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Character Description

A cop from out of town just recently transferred to Malton. He arrived on the day the outbreak began and was never able to officially report for duty. He now searches for fellow survivors to help him fight the undead and bring order to the city.

Detailed Information

Name: Dorian Miller

Age: 25

Occupation: Police officer

Blood type: O

Height: 5'9 ft

Weight: 165 lbs

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Group affiliation: None. Was scheduled to start work as an officer at the Schreiber Drive Police Department in Rolt Heights the day the outbreak began.

Birthplace: Unknown, but his original service weapon is from a place called Kendo Gun Shop.

History in the City of Malton


As soon as Dorian arrived in Malton he found himself thrust into a nightmarish world teeming with the undead. A biohazardous outbreak of unknown origins had swept across the entire city, turning the living and dead alike into walking corpses. He first arrived in Rolt Heights, but upon entering the derelict remains of the Schreiber Drive Police Department, the precinct he had been transfered to, he was met by only a few battle scarred survivors who recounted tales of the numerous zombie attacks on their station. Enraged by their stories, Dorian sought out the first zombie he could find and prepared to enact his revenge. He was not successful. Underestimating the creatures' inhuman resistance to firearms and perhaps overestimating his own skills, he was forced to retreat from battle after running out of ammo. The undead monster trudged on after him despite being shot several times. Humbled by the experience, Dorian fled to nearby Gibsonton where he laid low and stocked up on weapons and ammo in the local police stations. Once properly armed, he hit the streets to increase his skills by preying on lone zombies. But when the undead population increased in Gibsonton and nearby Dunningwood, he moved south to Spracklingbank to continue his training. There he learned of Fort Creedy in Peppardville and figured it was just the place he was looking for; a fortified location filled with ammo and other survivors. Once he was confident in his skills he headed to Peppardville and made his way to Fort Creedy. There he met the Creedy Defense Force, the first well organized group of survivors he had come across since first arriving in Malton. He quickly settled down in the fort along with the 200 or so other people that regularly frequented the location. Due to the large concentration of people inside, and perhaps for other reasons as of yet unknown, the fort seemed to attract zombies. In early January the fort came under siege by a large group of undead who seemed intent on overrunning the structure. Dorian along with the CDF and other brave defenders of the fort held out for seven long days before the retreat was sounded. To prevent any further loss of life the CDF was forced to retreat to Giddings Mall in neighboring Pitneybank.


Dorian Miller participated in the following battles/sieges:

1. Cowboy's Last Stand (Second Battle of Fort Creedy) 7 January 2006-14 January 2006

2. Battle of Giddings Mall 15 January 2006-20 January 2006

3. January Siege of Bale Mall (Part of Mall Tour '06) 23 January 2006-26 January 2006

4. The Second Siege of Caiger Mall 3 February 2006-19 March 2006

5. The Third Siege of Caiger Mall 23 October 2006-10 November 2006

Other Characters

Ray Miller

Johnathan Stirling

Dillon Anderson

Jack Mallory


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