Samhain Slaughter

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The following groups took part in this event:

Philosophe Knights · Creedy Guerilla Raiders · Flowers of Disease · Columbine Kids · Leighton Kru · Angels of Mercy


Trick 'r Treat


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's member groups.

Kill everyone we see that night.

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a PKer.
2. Be willing to slaughter every soul in the Mall.

3. Only one PKer per player.

Hildebrand Mall, Roftwood

When: Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2007

Screenshot of the event
Thanks to the BBC for capturing this event for us. You can find a record of this event here.

This poem was broadcast over the radio just prior to the celebration.

Samhein Slaughter pic 1.jpg

In the times of yore, the Celtic peoples of the British Isles celebratedHalloween a very different way. Instead of candy and costumes there was vast amounts of feasting, harvest, and huge fires. Livestock were slaughtered and preserved in preperation for winter, people and livestock were purified by fire, and vast pagan worship was observed. Today, the world has commerciallized and bastardized glorious Samhain. To cleanse the sacred day of Samhain, we have slaughtered in Hildebrand Mall and given back to the glorious pagan gods in October of 2007. Bonfires were lit that night and the festivities were merry. The PKA used the flames of these fires to light their own individual hearths from a common flame, thus bonding our families together for a stronger future.


Samhain Slaughter pic 1.jpg Boo!
This user or group dressed up and trick-or-treated at Hildebrand Mall in Oct 2007.
{{Samhain Slaughter}}

List 'O Sacrifices

The following lost souls were offered up to the spirits of Samhain.

  1. TurkeyShapedTumor by Secruss
  2. Mozai by Secruss
  3. Draqoun by Secruss
  4. Snowjob by Skilbey
  5. Dillywiketsby Skilbey
  6. Jake4d1 by Almighty Power
  7. Killassasin by Almight Power
  8. They Call Us Legion by Karth Salvage
  9. Joseph Saffyn by Lucio Melchiorre
  10. Hoisting Jim by Lucio Melchiorre
  11. Supahfreak by Hibernaculum
  12. Blessed Guard by Hibernaculum
  13. Jaimm by Hibernaculum
  14. OnionsInTheBag Hibernaculum and RBSR
  15. Bobble McPhee by Bruha
  16. Pyre666 by RBSR
  17. Blazing Spice by RBSR
  18. Stoopy by RBSR
  19. 1337 Private by Lukepoker
  20. James Bunt by Lukepoker
  21. Stevie MacIntosh by Lukepoker
  22. J711 by The Hierophant
  23. Saul KD by Manicmickey
  24. Gobotron by Manicmickey
  25. Herod by Dr. Jock
  26. Darkhand69 by Severuuk
  27. Deletion by Kalenium
  28. amida's deathscythe by Daisy Pusher
  29. Red Foxx by Daisy Pusher
  30. L. Medic by Daisy Pusher
  31. The Bashar by Daisy Pusher
  32. deuce campbell by Chansama
  33. Dupek2 by Chansama
  34. Geoffry by Chansama
  35. terketz1 by Chansama
  36. Smokey187 by Pantzman
  37. Addictio. by Sonysucks
  38. Zed pro. by Sonysucks
  39. Margaret G by VI
  40. Gaelic Legandia by VI
  41. TurkeyShapedTumour Again! by Redzamorak7
  42. Draqoun by Redzamorak7
  43. Deputy Gumble by Sgt Schwartz
  44. James Bunt AGAIN! by Sir WV
  45. wussyderder by Sir WV
  46. Juju Man by VI
  47. Heretic Soul by The Brigand
  48. Viring by Mr Jem
  49. Shaniah by Mr Jem
  50. Richard the Quickster by Mr Jem
  51. Twinkieno1 by David Faust
  52. Barq's by David Faust
  53. Xecsibis' by Chuck McStar
  54. Darkmiz by Blacula
  55. Isakeran by ChuckMcstar
  56. Donna Karen by David Faust
  57. Dr Feelgood by Smarmysmile
  58. Alexander Cawthorne by Bruha
  59. Dermian by Andrew Tsai
  60. Nondescriptman by Andrew Tsai
  61. Nastello by Andrew Tsai
  62. Brom Armostrong by FrankVitchard
  63. Nikolay by FrankVitchard
  64. Joe Chip by FrankVitchard
  65. ucsbrandon by Clonesoldier
  66. Ogrewogre by Clonesoldier
  67. Taworu by Clonesoldier
  68. Snipingkid by Zeon705
  69. someotherguy24 by Zeon705
  70. jaynick by Zeon705
  71. Meche by Rob Collick
  72. Flame Darkfire by Pierre Crowe
  73. MichealHavens by Pierre Crowe
  74. MisterChristian by Twisted Willie
  75. Arxel by Twisted Willie
  76. James Bondo by Headless Gunner

Excellent report on this event by the BBC. A write up as well as a play by play capture of the night as it happened.

Making the Slaughter even better, the fog covered the escape of the participants...