretakers ia great way to gain XP fast and have security and a good time while doing so, join today!


As part of any group there are expectations to be had of you! These are the basic ones which should keep The Elson Building a nice place to live in for everyone, caretaker or not!

  • Show membership by using "Elson phone mast bldg caretakers" in Group area of profile
  • As an active member you will protect the Elson Building - keep the barricades up, a generator in place and fueled.
  • You will watch out for any suspicious behavoir from any other people inside the building
  • You will occasionally go and revive zombies outside, unless been told not to by another member of the group
    • The cemetary directly north of Elson is an active revive point. Although the caretakers are not directly responsible for that revive point, we do assist in the revives there.
  • We request you also place a link to the forum in your profile for people to see.(http://elsoncaretakers.proboards50.com/index.cgi)


If anyone is interested in having the Caretakers as a group ally please contact the Caretaker's Forum and post a message on the general area. All group's applications will be looked at and futher contact will be made.

Local Area

With local sources of ammo, fuel and syinges nearby this is an excellent place for anyone who wants to join in protecting and/or healing in the local 9 block as well as maintaining the tower.

There are further buildings surrounding the area of the Elson Building, this link will direct you to a picture showing these buildings in Quarlesbank

Suburb Map of Quarlesbank

The Elson Building

Quarlesbank [25,3]

St. Alberic's Church a cemtery Augarde Street Police Department
Club Furnell The Elson Building Summers Towers
Mare Way Weaver Auto Repair Gulledge Walk

Basic Info:

Pay it forward

This group supports the idea of "paying int forward" (check out Pay It Forward). In other words when we stand up from a revive, we will try to revive at least one other person waiting in the revive queue. This allows a single revive to ripple through the queue, greatly increasing the numbers of revives that can be performed and reducing the time to wait for a revive.

In addition, we encourage all low-level characters to carry lots of FAKS. First aid kits are the fastest way for a low-level character to gain XP. We encourage supporting low-level characters by asking for FAKS and reporting seriously injured characters to anyone who does not have Diagnosis. On the other hand, we do not want infections running through an area - everyone should always carry at least 2 FAKS to help cure an infection if they get one. Sid1138 19:04, 29 May 2008 (BST)

Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward Supporter
This User or Group Pays It Forward.
Get a revive, give a revive.

Recent News/Major Events

When updating, don't forget to sign your posts!

News older than 2 months should go here.


May 22nd

Elson and the surrounding area has finally been taken back by survivors and is recovering its former glory. The lights are turning on, the zombie menance is under control and we have had a chance to regroup. Next comes cleaning up the area and recruiting people to the cause of caring for Elson and the surrounding blocks.

So far, the end of spring is looking better than the beginning. -- Sid1138 04:23, 23 May 2008 (BST)

March 24th

Some say March comes in like a lion. I say March comes in like a zombie. March was a difficult month for the Caretakers, but the end of the month is looking better. We have recovered Elson and the surrounding areas of interest. Elson is currently powered and there is no one at the revive point.

The question is -how long can these quiet times last? -- Sid1138

February 13th

Unfortunately MoB took over the building during their raid of Quarlesbank, currently the caretakers are regrouping and preparing to take the building back while re-populating the suburb. Anyone wishing to help is advised to sign up and join in the fun! Acoustic Pie 19:56, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

February 23rd

The Building is back in the caretaker's hands! Hurray, but Extinction seem as though they are going to be determined to take back the suburb as their 'cornerstone' of the Extinction zone. The caretakers are not willing to see this happen and will do everything in their power to stop it. For now though, humans are in control. Acoustic Pie 17:05, 23 February 2008 (UTC)