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Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark
Character Profile: Daniel Clark's Profile
Character Class: Military
Group: Malton Civil Defense Unit
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Service (Status): LOA
Location: Classified
Vitals: Healthy
Favorite Equipment: Four pistols all in a row
Zombie Kills: 101


Deployment and Survival

Sergeant Daniel Clark, nicknamed "DC", was airdropped into the fight, but lost his squad amid chaos of the drop. Trained in the outdated boot camp, Clark learned new skills and tactics against the various hazards alone and from helpful locals. Losing his M4 and favorite beret in the drop, he scrounges for proper weapons and equipment. Interacting with fellow military personal, civilians, and scientists, he quickly learned skills of the trade and stockpiled a proper store of weaponry and gear.

Malton Civil Defense Unit

After quite a few syringes to the neck for failed trips out of the various safehouses he used, Clark realized being a loner in this undead wasteland doesn't leave much of a dent in the zed forces. He worked with various people to help and heard of plenty of factions, both human and zed, have formed in the aftermath of the outbreak. Of these was the famed Department of Emergency Management or DEM. Known for its political neutrality, this group was a structured one that interested Clark. Contacting and joining DEM, Clark was trained by the Academy and assigned to the member group Malton Civil Defense Unit or MCDU.

Rising the ranks in one of the squads: the The Black Knights - MCDU, Clark showed determination and skill in operations into heavily infested zone working with teammates to get the job done. Now seeing his abilities, the MCDU elite has given him his chance at leadership, as the Executive Officer of The Hell Hounds.


After a talk with a resident of one of the forts on June 10th 2007, he was told that berets could be found there. Since then he has sported a black beret.

Current Status

DC is currently inactive in the MCDU on a leave of absence due to other concerns, but when he handles those concerns he will prepare to fight again under the MCDU banner.



A soldier lost from his squad when blown off course in the airdrop, he has picked up skills from the locals and joined the MCDU, now second-in-command of a squad. Even with a new black beret, he really wants his old M4 right now.

Wearing: a pair of sunglasses, a black beret, a set of Fort Perryn dog-tags, a white long-sleeved shirt, a khaki jacket, a pair of camouflage trousers and a pair of brown leather boots


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