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Hey there

You're great at bottoming ;) nice and tight Jack Heins 01:35, 7 September 2009 (BST)

Suburb News

The suburb news section is for NPOV news and not for requests or chatter to other wiki users. Please limit said discussion to the users talk page in future Moonie Talk Testimonials 03:17, 9 August 2009 (BST)

Gtfo cuntface —The preceding unsigned comment was added by AnonSantlerville (talkcontribs) 12:03, August 15, 2009).


Yeah, sorry, I noticed that you're one of them afterwards. I only said you because Anon's only comment on a non-dead bunnies or his page was on yours. sorry.--Yonnua Koponen Talk ! Contribs 11:22, 19 August 2009 (BST)


Why, thank you. I only wish some NPOV Nazis could only feel the same way. What you see on Santlerville news page have been trimmed mercilessly cut by a certain editor who thought my reports aren't NPOV enough.

Well, some of them might. I have to admit, sometimes I add some flavor text to my reports. Because frankly, bare-bones NPOV can be boring fast. At least I believe I always make them neutral, if a bit more colorful. But some people don't think so. And for some reason, those people aren't zombies, but PKers. -- Kittithaj 19:20, 19 August 2009 (BST)


It still works fine to me, and its still being up was confirmed by a mutual... Acquaintance. If you were wondering, it was just you telling some friends of ours that we were being cowards for shooting poor stepdown whilst he was sleeping.--Shank Case 02:43, 22 August 2009 (BST)

Somewhat angry about the fact that I pointed out your verbal misstep? --Shank Case 05:09, 24 August 2009 (BST)
I would be burned if anything that came out of your mount made sense. So far I couldn't be safer =). Oh, how's the alt abuse going? --Shank Case 05:21, 25 August 2009 (BST)

Testimony To His Holiness

Space reserved for user testimony


According to your prior logic, you in fact are a dirty coward. This is the proof.

And here's the proof stating you are a coward according to your logic.

Just one of many, many screenshots of you being a coward. --Hkl.png.Ryanon.Tophat.png [Talk] [HKL] [/zom/] [Red Rum] 01:46, 4 September 2009 (BST)

This is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to beg for my forgiveness. I'm sorry Ryanon, but you cannot appeal to my vanity. The extermination will continue as planned. Forgiveness is not my department. The Lord God Jehovah will have to decide that. My job is just to arrange the meeting. --DTangent 02:21, 4 September 2009 (BST)
It's a shame I wasn't asking for forgiveness. I was calling you a coward. There's a difference. --Hkl.png.Ryanon.Tophat.png [Talk] [HKL] [/zom/] [Red Rum] 03:32, 4 September 2009 (BST)
I edited this comment because it was a little harsh on my part. The Bible tells us to treat our guests with respect and I let the Marine in me get the best of me. Nevertheless, this talk page is my home and you are a guest. So in conclusion I hope we find a compromise in the way we enjoy this game. I encourage you to have your own fun and not take yourself too seriously. --DTangent 05:51, 4 September 2009 (BST)
"No there isn't. You're using carefully crafted words in hopes of trying to deter me from fulfilling my mission from God. That's the point of this pathetic little charade isn't it? It is sad to see you this way, beaten like a dog yet you keep coming back for more. Keep crying on this page and see if anyone cares." Nice Rage. --Hkl.png.Ryanon.Tophat.png [Talk] [HKL] [/zom/] [Red Rum] 02:19, 5 September 2009 (BST)

Switching Sides?

And interesting offer, but not at all tempting. And I must respectfully decline.

The reason? I started playing this character as my own avatar in a zombie apocalypse world. In other words, I'm role-playing as myself. All actions I do reflect on what I believe in. And I believe in humanity. That's why this character is a pro-survivor human, and always will be.

