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About Me

I live in Illinois, training tirelessly for the oncoming zombie apocalypse. You don't know tough training till you run through ten miles of cornfields.

But not really. I bounce around from job to job (I do a bit of everything) and if I have a savings I like to be unemployed. So basically, I'm bit of a loser. XD

(Name ain't Carl either, just picked it for my first 'Group affiliated account' Got bored of the random ones.)

About Carl

Orignally a Necrotech Lab Assistant in The Axtence Building in Osmondville, Carl led a dull monotonous life. Until zombies struck!! Of course it was no fault of the company he worked for >_>

He stuck around for awhile until he grew tired of the squabbling from his fellow employees. Also, they barricaded him out several times. =_=

He hiked around the different areas of Malton for a few days before Carl ended up in the supposedly famous Pitneybank. Lacking the free-running skill at the time, Carl found shelter in a Very Strongly Barricaded hospital called St. Benedict's Hospital. Carl soon found the people to be very friendly there.

And they rarely ever barricaded him out.

Due to their kindness, and they fact he could always find safety there, Carl decided to stay in Pitneybank and St. Benedict's. He pledged to protect the hospital and all those who stayed in it. But soon after the mall tour headed to the suburb. Carl felt it was his duty as a human to go to the mall. The mall, however, fell quickly and in his stint as a dead man Benedict's fell as well.

This did change something in Carl. He witnessed a group of people he had found very interesting. The Creedy Defense Force, or CDF. He began to watch the members of the group closely as he helped around the suburb. For if he were to join a group, they would have to be righteous. And Righteous they were (To a point of course.) Carl joined the CDF and later became a member of Team CLERIC, to which he is very dedicated to.

Though he is now willing to travel to where ever the CDF feel he should be, Carl stil has a strong love for St. Benedict's Hospital and the suburb of Pitneybank. He misses it much when he leaves. Even the getting killed by the CDF-hating PKers and the getting shot at revive points and the almost pointless raids on the fort. It's a fun suburb, really.


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