Pikes Towers

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Pikes Towers
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Pikes Towers

East Becktown [22,31]

Sharland Walk Sergeant Street The Kening Building
The Preston Arms Pikes Towers Willcocks Grove
Coymer Square a warehouse The Fish Building

Basic Info:

  • Multi-story housing blocks. Windows can be jumped from to turn a character into a zombie.
  • Towers have no internal descriptions. Some towers, like Lerwill Towers in Greentown, have mobile phone masts mounted on them.

Hidden behind an unassuming grey-stone entryway with a collapsed roof, two elegant blue steel-and-glass spires rise high over north Becktown.

From the smashed-out windows of the seventeenth floor, it is possible to look down upon the carnage outside Caiger Mall. Bloodspattered cobbles directly below you smearing out toward The Kinsman Monument testify to the survivors who have chosen to join the shambling undead by departing through these very same windows -- driven by loneliness, grief, or simple insanity.

Dutiful janitors (and desperate survivors) have long since scoured the interior of Pikes Towers clean of any useful supplies. Nonetheless, these towers remain tactically significant in the ongoing struggle against the zombies.

Pikes Towers are located at (22, 31) in East Becktown. To free run from Pikes Towers to Caiger Mall, travelers should journey NE-NW-NW-W. Pikes Towers is also a key entryway for NecroTech scientists, providing easy access to The Latrobe Building (3 NE-NW-NW), The Kening Building (1 NE), The Sugg Building (2 SE-E), as well as three other NecroTech buildings in five steps (The Sweeney Building, The Herman Building, and The Daubeney Building).

AquaBarricade.jpg Barricading policy

Pikes Towers is to be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times.
If you're looking for an entry point and don't want to waste any AP, take a look at the East Becktown Barricade Plan.
If you're looking for nearby Revive Points, take a look at the list.
Note:This advice is according to the local barricading plan, and may vary from the UBP or locally developped plans.
For more info on barricade plans, click here or take a look at this location's suburb page.


On Feb 27, 2006, the People's Liberation of East Becktown declared Pikes Towers to be a Wide Open Entryway for Caiger Mall. Pikes Towers provides free running access to Caiger Mall, The Latrobe Building, The Sugg Building, and other support buildings. In order to reduce over-barricading during the ongoing siege of Caiger Mall, Pikes Towers' barricades will be completely removed. Pikes Towers is the only open building in the Barricade Plan of East Becktown.

During March 2-6, 2006, several PLEB support staff actively worked to transition Pikes Towers to a wide open entry. For safety-conscious survivors, barricade levels can be viewed (and updated) in the Pikes Towers Barricade Report. The Barricade Report also illuminates the hazards of sleeping in NecroTech Buildings.

For their own safety, survivors should not sleep in Pikes Towers. In accordance with Operation Tumbleweed, survivors are encouraged not to congregate in East Becktown during Mall Tour '06 zombageddon and Ars Requiem's dinner feature. Free runners are urged to sleep in Caiger Mall or in sparsely-populated non-resource EHB buildings. Darvall Heights and Chudleyton are generally considered safer than East Becktown, with less overall zombie activity. The NecroTech Buildings, Police Departments, and Hospitals in East Becktown are subject to frequent attacks from large organized zombie hordes.