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Abbreviation USAI
Group Numbers 128
Leadership CO: Captain Lex Decon
Goals Clearing Malton's most dangerous suburbs of zombies with extreme prejudice.
Recruitment Policy Discord Recruitment Channel
Contact The Pub (Public Discord Channel)

Welcome to the USAI!

Commander's Mission Statement

I want to take this opportunity to welcome all personnel to the most disciplined, most loyal and fearless fighting force in Malton. Our Mission is to execute missions which will have the greatest impact in helping the general survivor population of Malton. We are a team first, we leave no team member behind and we fight to the last man.

Why join?

  • See more of Malton
    • We move to where the zeds are, much better than being bored in the same suburb for weeks
  • Big group size but small group feel
    • You wont feel lost in the bureaucracy of other big groups, USAI is separated into 8 platoons so we can be in different parts of Malton, the platoons are about 25 soldiers each, broken down into 4 man fireteams
  • Professional
    • We are serious about playing UD; we still have fun but you wont find an bunch of half-asses

Low level players

  • Learn how to play the Urban Dead from a seasoned cadre of players.
    • Learn from pros so you won't make rookie mistakes
  • Level up quicker
    • You are only responsible for earning XP; the Bootcamp staff will provide defense, barricading, healing and reviving.
  • Have more fun
    • It's a lot more fun during those first days as a level 1 when you have a group to interact with.

Mid level players

  • Challenge yourself
    • You have all the basic skills and can gain XP easily but is it a challenge still? You can always sit and XP farm the odd feral but is that fun?
  • Take charge
    • Show your abilities and become a Fireteam Leader, or possibly even a Platoon Commander
  • Have more fun
    • Taking on more sophisticated missions will be more fun than the droll of 'cade, kill, heal, repeat

High level players

  • No group in UD allows you to be in command quicker
    • Our unique way of command allows any soldier of CPL or higher to lead a platoon for an operation. Simply put your name in the lineup, and when it's your turn, the whole unit is yours.
  • Share your knowledge of the game
    • Tired of newbies making dumb mistakes? Train them yourself. You have already mastered playing UD as an individual, but can you plan your own operation with your allies and soldiers?
  • Leadership opportunities
    • We attract many low levels recruits so we are always in need of fireteam leaders.

Recruitment Policy

We accept all character classes all recruits will be trained to be a soldier first. Players with prior actual military service are wanted but it is not a requirement to join.

Our missions are very challenging for even mid-level characters. We may not be the group for you. High level players, miss the challenge of the game? Do you remember back when you were a low level and you had to log on often. Dropping into a patrol mission is like that all over again. You will regularly be surrounded by zeds in the only caded building for blocks. You will get a real sense of accomplishment when you wake up and the burb has gone from red to green; and then you'll know its time to move on and start all over again.

New Low level? Don't worry we will provide you with all the training you need to not only survive but thrive in Malton through the USAI Bootcamp program, where you can operate in real time receiving hands on training and experience while leveling up and learning how to play UD. You will be assigned to a fireteam with high to mid level soldiers who will help you learn the ropes and look after your safety. As you level up you will be given more responsibilities. Depending on your experience you may just spend a week learning the way the unit works and can be awarded a battlefield promotion.

Loyalty is one of the most important attributes to this unit. If you are looking for a challenge, adventure, disciplined fighting, to be part of a team, but more importantly, a family, then pick up your rifle, sling arms and FALL IN at the position of attention!

USAI's Recruitment Page: USAI Recruitment

Chain of Command

Our philosophy is that anyone that has shown they are a capable soldier should have the chance to lead, as such, Through Loyalty, Active presence and aptitude any Trooper can and will be given the opportunity to develop and lead an Operation. As the Ops leader for that operation you will plan your own operation; utilize recon units to prepare intel, coordinate with allies, set fireteam objectives, make recommendations for awards, and brief the next platoon operation leader.

Leadership positions are assigned on the following Criteria outside of Operations Leaders. Rank is earned within USAI based on criteria of Activity, Aptitude, and Understanding. With a Final Writen Exam given before any Promotion is given.

1. Active and Loyal within USAI in and out of Malton. (Active on our Discord, Working not only in Urban Dead but on the Discord with new and old troopers alike etc.

