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PT-BR: Itens Úteis


Locations: Mall Sports Stores, Armouries, Stadiums, Unknown (not yet compiled %)
Encumbrance: 4%

Binoculars were added to Urban Dead on August 28th 2006 for use from tall buildings. They are found in mall sports stores and forts. When they are used in tall buildings, they can be used to look in eight directions; N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW, providing an "outdoor" view of 9 locations (a 3x3 square) in that direction, including a count of the outdoor zombies and survivors and power/ruin status of any displayed buildings. The view does not include your current location; it is centered two squares away in the selected direction. Clicking on a location in the binoculars' field of view does nothing.

If the building you are in is not tall, there is no direction selector and clicking the action button responds: "This building isn't tall enough for a good vantage point." This wastes an AP.

Binoculars can be used from inside:

On Oct. 31, 2006, and Oct. 31, 2007 (Halloween) fog covered the suburbs, in both cases, rendering binoculars useless until the fog lifted the next day. Should the fog be used again ingame, the effect on binoculars is likely to be the same.

Binoc outside.PNG
On July 3rd, 2009, binoculars are able to be used outside. At a cost of 1 AP you are able to scan a 7x7 grid around you (squares right next to you excluded). A prompt will let you know the condition of nearby landmarks (Hospitals, Churches, Malls, Tall Monuments and Forts). You will be told if it is lit, and if it is ruined. You will also be given its location, ex. 3 blocks east and 1 block north.

DNA Extractor

Locations: NecroTech Buildings (6%) Note: This is a variable drop rate, based on population ratios. The drop rate increases when the survivor populations plummets, and the drop rate decreases when the survivor population explodes.
Encumbrance: 4%

Using a DNA extractor on a zombie will give you the affected zombie's name, a profile link and checks for brain rot. If you are carrying a revivification syringe, an option to revive the selected zombie is included. This item requires NecroTech Employment to use, but gives 4 XP for each successful use and adds the coordinates of the extracted zombie to the NecroNet. DNA Extractors have an unlimited number of uses.

Using a DNA extractor on a non-zombie wastes an AP, and displays the following message: NecroTech need DNA samples from the dead, not the living.

Once a zombie has been tagged with an Extractor, it may not be tagged again until it makes an action — information about the zombie is shown to the NT employee, but there is no XP gain from the extraction. Once all zombies in a block are tagged, only the one on top of the "stack" can be DNA extracted, repeated attempts only result in the information from the top zombie being accessed. Only tagged zombies show up on the NecroNet map.

Brain Rot's scan difficulty has reset after the brief change in DNA Extractor use, but it still automatically informs the user if all zombies in a group have been scanned upon scanning the first zombie.

Repeated extraction attempts on zombies in a stack move down the stack with each attempt. However, if the attempted Zombie is rotted and the scan is unsuccessful, it may take multiple extraction attempts on the rotted Zombie before one is successful (from 1 to 5 or more attempts). After a successful scan of a rotted Zombie, subsequent scans will proceed down the stack.

If the scanned zombie has brain rot, the following warning is shown after the zombie's specifics: Warning: Cortex damaged. Do not attempt to revive.

First Aid Kit

Locations: Mall Drugstores (?%/?%), Hospitals (14%), Churches (5%), Infirmaries (?%) Note: This is a variable drop rate, based on population ratios. The drop rate increases when the survivor populations plummets, and the drop rate decreases when the survivor population explodes.
Encumbrance: 2%
Colloquialisms/Abbreviations: FAK

A First Aid Kit will restore 5 HP to any character (human or zombie), 10 HP if you possess the First Aid skill, and 15 if you have the Surgery skill and heal the player/yourself in a powered hospital or infirmary. This is a single use item.

