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NOW HIRING: Unfortunately the Only known employee of the DVC lost his life recently. Please consider taking over the position and attracting even more living people to Dunell Hills.

Currently located in offices at the Godsland Street School,[3, 36] Dunell Hills, the Dunell Hills Visitors Center is attempting to revive "Normal" life in the area known as The Dunell Military Zone in the city of Malton. Although this once proud city has lost 90% of its inhabitants to either evacuation or "unfortunate circumstances", there is still a desperate need to revitalize the culture and nightlife that can only be experience in Malton. Once known as THE newspaper publisher for and of the world, the city is set to have a second resurgence not seen since Chicago and San Francisco were rebuilt after their disasters. Our suggestion: quit reading about the city and come live in it.

To Hell with Vegas. Come to Malton, the City that Never Dies!

The Sights and Sounds of the D.M.Z.

Where you should go to get the most of Dunell Hills.

The Tibbs Monument[7, 38] Dunell Hills Spinks monument.jpg

LeftClub MeadeRight

Vincent Tokay new proprieter of the Baboneau Arms is Proud to Present:

Vincents Place: Where Happy Hour is Every Hour Sundown to Sunrise! Located in scenic
Peddlesden Village, make reservations by calling 555-0022 or come by 00,22 Peddlesden Village.

The Bampfyld ArmsLeft

Dunell Hills Education System

The best funded, most active primary and secondary schools. The Dunell Hills School district has the lowest teacher to student ratio of any district in Malton.

Malton School Board Help us educate the leaders of tomorrow...

Anderson Row School [4, 35]Dunell Hills Right

Pagram Library [20, 29]Darvall Heights.Left

The Dunell Hills Manufacturing Sector

The Largest still active manufacturing sector in Malton is right here in the DMZ.

Malt-On Brewery(a factory) [2, 33]Dunell Hills Left

Ellicott Place Railway Station[0, 45]Owsleybank Left

Bremmer Manufacturing a factory 4,37 Dunell Hills Left

Jaqua's Fine Guns, Inc.(a factory)[1] [5,47-48]Left

Universal Manufacturing [13,46]Left

Parks and Recreation

Where the stressed out Maltonite can set back and relax:

The Heal Museum [1, 34]Dunell Hills Left

Gotch Museum[14,35]Left

The Troakes Museum [8, 41]Owsleybank Left

The Pettman Museum [7, 30]Dunell HillsLeft

The Hyson Museum [4, 40] OwsleybankLeft

The Pitts Museum [6, 46] OwsleybankLeft

The Loder Museum [13, 23] Chudleyton Left

Glass Park [9, 37] Dunell Hills Left

Kelher Park [9, 21] Peddlesden Village Left

Verrall Park [15, 39] West Becktown Left

Tasker Park [11, 41] Molebank Left

Culmstock Park(Formaly Balboa Park) [6, 28] OwsleybankLeft

Tuchings Park [10,32] West BecktownLeft

Ripley Park [16,33]West BecktownLeft

McDermott Park [10,37]West BecktownLeft

Ivens Park [16,25]ChudleytonLeft

The Best Accomodations...

The Dennis Motel [6, 42] Owsleybank Left

The Ackermen Hotel [11, 31] West BecktownLeft

The Stone Motel [0, 37] Dunell Hills Left

The Roger Hotel[4, 31]Dunell Hills Left

The Nolan Hotel Monte Carlo [12, 36]West Becktown Left

Commercial Opportunities in the DMZ

Office Buildings and research facilities are unmatched by anywhere else in the city...

NecroTech We bring Good Things to Life...Necrotech logo.png

The Bascombe Building [3, 26] Owsleybank Center

Ostrehan Towers [2,36] Dunell Hills Mobilemast2.jpg

The Latrobe Building [21, 28]Darvall Heights.Left

Houghton Towers [4, 24] Peddlesden Village Left

Clarry Towers[5, 31] Dunell Hills Left

Prouse Towers [2,22] Peddlesden VillageLeft

Graham Towers [11, 37] West Becktown Left

The Pankhurst Building [10, 42]MolebankLeft

The Dury Building [5, 36] Dunell Hills Summer Building.jpg

The Bondfield Building [3, 28]Left

The Woodborne Building [0, 44]Owsleybank Left

The Houghton Towers [4,24] Left

The Donovan Building [14,27]Left

Shopping! Sales in the Dunell Hills area draw People from all over Malton.

Really could 2000 Zombies be wrong?

Caiger Mall[19, 27] Chudleyton CaigerMallmeta.jpg

Left Right

Dunell Hills Civic Groups

Churches and other civic groups

St. Mary's Church (Dunell Hills) [8, 37] Dunell Hills Left

St. Luke's Church (Dunell Hills) [0, 32] Dunell Hills Center

St. Marcus's Church (Dunell Hills) [6, 33] Dunell Hills Right

St. Lorenzo's Church [6, 37] Dunell Hills St isidore.jpg

St Mark's Church[11, 23] Chudleyton Left

St Jude's Cathedral [12, 47] Molebank Left

St Jude's CathedralLeft

St Tsarevna's Church[12, 35] West Becktown Left

St Edith's Church [9, 22] OwsleybankLeft

St Humphrey's Church [3, 25]Peddlesden VillageLeft

St Columbanus's Church [5, 41]OwsleybankLeft

St. Paulinus's Church [13, 41]MolebankLeft

St Osyth's Church [12, 37] And Cemetery 12,38 West Becktown Left

Dunell Hills Public Service Directory

The Dunell Hills Police Department Serving your Security needs in the Greater-Dunell Area.


Cotty Street Police Department [1, 33] Dunell Hills Center

Ruggevale Walk Police Department[9, 44]Owsleybank Right

DHPD Swinnerton Square Precinct[3, 23]Peddlesden VillageLeft

DHPD Yea Drive Precinct[1, 33] Dunell Hills

DHPD Bunter Street Precinct [7, 28]Peddlesden Village Left

DHPD Broadbelt Grove Precinct[7, 35] Dunell Hills Left

Malton Police Department Protecting and Serving Malton since 1811.MPDlogo002.jpg

Malton Fire Department

Maltonfdsymbol2.jpg We Offer the protection you need in Today's fast paced world.

Ainslie Road Fire Station [9, 35]Dunell Hills Left

Bush Crescent Fire Station [8, 39]Dunell Hills Right

City of Malton Hospitals and Healthcare Board Group logo We are here to help the wounded and cure the sick.

Zephyrinus General Hospital [6, 36] Dunell Hills Left

Malton Red Cross Humanity | Impartiality | Neutrality | Independence | Volunteer Service | Unity | Universality

Red-cross copy.jpg

Malton Utilities

Malton TelephoneMaltel.gif

Visitor Center Sponsors

Fitkin Auto Repair: For all your Automotive Needs, All types of automobiles serviced including most 
foreign and domestic models. Located at 0,23 in scenic Peddlesden Village.

Affordable real estate is ready for development from Dunell Hills Realty Company. Contact the DHRC at 213-555-0100 to arrange an opportunity to inspect these and other promising sites:

Peddlesden Village [0, 29][6, 23]

Chudleyton [14, 21][18, 24][12, 29]

Dunell Hills [3, 39][6, 39][8, 35][9, 30]

West Becktown [12, 33][12, 31][18, 31][14, 36][15, 37]

Owsleybank [6, 41][2, 42][5, 42][2, 44][2, 48][4, 48]

Molebank [15, 40]