Sure, some humans are stupid, cowardly, arrogant, or selfish. But I do believe many of them are good-nature people who, like me, are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater whole. Every time I am killed, there will be someone who revive me back up. Every time I am harmed, there will be someone who heal me. Every time barricades are down, generators are out, or zombies are in, there will be people who come in and fix the situation. And most of them do those things anonymously, wanting nothing in return, not even fame or recognition (even I have to add my name after broadcasts from time to time.) To turn my back on survivors is not only a treachery to them, but to myself and my beliefs as well.

What troubles I may have with the Dribbling Beavers here in Santlerville can't be compared to what happened to me in Pitneybank. It's unthinkable that I was killed because I was tearing down barricades to enforce the local barricade plan. But it did happen. And worse, the killer, who seems to be a well-known local, went on to smear me as zombie spy, PKer, and GKer. When I tried to explain the truth in details, I was called and emo and told to shut up by some anonymous (they're the same everywhere, those anonymous.) It also didn't help when people know that I'm the one who kept on pointing out their local "hero" is nothing more than a self-important attention-seeker.

If I'm an arrogant elitist human hater, I'd join the Philosophe Knights a long time ago. And I'll surely go back to Pitneybank to get revenge on people who wronged me and the gullible sheep who follow them. But I'm not. I hate elitists, PKers, and elitist PKers. And I know that apart from those despicable few, there are many honest innocent people trying to survive. So I chose to leave the suburb, cursing it, and swear not to return there again. Being killed by the Knights' leader himself for incorrect use of grammar in my profile is also a big turn-off too. And my profile is still kept intact and incorrect, as a symbol of refusal to their "education".

As you can see, the conflict with the Dribbling Beavers regarding tactics to better defend Santlerville is nothing - I've been through worse. In fact, it is just a war of words and thoughts, in a somewhat civil manner. In the end, all of us want to save this suburb. Besides, even when I believe I have a more sensible plan, if I'm in Beavers' shoes, I wouldn't be pleased to have a new guy come in and tell me how it's done, after years of being the suburb's protector.

If the Beavers think their plan is the best, I'll just wait and see the result (I hate to say it, but I suspect "I told you so" situation will come up soon.) As of now, while they don't listen to me, they still revive me and I still revive them. And if the conflict goes to the level that we can't stand each other, I'll just do the most sensible thing - leave. If they don't want my help, I'll go help elsewhere. It's their home, after all.

My home is Dulston, maybe I'll go back there to help the Dulston Alliance patching it up. I'm a known man there, and I know my opinion, agreeable or not, will be heard. Besides, the Alliance knows what it's doing. It only took the MOB, and then constant, unending zombie attack month after month to drive them out. And now they're returning. It was the MOB invasion that displaced me since last November. Perhaps it is only fitting to rejoin my old comrades because of them.

Well, that's a very long reply for a short comment. I admit I'm sometimes guilty of writing too long than I should, and this is one of them. But I just feel the need to explain myself to you, so you can better understand my decision. And after all those radio debates we had, I think you won't mind reading something of this length. Unfortunately, others are not. That's why those "too long; don't read" generations hate my guts and always tell me to shut up. -- Kittithaj 00:14, 6 September 2009 (BST)

P.S. So, you're stalking me. And it looks like you have your own informant (possibly your alt?) inside Hall NT to listen to my arguments with the Beavers. I suspect that because most comments never got on to the radio. And someone had to be in there to hear them.

