Shambling Seagulls

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Returned Historical Group
This group has returned to Malton after being voted Historical. The original page can be found at Shambling Seagulls (2006).
The Shambling Seagulls
Abbreviation: None
Group Numbers: Private
Leadership: Strapon Bev
Goals: Consumption of brains
Recruitment Policy: No Recruitment
Contact: None

The Shambling Seagulls is a group of zombies. They first appeared during the battle of Shearbank and were recently instrumental in clearing out Tynte Mall, Pimbank. Many of the members of the Shambling Seagulls worship Zhamaamba, who is not related to the Jamoomba of the Jamoombahadeen.

The Shambling Seagulls joined forces with the Undying Scourge around October 20th to eliminate the survivors in Fort Creedy during the controversial October Battle of Fort Creedy. The two groups were successful and the battle was quickly won. They also took part in the clearing of Roftwood, killing many CDF members, which exacerbated a short-lived feud between the two groups.

Since that date, the Shambling Seagulls headed west, obliterating Daikon Gumi before trying their luck at Marven Mall. Due to the increase in syringe find rates to 15%, and due to zombie fatigue, they abandoned this assault and headed to south-west Malton. They spent most of late November and early December in Wykewood and Mornington.

As a result of the game changes on 22nd December, the Shambling Seagulls went On Strike in support of the zombie movement to obtain some sort of gaming parity.

From 4th January 2006, the Shambling Seagulls came off strike. In close co-ordination with The Undying Scourge, Da Shamblin' WAAAGH, and the Minions of the Apocalypse, they struck at the buildings surrounding Tompson Mall, Lockettside over a seven-day period, striking revive squads, safehouses and high-level players. On 11th January, the Seagulls were the assault squad for the fall of Tompson Mall. Their attack at 1700GMT was quickly followed up by the other three hordes, and overnight resistance in the mall collapsed. By 1400GMT on 12th January there were no survivors left.

On 13th January, the Shambling Seagulls left the Lockettside area. They moved east to Danversbank and Whittenside, working closely with The Undying Scourge to crush Fort Perryn. After a ten-day campaign in the blocks surrounding the fort, the Seagulls were ably assisted by the Minions of the Apocalypse who struck at the fort itself, emptying it of its 100 or so occupants overnight.

During February, the Seagulls moved north-east, and spent two weeks working with the Undying Scourge in Penny Heights. Lumber Mall was successfully overrun.

In the last week of February 2006 the Seagulls passed the milestone of 1500 human brains consumed.

In early March 2006, the Seagulls moved north into the quiet suburb of Houldenbank, giving the locals an exciting wake-up call. So far, Houldenbank has endured a two-week rampage, concentrated around the NT buildings in the centre and east of the suburb.

By late March 2006, despite improved attendance and big daily kill rates, the rate of revival for humans as a result of syringe manufacture meant that too little impact could be made on even a quiet suburb.

Consequently, the Shambling Seagulls have retired from Urban Dead, and it is believed that this may have been a cause of the March 28th Syringe Change.

Return to Urban Dead

On Halloween Night 2008, The Shambling Seagulls rose again to march across the streets of Malton. Beginning in Houldenbank, they have marched slowly westwards. They were in at the kill at the fall of Blesley Mall, Gulsonside in early November. They have now crossed Hollomstown and as of November 25th, were tearing at the doors of Buckley Mall and its surrounding buildings. On 19th November they were able to enjoy a particularly fine feast, courtesy of the Army Control Corps. Thanks for the brains, boys!

On December 2nd, the Shambling Seagulls lurched in to Dartside, which was full to the brim with tasty - if not too bright - brainz.

Over the next 8 weeks, they snacked excellently across the southern half of the map, before moving north to join Mall Tour 09. They've acted as one of the breaching teams for the malls. During the first week of February 2009, they visited Shore Hills, and they'd like to say a special hello to The Big Prick, who were passably tasty, if a little underdone. Zhamaamba!

They visited Darvall Heights and Gatcombeton during the second week of February, macerating clean through the Soldiers of Crossman (disappointingly bland) before heading off on more urgent Mall Tour duty.