The Roddoway Building

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the Roddoway Building

Hollomstown [64,94]

the Elton Museum a factory the Goodwyn Museum
Theophan General Hospital the Roddoway Building wasteland
Avent Crescent Fire Station Abbott Road School a warehouse

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The Roddoway Building
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The Roddoway Building

This is the Mobile Phone Mast for the suburb. It should be kept EHB and powered wherever possible.


Built in the 1700's, this one-time church was converted to an office space in 1986. At the time of the outbreak, the bottom floor was owned by a catering company and houses a massive industrial kitchen, as well as several small dining/tasting areas, presumably for potential client meetings. The second floor was a photography company and is filled with cameras, lighting equipment, a state of the art darkroom, several studio spaces, and many offices and open air work stations for support and management employees. The tiny third floor and spire served as an attic and storage space. This third floor and spire have been converted into a living quarters by Mulligan Stew, HARD member and proud Lesbian Pirate, who makes his home here.