2. Aptitude and understanding of how USAI Operates on a Daily basis.

3. Showing a Natural willingness towards Leadership.

Unit structure

There are four separate independent Platoons,in the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY organized into One independent company, Alpha Co (Alpha Platoon, Bravo Platoon, Charlie Platoon and Delta Platoon).

You may have two characters in the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY but they must not be in the same Platoon. You may not have more than one member in any Platoon's recon teams. The Platoons are never allowed to be in the same suburb, no matter how horrible they are being attacked. No Expection.




  • ALPHA Squad - (active fire team)
  • BRAVO Squad - (active fire team)
  • CHARLIE Squad - (active fire team)
  • DELTA Squad - (active fire team)


  • Units responsible for Carrying out the primary Mission
  • A Squad is made of Four Fire teams, who act as a unit, lead by a squad leader. Taskes are relegated to Squads then down to fireteams, not individuals.


  • Units responsible for carrying out the primary mission
  • A fire team is 3-4 soldiers who act as a unit. Tasks are relegated to fireteams, not individuals.


  • Develops intelligence, Prepares TACHQ's, Provides targeting information for fireteams
  • High level soldiers due to the vast skills required including the Necrotech skills
  • Informs local militia of incoming operations, non-specifically "US ARMY INFANTRY WILL BE IN BLANKTOWN TO RE-SECURE BLANK NECROTECH BUILDINGS, HELP IS ON THE WAY"


  • Responsible for maintaining the North and South HQs in order to let players going on leave or vacation idle characters out safely.


  • Strategic intelligence unit responsible for recon of areas far in advance of the company/platoon.

DOs and DON'Ts

  • We do not kill fellow humans.
  • We do not PK.
  • We do not help or quarter the enemy.
  • We NEVER Combat Revive the enemy.
  • We NEVER leave any of our own to die.
  • We NEVER surrender.
  • We only follow orders from our chain of command.
  • We strive to assist local militia units and the civilian population so long as it does not interfere with our mission.
  • We put the MISSION and UNIT first before all others.
  • Alt Characters of USAI Members will leave the area USAI is entering. No exception.
  • We utilizing every tool to communicate we can. Forum Usage is Mandatory.
  • Semper Gumby, Be Flexible. USAI fits both the Tightly coordinated team action, and loose independent players.

USAI Official Rules and Regulations

Infantryman's Creed

I am the Infantry!

I am my country's strength in war, her deterrent in peace. I am the heart of the fight, wherever, whenever. I carry American's faith and honor against her enemies. I am the Queen of Battle.

I am what my country expects me to be; the best trained soldier in the world. In the race for victory I am swift, determined, and courageous, armed with a fierce will to win.

Never will I fail my country's trust. Always I fight on, through the foe, to the objective, to triumph overall. If necessary I fight to my death.

By my steadfast courage, I have won 200 years of freedom. I yield not to weakness, to hunger, to cowardice, to fatigue, or to superior odds, for I am mentally tough, physically strong, and morally straight.

I forsake not my country, my mission, my comrades, my sacred duty.

I am relentless. I am always there, now and forever.

I am the Infantry! Follow me!

Radio Frequency

U.S. ARMY INFANTRY conducts radio communications on 28.72 MHz. We will not come to aid requests that are from strangers you must provide some sort of personal identification.


151st Brigade

Black Hunter Group

Caiger Mall Survivors


Combat Revive Eligible Society

Department of Emergency Management

Devenish Rangers

Dunningwood Warriors



The Fortress

Malton Defense Corporation

Malton Rangers

Metal Fox

Necrotech Mobile

Pescodside Defense Alliance

Silent Running

Area 51


Steel Army Corps

The Sun Organization


Complete Roster

Impostor List


The U.S. ARMY INFANTRY was founded by four guys in Dunningwood who wanted to get their act together: Gersh, Peter Cop, Todric, and Johnny Lunchpail. Three of the four were either ex or current US Army, two were Infantry soldiers. Captain Gersh was the commander, his sheer battlefield presence inspired many others to join. Quickly, a small fire team became a squad and that squad became a platoon. As the unit was still small they had to watch each others backs and the unit formed a tight brotherhood. They developed a distinctive style of play; highly coordinated timed attacks in conjunction with allied collaboration. They focused operations on areas in need of help; not running away from trouble but towards it.

