Samhain Slaughter 6(66)

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Representatives of the following groups took part in this event:

Flowers of Decay · Philosophe Knights · Columbine Kids · Cobra · Spartans · Red Rum


Kill 'em All


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's member groups.

Kill everyone we see.

Marven Mall, South Blytheville and the surrounding area

When: Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2012 through ???

Screenshots of the event
You can find records of this event here.

These poems were recited during the celebration.


In the times of yore, the Celtic peoples of the British Isles celebrated Halloween in a very different way. Instead of candy and costumes there was vast amounts of feasting, harvest, and huge fires. Livestock were slaughtered and preserved in preparation for winter, people and livestock were purified by fire, and vast pagan worship was observed. Today, the world has commercialized and bastardized glorious Samhain. To cleanse the sacred day of Samhain, we have slaughtered in Marven and given back to the glorious pagan gods in October of 2012. Bonfires were lit that night and the festivities were merry. Allied PKers used the flames of these fires to light their own individual hearths from a common flame, thus bonding our families together for a stronger future.

Continuing the tradition

Following the footsteps of the past Halloween PKer events, Samhain Slaughter 6(66) saw the return of allied PKers coming together for the common goal of spooky, scary, glorious murder. Planned weeks in advance after a long and successful allied attack against the denizens of SW Malton, members of Flowers of Decay, Philosophe Knights, Cobra, Columbine Kids, Spartans and Red Rum chose the nearest Mall. On October 30th, just hours after the holiday game features were made, the PKA made their move. The addition of Mask Anonymity and fog added some unexpected flare this year. Most PKers donned masks and picked pumpkins prior to the event, which made for some interesting screenshots. The killing lasted more than one night this year, with murders continuing for days while fog, masks, candy, pumpkins and door-knocking still remained in effect. As usual, poems were recited and screenshots and victim IDs were meticulously maintained.


Samhain Slaughter pic 1.jpg Boo!
This user or group dressed up and trick-or-treated at Marven Mall in Oct 2012.
{{Samhain Slaughter 6}}

List 'O Sacrifices

The following lost souls were offered up to the spirits of Samhain.

  1. tenizzle - Officer Chubby
  2. Sixclaw - Officer Chubby
  3. Zaeltrick - Officer Chubby
  4. Masa on piirakka - Officer Chubby
  5. Zombie Fusilliban - Jethro Farthknocker
  6. Nigel Green - Eugene Fraxby
  7. R Fish - Doug Collins
  8. mthel - Radical Whig
  9. thedemon44 - Jethro Fartknocker
  10. Cicero17 - Killer Scarecrow
  11. skittle - Armpit Odor
  12. Don Inspirations - Sally A. Summers
  13. Lily Rhodes - WR
  14. Fighting Day - Lt Christopher
  15. RizaHawkeye - The Photographer
  16. DracGhoul - Vapor
  17. meat rocket - Armpit Odor
  18. nodoblegado - Eugene Fraxby
  19. monsternx650k - Doug Collins
  20. Green Vega - Killer Scarecrow
  21. AbelTheRasistMaser - Jess Cutter
  22. Murry Katzenbaum - Sally A. Summers
  23. Borck Newsworth - hibernaculum
  24. RexLee - Onomatopoeia
  25. Spaardi - Lt Christopher
  26. Alpha Kilo - hibernaculum
  27. Sventh - Onomatopoeia
  28. Quantum Squid - Radical Whig
  29. Axecalibur - Rob Oppenheimer
  30. Patty B Quik - the photographer
  31. Siter Raven Teresa - JRBobDobbs
  32. Rob Hinkle - JRBobDobbs
  33. OciferCurly - Brad Dahlia
  34. SK100 - Brad Dahlia
  35. GrrrArrrgh - Chuck Decker
  36. headroller - Chuck Decker
  37. BrokenLance - CyanEyed
  38. Beelzabubba - CyanEyed
  39. Bould Rake - madwench
  40. Cigargent - Unhappydisgustingwow
  41. Amy Chan - CyanEyed
  42. Mortimer Wyrdwick - Unhappydisgustingwow
  43. Samael The Destroyer - Unhappydisgustingwow
  44. Laura20 - Vapor
  45. Saint Gambi - Vapor
  46. Chase Norton - Vapor
  47. Zaeltrick - the phtographer
  48. Brian Malachai Joyce - JRBobDobbs
  49. PhoenixOfDestruction - Lt Christopher
  50. RexLee - Officer Chubby
  51. Bobbie Spencer - JRBobDobbs
  52. peter air - theorgan
  53. DM Penfold - Killer Scarecrow
  54. monsternx650k - Radical Whig
  55. monkeymatt13 - bluewaterdragon
  56. Axecalibur - bluewaterdragon
  57. Internet Dead Guy - the photographer
  58. Grim Reafer - JRBobDobbs
  59. Cicero17 - theorgan
  60. Nomad7 - Lt Christopher
  61. RexLee - Doug Collins
  62. Lawson Brojet - Doug Collins
  63. nobledelgado - the photographer
  64. laura20 - Officer Chubby
  65. Paul Challenger - Officer Chubby
  66. Don Inspirations - Armpit Odor
  67. Jason Blackmore - Armpit Odor
  68. Adamensk - JRBobDobbs
  69. dylanbickers - bluewaterdragon
  70. Adamensk - AJ
  71. hgm - AJ