The act of healing another character earns you 5 XP regardless of the number of HP gained or whether you use it on a survivor or a zombie. Self-healing doesn't earn XP. A First Aid Kit will also cure an infection from an Infectious Bite. It costs one AP if you try to heal someone with full health, but you won't lose your First Aid Kit or gain XP. Using a First Aid Kit to cure infection (i.e. on an infected zombie with full health, prior to its revivification) gives no XP, but uses the First Aid Kit and 1 AP.

The item interface has a drop-down list consisting of Target Codes. Note that while given the option, a First Aid Kit used on objects like a Christmas tree or Christmas lights doesn't work, takes 1 AP without removing the item from your inventory and gives the message: That doesn't seem to work. If there are no other players in your location, the drop-down list isn't displayed and the default target of healing will be yourself.

First Aid Kits are often referred to as FAKs by players. As such, phrases which can be commonly heard include:

  • "Come over to X and FAK me."
  • "I need a good FAKking."
  • "Anybody in here need a FAK?"
  • "I haven't been FAKed in so long..."
  • "We give a FAK."
  • "FAK me, I'm infected!"
  • "Go FAK yourself."

NOTE: with the October 14th update, the search rates for First Aid Kits have been greatly changed. Although exact rates are still unknown, it is proven that Hospitals are now the best place to search for FAK's. Even an unlit hospital has yielded FAK's with a greater rate than a lit mall. Anyone with more specific information please feel free to update.

Flak Jacket

Flak jacket.png
Locations: Armouries (2%), Police Stations (2%), Junkyards (1%?)
Encumbrance: 2%

Grants a 20 percent damage reduction against attacks that deal 5 damage or more (for example, a Pistol shot will do only 4 damage instead of 5, but an axe swing will be unaffected, doing 3 damage). Having a Flak Jacket in your inventory automatically means that you are wearing it; no action is required to activate it. Clicking on a Flak Jacket will display the message "You are automatically wearing the flak jacket." and will cost you 1 AP.

As zombies cannot do more than 4 damage in one attack, Flak Jackets are only useful to survivors against PKers or if they become zombies. Zombies may wear and benefit from Flak Jackets, however, they may also unlock the Flesh Rot skill to acquire this same effect.

Wearing multiple Flak Jackets has no additional effect; having two or more in your inventory will not give any further damage reduction.

Flare Gun

Locations: Fire Stations (5%), Mall hardware stores (2%/3%), Armories (3%), Stadiums (2%), Police Departments (1%)
Encumbrance: 2%
Flare gun.png

If a flare is fired into the air by clicking on it in the inventory, all players within a 14-block radius will receive a message stating that a flare was fired from that location, in the form of: "A flare was fired X blocks (north/south) and Y blocks (east/west)."<(timestamp)>. This does not work inside a building, they can, however be seen from the inside of a building.

Note: See Flare Gun entry under Firearms for combat information.

Fuel Can

Fuel can.png
Locations: Auto Repair shops (4.3%/6.3%), Factories (2.4%/5.4%), Warehouses (~2%/~4%), carparks (2%?), Power Stations (2.1%/4.5%), Junkyards (1%?), Storehouses (>1%), Vehicle Depots (~2%), Streets (>1%)
Encumbrance: 10%

Used to run portable generators. One fuel can will run a generator for 120 hours. To refuel a generator, simply click the fuel can while inside a building with a generator. Fuel cans are single-use items. A generator can take fuel when there is according indication (It is running low on fuel, It only has a little fuel left or is out of fuel). Refueling generators takes 1 AP and grants no XP. Attempting to use a Fuel Can on a running generator without such indication will result in a message The generator's fuel tank is full. The Fuel Can is not used up, but you do waste an AP.

On 28th May 2008, an update allowed the use of a few household items as weapons, including fuel can. Its base accuracy is 10% (25% with Hand To Hand Combat skill) and it does 1 point of damage. So in fact it has the same effect as punching attack. The difference is, attacking with fuel might soak the target's clothing with fuel. After multiple attacks the can will be emptied and discarded. Shooting the fuel-soaked target with a flare gun will cause considerable damage. Attacking a barricade with a fuel can results in the message, "You clank the fuel can against the barricade" and will not deal any damage.