Originally joining was by invite only, and you needed to be a mid to high level player at a minimum. After a time it was recognized that building a soldier from the start would make for well trained soldiers and bootcamp was started. Shortly, after MAJ Gersh, the original founder and leader of USAI, could not keep up with USAI activities due to work constraints and appointed Johnny Lunchpail to be leader. Since then USAI has formed three other platoons and started a second company: Bravo platoon in October 2006, Charlie platoon in January 2007 and formed Echo platoon as the start of our second company in November 2007. Foxtrot Platoon our latest unit formed was established in April 2008.

During the period between 2008 to 2010 USAI saw a slow decline of interest in its active within the Quarantined zone with many of its Officers and Senior Enlisted taking extended periods of leave. Many returned to re-establish and regain USAI's activity and foothold.

USAI is now under the Leadership of Captain Lex Decon.

We proud are of the work that we do, but do not feel the need to boast about it. We are professionals who do their work for the sake of our fellow soldiers, not for silly bragging rights. Below is a list of our past operations, as you can see, USAI has traveled throughout Malton helping numerous suburbs and survivor groups.


  • Dunningwood I
    • Operation: Street Sweep
  • Dunningwood II
    • Operation: Dunningwood Freedom
  • Dunningwood III
    • Operation: Warrior
  • Pimbank
    • Operation: Pimbank Punishment
  • Osmondville
    • Operation: Bulkhead
  • Gulsonside I
    • Operation: G-Force
  • Gulsonside II
    • Operation: Blesley Barrier
  • Dunningwood IV
    • Operations: Crash, Bunker, Homecoming
  • Eastonwood I
    • Operations: D2, Anvil, Bullseye
  • Reaganbank
    • Operation: Fairbairn-Sykes
  • Darvell Heights/Caiger Mall
    • Operation: Viper Strike
  • Eastonwood II
    • Operation: Iron Spike
  • East Becktown/Caiger Mall
    • Operation: Blister
  • Dunell Hills
    • Operation: Rampart
  • Grigg Heights
    • Operation: Steamroller
  • South Blythville/Tollyton
    • Operaton: Rangewalk
  • Molebank
    • Operation: Panwick Buildeum
  • Edgecombe
    • Operation: Revival
  • Edgecombe/Pitneybank
    • Operation: Warhorse
  • Chudleytown/Caiger Mall
    • Operation: Morning Light
  • Eastonwood III
    • Operation: Long Drive
  • Eastonwood III
    • Operation: Nike
  • Pegton
    • Operation: Trident
  • South Blythville
    • Operation: Backtrack
  • PitneyBank
    • Operation: Rabid Fury
  • Shearbank
    • Operation: Buttress
  • Dunningwood IV
    • Operation: Swift Strike
  • Grigg Heights
    • Operation: Show Down -postponed-
  • Ridleybank/Pimbank
    • Operation: Blackshield
  • Peppardville
    • Operation: Bolt Lightning
  • Dunell Hills II
    • Operation: Sojourn
  • Quarlesbank
    • Operation: Bullwhip
  • Greentown/Marven Mall
    • Operation: Clean House
  • Peddlesden Village/Judgewood
    • Operation: Guardian
  • Shearbank
    • Operation: Helping Hand
  • Shearbank
    • Operation:Buttress II
  • Shearbank/Stickling Mall
    • Operation: Buttress III
  • Millen Hills/Yagoton/Bale Mall
    • Operation: Double Play
  • Edgecombe
    • Operation: IBU
  • Stickling Mall
    • Operation: Phoenix
  • Stickling Mall
    • Operation: Prometheus
  • Edgecombe
    • Operation: Gangplank
  • Yagoton/Whatmore NT
    • Operation: Portculis
  • Gatcombeton
    • Operation: Sheperd
  • Caiger Mall
