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Krazy Monkey

GrimmyBlack.png Congratulations, You suck...
UDWiki has voted. Krazy Monkey is the winner of The Best Drunken Sysoping Award and The "This Guy Again" Award.
You Shall not Pass.jpg You Shall Not Pass
That’s Right, You heard me.
I'm Dr Cheese PhD. I've been playing Urban Dead on and off for a number of years. I founded the Randoms not long after I started and, against all odds, they still exist today. Just about.
I was a sysop at some point. I've been kicking about for a while, feel free to ask me if you need a hand with stuff. I'm really nice and I like puppies and stuff.

Cheeseman Muncher: The Randoms

A huge shotgun with the word "Humphrey" engraved on the barrel is strapped onto the back of a Brown Leather Jacket with several insignias sewn into the arm along with a Golden Badge held on by a weathered strap declaring him to be Field Marshal of the Randoms. Under this is a Buckley Mall Staff T-Shirt emblazoned with the words "The Randoms" in bright red print. Two pistols hang on a belt attached to a dark blue kilt, a third is in a holster on his left sock, just above a pair of Brown Leather Shoes. On the other leg, is a very sharp and pointy looking Sgian Dubh. Covering most of a mass of untidy brown hair is a barely visible blue bandanna overlaid with a brown fedora, a rather obvious pimp hat feather sewn onto it. A set of mirrored sunglasses cover his eyes, and a long white fake beard has began crudely attached to the lower part of his face with string. Around his neck, is a white tie with a small rank insignia stitched into it. Sitting on his shoulder is the first ever Angry Hamish doll.
Cheeseman Muncher is the Founder and current Field Marshal of The Randoms.

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This user understands the value of Manbagz to carry miscellaneous vital items.
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This user is so paranoid of SRD returning to bombard us with more asshatness, they see him everywhere.