GPS Unit

Locations: Mall Tech Stores (9%/15%), NecroTech Buildings (6%) Note: This is a variable drop rate, based on population ratios. The drop rate increases when the survivor populations plummets, and the drop rate decreases when the survivor population explodes.
Encumbrance: 2%

The GPS Unit automatically displays the coordinates for your present location. Your location is displayed next to the item's name in this format: [XX, YY]. Clicking on a GPS unit displays this message: "The GPS unit is always on, and has no special functions." It will waste an AP.

The GPS Unit does not do anything else, but may be handy when in need of a revive, if you look at it before you stand up as a zombie.

Mobile Phone

LG 8120.png
Locations: Mall Tech Stores (9%/16%), Clubs (4%), Bars (1%), Junkyards (1%?)
Encumbrance: 2%

Mobile phones can be used to send text messages to other characters on your contact list as long as they have their own mobile phone, you are on their contact list, and the suburb you are in has an operating mobile phone mast. When you receive a message, your phone will beep and you will be notified who has sent it. If you are a zombie, however, your phone will beep but you will not be told who is trying to contact you. You can check your messages by clicking on mobile phone in the inventory, and send a message for 1 AP. Text messages can be up to 255 characters long. You can send messages to characters in out-of-service areas, but they won't be able to receive the messages until they enter a suburb with a functioning mast. Mobile Phones have unlimited uses and do not need to be charged.

Clicking on the mobile phone no longer uses an AP. However, sending a message still does.

See also: DSS Satellite Phone

NecroTech Revivification Syringe

Locations: NecroTech Buildings (12.4%*). Note: This is a variable drop rate, based on population ratios. The drop rate increases when the survivor population plummets, and the drop rate decreases when the survivor population increases.
Encumbrance: 2%

* search odds for syringes might be significantly different depending on survivor:zombie ratio stats

Used to revive a zombie. Reviving a zombie requires the Lab Experience skill, 10 AP, and earns 10 XP. Syringes are single-use items; they can be found in NecroTech buildings, or created for 20 AP in a powered NecroTech building through the use of the NecroNet Access skill. It is worth noting that characters without the Lab Experience skill can find syringes even though they cannot use them.

A revived zombie appears as a dead body to others, except players with the Scent Death skill, to which they appear under a separate count as smelling strange. The revived zombie stands up as a human with half of their normal HP. The character must stand up before performing any other action, usually at a cost of 10 AP, less with Ankle Grab.

A zombie with brain rot can only be revived by survivors with the NecroNet Access skill, and then only if inside a NecroTech building with a functioning power generator. Using a NecroTech Syringe on a Brain Rotted zombie, other than in a powered NecroTech building will use up the syringe but will not revive the zombie. It is possible to revive a zombie without Brain Rot occupying the same square as a Brain Rotted zombie, as multiple syringe uses or DNA extractions move down the zombie stack.

Using a syringe on yourself or another survivor results in a message that revivification only works on the recently dead; no AP is used in this case.

Since the update following the defeat of Mall Tour '06 during the second siege of Caiger Mall, syringes cost 10 AP to use, and zombies with scent trail are able to see the survivor's position, as the syringes now take longer to work.

Note: Formerly, syringes restored a zombie to survivor status with half of the HP he or she had as a zombie immediately prior to revival (rounded down). The ex-zombie was left standing, without any action necessary from the controlling player, leading to many re-deaths when inactive players were revived. The "Mark 1" was withdrawn for this reason; as of 2007 there were practically none left in Malton.

For flavor messages, see Revivification.

