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The Grimmies

And The Nominees Are

  1. Sexual Harrison
  2. Misanthropy
  3. Papa Moloch
  4. Honestmistake
  5. Michaleson
  6. Kempy
  7. Akule
  8. Hagnat
  9. SuicidalAngel
  10. AnimeSucks
  11. Goribus
A Helpful Little Gnome Aichon Axe Hack BobHammero Boxy
Brizth Conndraka Cyberbob240 DanceDanceRevolution Daranz
Darth Sensitive Dux Ducis Gage Grim s Hagnat
J3D Jedaz Karek Karlsbad Katthew
Kevan Krazy Monkey LeakyBocks LibrarianBrent Linkthewindow
Matthewfarenheit Max Grivas Misanthropy MisterGame Mobius187
Morlock Novelty Nubis Odd Starter Red Hawk One
Revenant Rosslessness SA-TA-EK-Rumisiel Seventythree Spiro
Spiderzed Suicidalangel Swiers Thari The General
The Rooster Urbandead Vantar Vapor Vista
Xoid Yonnua Koponen Zaruthustra Zombie slay3r

The Categories

  • Most Inept - MisterGame
  • Most Overzealous Wiki Janitor - The Rooster
  • The Grim Award for Excellence and Pure Concentrated Evil. - Grim s
  • The Anger Award - Cyberbob240
  • The Invasion of Privacy Award - Yonnua Koponen
  • The Bureaucrazy Award (most UDWiki: contribs) - Hagnat
  • The Meh Award (least UDWiki: contribs) - Mobius187
  • Most Stupid Sys-Op Mistake - TIE!
  • Most Stupid A/VB Ruling - Nubis
  • Most Stupid A/M Ruling - Grim's Coup Misconduct Ruling
  • Most Hilarious Reaction To Iscariot Drama - Nubis
  • Best Drunken sysoping Award - Krazy Monkey
  • Best Burn - Cyberbob240
  • Shortest Term - Katthew
  • Longest Term - Boxy
  • The Cat Award (Longest Term As Bureaucrat) - Boxy
  • Most Passive - Red Hawk One
  • Most Shallow/Superficial - MisterGame
  • Biggest Wikicat - MisterGame
  • Biggest Grudge - Grim s
  • Most Ignorant - MisterGame
  • Most Persuasive - Boxy
  • Best Text-Wall - Grim s
  • Most Flame Retarded - Katthew
  • The "I didn't even know he/she was Sysop?" Award (for all the little sysops that avoid drama and just keep this dump running) - Red Hawk One
  • The "If At First You Don't Succeed, Skydiving Is Not For You." Award (most unsuccessful/withdrawn/unaccepted bids before an actual promotion) - MisterGame
  • The "This Guy Again" Award (most total bids) - Krazy Monkey
  • The Self-ASSurance Award (Most Self Nominations) - Cyberbob240
  • Most Misconduct Cases - hagnat
  • Toeing the Line Award (Most misconduct cases ruled not misconduct) - hagnat
  • The "Line is a Dot to You" Award (Most misconduct cases ruled misconduct) - hagnat
  • The Most Asian Axe Award - Axe Hack
  • Most Humorless Humourless Unfunny - Yonnua Koponen
  • Biggest Whoremaster (Sysop who uses their position to promote their in game group) - Conndraka
  • Propaganda Minister(The truth is subjective award) - Yonnua Koponen
  • Most Paranoid - Katthew
  • Biggest Attention Whore - Yonnua Koponen
  • Gayest WikiCop (VB at the drop of a hat award) - MisterGame
  • Best Puppet (Sysop most easily manipulated into doing exactly what you want them to do.) - Revenant
  • Biggest Potential Pedo - Spiderzed
  • It's Always One Of Those Days (sysop always on their perpetual period) - Katthew


Nominations for the sysop awards are open to the community. Nominations can be placed at Grimmies/Nominees.