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Theme Song

The Clansman - Iron Maiden
Wake alone in the hills
With the wind in your face
It feels good to be proud
And be free and a race
That is part of a clan
And to live on highlands
And the air that you breathe
So pure and so clean

Wake alone on the hills
With the wind in your hair
With a longing to feel
Just to be free

It is right to believe
In the need to be free
It's a time when you die
And without asking why
Can't you see what they do
They are grinding us down
They are taking our land
That belongs to the clans

Not alone with a dream
Just a want to be free
With a need to belong
I am a clansman... Freedom!

It's a time wrought with fear
It's a land wrought with change
Ancestors could hear
What is happening now
They would turn in their graves
They would all be ashamed
That the land of the free
Has been written in chains

And I know what I want
When the timing is right
Then I'll take what is mine
I am the clansman

And I swear to defend
And we'll fight to the end
And I swear that I'll never
Be taken alive
And I know that we'll stand
And we'll fight for our land
And I swear that my bairns
Will be born free

No. No we can't let them take anymore
No we can't let them take anymore
We've the land of the free...

Template Time

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This user/group does not support barricading over Extremely Heavy without a good reason. Remember: overbarricading kills. Literally.
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This User supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
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This user or group supports
organized revivification.

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Survive. Revive. Thrive.

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This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?
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The Person

Flag of Brazil.png Brazil
This user is Brazilian.
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Hello you! My name's Lucas and I'm 24 year old. I live in Brazil, most exactly in Campo Grande, and don't speak english very well. Yes, you're welcome to correct anything that I write wrong. Other thing you should know, is that I have a terrible and wrong sense of humor. I like to see kids falling and old people running from cars. No, this time you can't correct me. Speaking in cars, I've three main hobbies. Cars, internet and games. And I'm a little addicted to the third with a Ps2 and a nice PC. I'm a player since the atari and play everything, from consoles to cards, board games and sports.

I'm using this nick since 2001 with a lot of games and places in the internet. If you know me, please say hi and identify yourself.

The Character

Proud ex-Lieutenant of The Crimson Clan.
Proud ex-Leader and Founder of the Sons of Brazil.

The Beginning

In the middle of 2007, Lukaz use his vacation time for a nice trip. After a nice day visiting some historical places in Malton he falls at sleep in his bed at The Deny Hotel. But only to wake up in hell, just a few hours later. Disoriented by the zombies in the street, he walk the streets with no objective. But the sense of community hits him and he starts to help people against the zombies using a fire axe and his knowledge of firefighter. Lost and tired, he can't find entrance to the buildings with heavily barricades in the doors. He remember that night as the scariest night in Malton.

I was wandering in the streets, lost and looking for a place to stay in the night. With all the buildings with blocked doors, the only thing that I was able to do is keep searching. Them, I find a small Cinema, shrouded in darkness. The doors are open, with any signs of zombies inside. But before get in i see a trouble. Right next the cinema I find not one, but various zombies waiting for God-knows-what in a cemetery. In that night, I didn't have any choice. I get in the building, close the doors and hide myself in the chairs of the dark room to get the worst night of sleep of my entire life. With some luck I was able to wake up still alive in the next day. With my forces back, the next day I find the Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station, the building that's I make of safe house for a long time before go north.

The Sons

The Start

After a few weeks lost helping other survivors, he start to look for other brazilians in Malton. With radio transmissions, he find Colonel Cabelinho in Molebank, living in the Mores Lane Police Department. With some days of conversation they decided to find each other in the Ackland Mall and look for more brazilians from there. The initiative works and soon they start to find others brazilians. With Lukaz and Cabelinho in charge of the organization, they become the Sons of Brazil, a group decided to gather the brazilians survivors.

The Gold Month

After some months and well concluded missions, the group was forced to move from Ackland due the attack of LUE. The place chosen to be the new HQ is the Calvert Mall, in Gatcombeton. With the lack of support of others groups, the Sons started various programs in the suburb to make it better, like support the St Cyprian's Hospital, support the Revive Point of Luch Road and make a complete Barricade Plan for Gatcombeton. In a few weeks, the suburb are just with a few zombies scattered and no building ruined. The Sons are feared by the zombies and trusted by other survivors.