Portable Generator

Locations: Factories (2.4%/3.6%), Power Stations (?0%), Mall Hardware Stores(1%/2%), Storehouses (?%)
Encumbrance: 20%
Colloquialisms: "genny" (.pl: "gennies")
See also: Fuel Can


Other effects

  • The presence of a generator changes the external and internal descriptions of some building types (such as movie theatres and nightclubs) to indicate power is on.
  • A generator can be placed in a ruined building. It will operate normally if fuelled, but penalties to search rates for ruin still apply, albeit modified by the presence of the generator. A lit ruin appears lit, but still ruined from adjacent blocks; from directly outside the ruin, lighting affects the 3x3 map, indeed, the description will note that lights are on inside.
    • NecroNet Access actions, such as NecroNet scans, manufacture of syringes and revivification of Brain-Rotted zombies, are possible in ruined but powered NecroTech buildings.
  • The 28 May 2008 game update created dark buildings. If no generator is present in a potentially dark building type, several effects take place which can only be negated by the installation of a fuelled generator. Please refer to the article on dark buildings for more information.


  • The fact that a building has a working generator can be seen from outside by zombies. This is often a big clue that there is either a human presence inside or the building is actually a NecroTech Building. Some zombies will specifically target powered mobile phone masts. Either way, zombie hordes may find any building with the lights on to be worth a smash and search so be careful!
  • Since the 31/10/06 change, buildings with lights on appear yellow on the 3x3 map; not just when a zombie is outside the building.
  • Due to generators and fuel cans taking up a lot of encumbrance, it is generally very difficult for a well-equipped survivor to stockpile them, meaning they usually have to search for them on demand to power more than one building if they wish to.


When used inside a building, a generator is removed from your inventory and placed at your current location ("You hook the generator up."). This costs 1 AP. After the 6 March 2007 game update, the nearest 50 people can see who is setting it up ("Player installed a generator in the building.") A generator must be filled with fuel before it starts running. Fueling a generator costs 1 AP. Each fuel can will power a generator for 120 hours. Neither installing nor fueling a generator grants XP.

The internal description of a building with a generator will include an appropriate message. Whether or not a generator is fuelled (and therefore functioning) is indicated as well. When a generator starts running out of fuel, these messages are displayed: first, "A portable generator has been set up here. It is running low on fuel", which later changes to "It only has a little fuel left."

Buildings with lights on appear yellow on the 3x3 minimap (unless the building is ruined, in which case it appears dark grey) and the description of the exterior of a building in which there is a running generator will include a message mentioning that lights are on inside.

Destruction & Repair

Generators can be attacked by both zombies and survivors. Survivors can use melee weapons or firearms to attack a generator (such players are known as GKers); zombies can use either hand and bite attacks. Normal attack percentages apply for melee weapons and hand attacks.

When you attack a portable generator, you will see the message: 'You smash at the generator.' If the generator is successfully damaged, the message 'You smash at the generator, damaging it.' will appear. (The message 'It falters for a moment' does not indicate damage, similar to the 'creaking' message when attacking barricades.) Attacks degrade generators from undamaged to 'dented', 'battered', 'damaged', 'badly damaged', and destroyed. If you attack a portable generator with a beer or wine bottle you will get the message "You pour a bottle of beer into the generator. The generator whines and slows down slightly."(That message does not indicate damage.), or "You pour a bottle of beer into the generator, damaging it. It falters for a moment." the latter indicates damage. Attacking a portable generator with a beer or wine bottle has a 100% hit rate, although it does not guarantee damage(hence the message above.).

Once destroyed, the generator effectively ceases to exist: it is removed from the room description, and the 'lights inside' message is removed from the exterior description.

Upon destruction a message is created to be seen by other survivors in the building. This message states 'Player X destroyed the generator'.

A generator that runs out of fuel is not destroyed. The 'lights inside' message is removed from the exterior description, and the interior description will include the message, 'A portable generator has been set up here. It is out of fuel.'

Destroying a generator grants 5 XP to the destroyer, but only if they are undead.

Generators can be repaired by any survivor who has the Construction skill and is carrying a toolbox. It requires 1 AP to completely repair all damage to a generator. 1 XP is gained for this action.


