Samhain Slaughter 6(66)/poems

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Representatives of the following groups took part in this event:

Flowers of Decay · Philosophe Knights · Columbine Kids · Cobra · Spartans · Red Rum


Kill 'em All


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's member groups.

Kill everyone we see.

Marven Mall, South Blytheville and the surrounding area

When: Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2012 through ???

Screenshots of the event
You can find records of this event here.

These poems were recited during the celebration.

Poems Recited During The Slaughter

By Vapor

I've told you once; I've told you twice; So this is telling three - The coroner will find out; The cause of death was FoD.
So very many deadly deaths; We'd like to give a go - We'll murder you all, then bather in blood; On this eve so hallow.
We've come for your soul; Playing tricks as we go; And looking dapper doing so.
It's not a random act, you see; We have our reasons why; And the fog outside will roll over you; At the moment that you die.
And now, as the dead knock at the door; And I complete my rhyme - It's killing time, it's killing time, it's killing killing time.

By Killer Scarecrow

  • Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen, we daren't go a hunting, for fear of Decayed Flower men. You see, nobody ever goes in... and nobody ever comes out.
  • Trick or treat, trick or treat. Watch as the dead man walks the streets. A straw man so dark will own your soul! Something Wicked This Way Comes, something in the night. Something Wicked That Way Went, What an awful fright! Something Wicked This Way Comes, Something isn't right. Something Wicked Taht Way Went, Terror through the night! As Autumn leaves turn brown, and tumble to the ground, You'll surely know the Killer Scarecrow is in town.

By DT (broadcast over 27.40 MHz)

"An age old trick we used to play" (2 minutes ago)
"upon you all upon this day" (2 minutes ago)
"now again to don the pale white mask" (2 minutes ago)
"and for "trick" or "treat" again to ask" (1 minute ago)
"Carrying wilted rose and poison snake" (1 minute ago)
"By Manson's music the dead to wake" (1 minute ago)
"While we fight the tyrants of your mall," (1 minute ago)
"drink crimson rum to enjoy it all." (1 minute ago)
"For on this one day, once every year:" (1 minute ago)

By Sally A. Summers

Wie jedes Jahr wird offenbar,
dass sie noch lebt, die Geisterschar
Wenn im Herbst die Nebelschwaden
Grausam kriechen um die Waden
Aus dem Sarg aufzustehen
Alte Freunde mal wieder zu sehen
Mit ihnen zu scherzen
Du spürst die Angst frisst sich in ihre Herzen
Doch s’isch schon zu spät für die Menschen zu flieh'n
Denn heute Nacht feiern wir Halloween!


"Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality." -Edgar Allan Poe