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As of January 23rd, 2018 the RCC is officially back in operation in response to continuous organized assaults on Roftwood survivors by the infamous and legendary Ridleybank Resistance Front

Since then, the RCC has spearheaded many campaigns, a few of which can be found in greater detail in 2nd Director ZombGG's Journal -

1st Liberation of Roftwood - Following The Great Scourgin, RCC coalition forces quickly rebuild the suburb. After a bitter final effort from a remnant horde of feral zombies, Hildebrand Mall is crowned and the campaign is deemed a success!
1st Nichols Mall Tour - War fervor was at an all-time high after freshly reclaiming Roftwood from The Scourge and feral forces, so the RCC coalition embarked on a new campaign to assist our neighbors in Stanbury Village, specifically with the Nichols Mall. Our aim was to restore Nichols Mall and reignite The Kilt Store, a fabled survivor group local to that area. The operation resulted in a stalemate as coalition forces found themselves deadlocked in a draining trench style war-of-attrition against the same feral forces recently pushed out of Roftwood, as well as a small division of zombies from the Ridleybank Resistance Front dedicated to strengthening their grip on "Greater Ridleybank"
2nd Nichols Mall Tour - Soon enough RCC coalition forces find themselves back in the trenches of Stanbury Village's Nichols Mall area. The aim is the same, support our neighbors and facilitate survivor stability in the region. Soon enough, we are again checked by the RRF and those same feral forces.
An evacuation is ordered after a brutal fuel shortage hits the survivor faction. RNG was not kind for consecutive days in a row as fuel was literally NO WHERE to be found. Supplies dwindled at lightning speed and we could not restock fast enough to keep the fight going. The operation is ultimately deemed unsuccessful.
3rd Nichols Mall Tour - Triggered by sightings of RRF and feral zombies creeping into and terrorizing western Roftwood, the RCC coalition enacts a THIRD campaign BACK into Nichols Mall, forcing the action to take place just beyond our home turf.
Again, a deadlock quickly unfolds as both survivors and zombies fight tooth and nail for control of Nichols Mall. Hoping to turn the tides, 2nd Director ZombGG reaches out to the noble Knights Templar for support.
The call to arms is answered. Honorable members of the KT arrive just in time for the tour to be suspended in response to a sudden and surprising ransacking of our beloved Hildebrand Mall by The Scourge.
2nd Liberation of Roftwood - Immediately following the suspended 3rd Nichols Mall Tour, RCC and KT forces forge an alliance and combine efforts to combat 2 of Malton's most deadly zombie groups, The Scourge and the Ridleybank Resistance Front. This campaign is currently still in operation.


The siege of 08'

The Last Stand of Roftwood - Took place at the legendary St. Ethelbert's Hospital. In a suburb systematically ruined by the Ridleybank Resistance Front, St. Ethelbert's was the little hospital that refused to fall, continually repelling any break-ins until it became the last building standing in Roftwood whereupon RRF forces of 100+ had to make a concerted, coordinated strike attack to bring the building down.
The inevitable result was a big feast for the zombies, but they had to trash a whole suburb and then use strike tactics to bring a little Hospital down to ruin. A more detailed account can be found here.


LUE and X:00 Tactics

The Liberation of Herbert - One of the only tactical victories for survivors against the infamous LUE zombie horde. Also, the first time X:00 tactics were executed by RCC forces. A more detailed account can be found here.


Foundation and retalition!

RCC - The Roftwood Coordination Center was founded August 8th, 2006 in reaction to the Big Bash's occupation of Roftwood by 1st Director N dG

The suburb's survivor population benefited greatly as motivated locals gathered, shared ideas, and coordinated efforts toward reclaiming our home.

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