The End

The group are getting strong faster and this always bring one consequence. Enemies. With the success, several PKers start to look for the Sons without any reason. With the small number of people in the group, they start a counter attack against the PKers, with undercover sub-group called by the name of BOPE. But with this division, the group was unable to protect the suburb and several members get killed without any help. With reduced numbers, the rest of the team is called to regroup in Calvert before an attack of Extinction. The 8 last members of the Sons answer the call. Lukaz make a fast plan to try to help an evacuation of the mall.

All right, guys. We're just a few, so we need to hold strong to the plan. Everyone will make a double and each double will stay in one corner of the mall. Make that graffiti and warn everyone to go the Caiger Mall. We don't know what corner they gonna attack first, so stay with your eyes open. If anyone see a barricade falling, call the rest and will handle it together. I don't want nobody trying to be a hero, people. Let's stay focused. Ok, we all know what to do. Let's get this on move! (Translated to English)

They come in the second day, but we didn't get any chance. The plan is get the most of the survivors out of the building, but it didn't work. The people want to stay and fight. Just a few make the way to Caiger. Oh, God. I remember like yesterday. They attacked the NE corner first, with a strong and organized horde. Minduim and Cabelinho was there. Someone scream on the radio when the barricades fall an the rest of us run there, but it was a mess. People in panic, people running and just a few trying to fight back. When I make the way to the front door was to late. Cabelinho was dead Minduim was wounded and infected. We try to retake that corner, but they just keep coming and coming. Tauraheru was in my side and jump in the middle of the crowed to help Minduim, but they both get surrounded. With any chance of victory, I ordered the remaining people to get the out of there, but I never see another member of the Sons of Brazil again. God bless them. They had deserved some place up there.

The Clan

After the end of SoB, Lukaz start to run a little pub in Havercroft called The Limbery Arms. The place was working well, serving good beer to survivors who want rest and get some peace. But, before he can end the third of month of profit and well deserved rest, Kris Eikehaug, founder and leader (in that time) of The Crimson Clan called him to join the group. Bored with the lack of action, he joined the group and become part of the militia, to prove his valor and strong to the rest of the team.

With all the skills in place, he made a fast passage for the Militia, going to Home Guard just two weeks later. Working hard as Engineer in North of Havercroft, he defend the Ackland Mall against the MOB in the War of the North West Frontier holding strong to the last stand against the zombie horde. After the fight and the appearing of The Dead he moved to south of Malton, waiting with the clan the right time to strike back and take home back to zombies rooted hand. Working in a whole new formation with the clan, he was first promoted to the Marines after the re-conquer of Ackland Mall. Due the coordination and fast response in the forums and hard work inside the game, Lukaz was promoted, first to the adviser group of the Crimsons and later to be the Lieutenant of the Novo Squad.


6 months without log in, far away from Malton.

Work Work

Back to bussiness, he's helping other survivors once again in Havercroft with the help of some brazilians friends (some ex-members of Sons of Brazil who get back to the game) members of the Omega Geek forum.

Joined: 20 of June, 2007
Character class: Civilian, Firefighter
Favorite equipment: Fire Axe, Toolbox and FAK's
Character profile: LukazDrakon
Current status: Alive and Hunting
Character group: Omega Geeks
Character stats: Level 41
Journal: Battle Nerds

Great Things

Ackland. This is Drakon, from the Crimson Clan. Are you afraid of WHAT?! This siege will be long and hard, but have no fear! Cade the mall, heal the friend. Kill the dead bastard, DUMP THE GARBAGE! 'Cause that is what they are. Garbage! They aren't LUE. They aren't Bash. Who the fuck are they?! Just a mob! WE CAN WIN THIS BATTLE! STAY CLOSE. STAY SHARP. STAY ALIVE AND FIGHTING! Show them the blood of your veins. Show them the guts that we all have! They came for meat and brain. Let's give them just iron, lead and fire! Cade the mall, heal the friend. Kill the dead bastard, DUMP THE GARBAGE! Let's win this battle! Survivors! Who are with me?

McKinley'sSpartans.jpg THIS IS MALTOOOOON!
This user or group thinks the Dead must be stopped, and is prepared to band together and fight.

Others Characters


  1. Alexan Rath
  2. Caput Mortuum


  1. Dr Drakon - K.I.A.
  2. Lukaz Drakon - K.I.A.

Zergling.gif Alt user
LukazDrakon has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.


Thank's to Suicidal Angel for let me take some codes of his page.


Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

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