Locations: Mall Tech Store (2%), Police Departments (2%), Fire Departments (3%)
Encumbrance: 4%

A portable radio that receives messages, whether living or dead, on a tuned frequency between 25.90 and 29.00 MHz. Since it can only receive, it is more properly called a Radio Receiver. It is possible to carry multiple receivers to listen on multiple frequencies.

Retuning a portable radio is done when alive and consumes 1 AP. While dead, portable radios can't be retuned, so revivifying is necessary to retune them.

If a portable radio is retuned to a frequency where one or more transmitters are active, a message "The static hisses to a clear silence" is seen. If no transmitters are active on the frequency, "The radio begins to hiss static" is seen instead. These status messages are only seen on retuning. Transmitters that are setup, retuned, destroyed or running out of power are not displayed.

Radio Transmitter

Locations: Mall Tech Store (8%), Fort Storehouses (?%)
Encumbrance: 20%

A radio transmitter can be set up in a powered building to provide broadcasts to portable radios and other radio transmitters. Broadcasts can be up to 50 characters long, including spaces.

Since it both receives and transmits, it is more properly called a Radio Transceiver.

Similar to generators, transmitters can be attacked, damaged and destroyed. They can also be repaired, identically to how a generator is repaired. Upon destruction, a message is created to be seen by other survivors in the building (Player destroyed the Radio Transmitter). Destroying a Radio Transmitter grants 5 XP to zombies, but not survivors.

Spray Can

Spray can.png
Locations: Mall Hardware stores; Schools; Junkyards; Auto Repair shops (L 7.1%); Storehouses; Vehicle Depots
Encumbrance: 2%

Typically 1-3 uses only. Spray cans allow you to leave messages in your current location for all other characters (human and zombie) to read. This costs 1 AP (except for billboards, where it costs 10 AP and always finishes the can). They generally read Somebody has sprayed...onto a wall but there are other possibilities, depending on the building (for example Movie Theatres).

With the Tagging skill, you can earn 2 XP for vandalizing (i.e., tagging from outside) Armories, Monuments and Police Departments, and 1 XP for Banks, Mansions, Power Stations and Schools. The cans will also last longer, sometimes up to 15 sprays or even more.

Attempting to write profanity causes the spray can to hiss and run out before writing anything. Attempting to respray the same message that is already sprayed on a surface will give no XP, while using one AP. If you spray new graffiti in a location you just sprayed, your message says You improve your work instead of You spray <text> here and gives no XP.

Spraying with the text field blank does nothing. However, spraying a space (' ') causes you to 'spray a blank rectangle' and erase the current tag from the wall. The Somebody has spraypainted ... onto a wall message is removed until the location is tagged again.

When spraying graffiti, don't click on the can in your inventory: it won't work, and you will waste an AP. In the actions above that, however, there will be a text box with a button containing the word Graffiti; use that text box to write your spray, then push the button to spray it.

Spraying graffiti in the dark still writes the message onto the wall, however it will not be seen by other players until power is restored in the building.

Messages can be no longer than 50 characters, including spaces.


Locations: Mall Hardware Stores, Auto Repair Shops, Factories, Fort Vehicle Depot, Fort Storehouse, Power Station
Encumbrance: 16%

Toolboxes were added to Urban Dead on August 14th 2007, along with the introduction of Ruins. They can be used by survivors with the construction skill to repair damaged generators and radio transmitters which requires 1 AP, gives 1 XP and doesn't use up the toolbox. A toolbox is also required to rebuild a ruined building which may cost more than 1 AP, depending on how long the building has been ruined.

Players should be well aware of the heavy 16% Encumbrance of the toolbox.

On 28th May 2008, an update allowed the use of a few household items as weapons, including toolbox. Its base accuracy is 10% (25% with Hand To Hand Combat skill) and it does 2 point of damage - the same as most makeshift weapons such as baseball bat and ski pole.

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