    • Operation: Backwater
  • North Blythville/Lerwill Heights
    • Operation: Forge
  • Roywood
    • Operation: Beacon
  • Dowdney Mall Siege
    • Operation: Burning Lance
  • Dowdney Mall Siege
    • Operation: Dragoon
  • Dakerstown/Roywood - Fryerbank/Miltown - New Arkham/Old Arkham
    • Operation: King of the Hill
  • Fort Creedy
    • Operation: Over The Top
  • Quarlesbank
    • Operation: Urgent Fury
  • Pitneybank
    • Operation: Mass Cull
  • Gulsonside/Blesley Mall
    • Operation: Choke Hold
  • Pitneybank/Starlingtown
    • Operation: Maruader Melee
  • Gatecombe
    • Operation: Conservation
  • Edgecombe
    • Operation: Maelstrom
  • Crowbank
    • Operation: Jackhammer
  • Houldenbank
    • Operation: Red River
  • Tapton/Stanbury Village/Pimbank
    • Operation: Greenhouse Gardner
  • Reganbank/Grigg Heights/Owsleybank/Dunell Hills/Peddlesden Village
    • Operation: Snail Trail
  • Yagoton/Shearbank
    • Operation: March of the zombies
  • Huntley Heights/Shearbank
    • Operation: Snap
  • Roachtown/Shearbank
    • Operation: Crackle
  • Shearbank/Stickling Mall
    • Operation: Prairie Wagon
  • Calvert Mall/Quarlesbank/West Boundwood/Gatcombeton/Shuttlebank
    • Operation: Junction City
  • Northern Malton
    • Operation: Palisade
  • West Grayside/Wyke Hills
    • Operation: Double Down
  • Malton Wide
    • Operation: Bite the curb
  • Huntly hights/Shearbank/Slanterville
    • Operation: Oregon Trail
  • Tollyton/Woodroffe Mall
    • Operation: Juggernaut
  • Pimbank/Peppardville
    • Operation: Edge
  • Peppardvile/Pimbank
    • Operation: Pegzed
  • Peppardville/Pitneybank
    • Opeartion: Piñata
  • Southern Malton
    • Operation: Napalm Death
  • Tollytown/Woodroffe Mall
    • Operation: New Dawn
  • Heytown/Peppardville
    • Operation: Shadown Dawn
  • Northwestern Malton
    • Operation: Spartan Stockade
  • Pitneybank/Giddings Mall/Fort Creedy
    • Operation: Balldrop
  • Galbraith Hills/Greentown/Barrville
    • Operation: Axe Blow
  • Pitneybank/Peppardville
    • Operation: Bash the Big Bash
  • Roachtown
    • Operation: Black Phoenix
  • Roftwood/Pennville/Whittenside
    • Operation: Feathers Flight I
  • Pitneybank/Giddings Mall/Fort Creedy
    • Operation: Pitneybash
  • Santlerville/Huntley Heights/Pimbank
    • Operation: KO Bordem
  • Huntley Heights/Randallbank
    • Operation: Take Back The Night
  • Pitneybank/Huntley Heights/Chudleyton
    • Operation: Spring Cleaning
  • Santlerville/Peppardville
    • Operation: Owl's nest
  • Shackleville/Earletown/Pitneybank
    • Operation: Three Point Stance
  • Vinetown/Whittenside
    • Operation: Feathers Flight II
  • Heytown/Peppardville
    • Operation: Shake, Rattle & Roll
  • Pitneybank/Edgecombe/Crowbank
    • Operation: Phoenix Down
  • Peddlesden Village/Chudleyton/Crooketon
    • Operation: Rider's High
  • Pitneybank
    • Operation: Axe Raid
  • Peddlesden Village/Dakerstown/Roywood
    • Operation: Squall Line
  • Ketchelbank/Shearbank
    • Operation: Rally Strider
  • Pimbank
    • Operation: Rally Striker
  • Brooksville
    • Operation Summer Storm
  • Whittenside
    • Operation: Dragon Sabbath
  • Buttonville/Williamsville/West Grayside
    • Operation: Glory Flares
  • Pennville/Scarletwood/Edgecombe/Galbraith Hills
    • Operation: Kangaroo D.I.P.
  • Tollyton
    • Operation: Double Dawn
    • Operation: Mr. Rodgers

Locations of current operations are classified.

    • Operation:

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