I will respond to your comment in details tomorrow. In the meantime, why don't you just sit down and consider what you did to calista? Playful jab is one thing. Sarcasm and insult is another. Those are tolerable and sometimes funny. But what you wrote and broadcasted borders on sexual harassment, which just crossed the line of civility and decency. -- Kittithaj 20:58, 6 September 2009 (BST)

Okay, let's begin. I will counter your arguments point by point:

  • First, you said zombies aren't real. Of course they aren't! We're playing a game here. And I believe I made it clear that I'm role-playing myself in a zombie-infested world. I react to the situation the same way I would if it happens in real life, which it isn't. I never state it anywhere that zombies are real. The only things that are real are me and my beliefs. What's next? Saying people shouldn't play medieval fantasy RPGs because orcs and elves aren't real? Don't you understand the concept of role-playing?
    • And, what's wrong with role-playing as myself anyway? You ask me why would I want to do that. And I ask you, why shouldn't I? Is there a rule anywhere saying we can't play as our own selves? I don't think so. Some people like to role-play as someone they can't be in real life. And some, like me, like to be themselves, only in a strange, unreal situation. Are you saying we're doing it wrong?
  • You said people who grief others in game just want to vent out their frustrations in real life. I can agree with that. You then said people who plays nice guys have nothing going on in their lives. That I couldn't agree with. The reason is, different people have different ways to deal with their hardships. Some will react aggressively, some will react creatively. Some will be extrovert, and some will be introvert. When wronged, some will demand justice, some will plot revenge, some will suck it up, and some will go on to wronged weaker victims. People who are bullied in real life can choose the positive path, to be heroes and right wrongs. Or they can choose to be negative, griefing others who never wronged them. Both types are in fact doing the same thing - things they don't have the power to do in real life. And the path each player choose speaks volume of his/her mindset and upbringing. Some people derive pleasure from doing good things and helping people. Some get it from being bad and breaking rules. Although this is just a game, anyone who get off on hurting others is, to put it simply, sadistic, no matter if he/she is a survivor, zombie, or PKer. Seriously, those sad people should consult psychiatrists, take course on anger management, or simply grow up.
    • And, even if you're correct that people who play good guys have nothing bad happens in their lives. Is that a bad thing? I think not. I'll take a boring peaceful life over a life of hardship and abuse any day.
    • You said people are going to be unnecessary cruel to me because they can't do that anywhere else. I say, those people are pathetic. They should try to improve their own screwed-up lives instead of directing their pent-up rages to someone they don't even know on the internet. Oh, and I can take online cruelty. Because I'm a grown-up man with stable mentality. What hurts me online isn't affecting me in real life. Oh, and while I have a fair share of problems with PKers, I still find more people that's good to me. A losing fight? Not really. Is it possible that in your eyes people are bad and cruel, because you hang out with bad and cruel people? Or because you are one yourself?
  • You said I'm a naive idealist, and I won't deny that. And I believe the world needs more idealist and dreamers for it to be a better place. We have enough negative thinkers and people who accept injustices as normal status quo. You said that human greed knows no bound. And they can never consume enough. I agree with that. And obviously George Romero is, because his zombie movie Dawn of the Dead was all about that, the evils of consumerism. So we both agree that greed is the problem. And guess what? Socialism is the cure.
  • You said that zombie are more pure. I agree. Because they're animals. They do things according to their instincts. They neither enforce rules nor create a structured society. They kill people because they're hungry, not because of hatred. And for that, they're like wild animals such as lions and tigers. And if you want to call a wild force of nature as pure, then it's fine by me. But that doesn't mean us humans have to stand still and let your kind eat us. We have our own lives and loved ones to protect. And when we're threatened, we're free to do anything necessary to keep ourselves alive. Sure, there are people who go out and kill zombies in the streets. Those are like poachers who go hunt wild tigers in the jungle - snobbish alpha jerks. And with limited ammunition available, they're idiots as well (only exceptions are young zombie hunters wanting experience, maxed-out survivors who still do that are obnoxious, stupid, or both.) Those people are always portrayed in Romero's works as bad guys who're no better than zombies themselves.
    • And while I agree with you that zombies are pure force of nature. I only mean animalistic, instinct-driven zombies only. Zombies that communicate, have leaders and chain-of-commands, talk trash to their opponents, and grief them, aren't as pure. They act the same way as humans, and therefore, are as bad as humans themselves.
  • No, I'm not a Christian. And I prefer to keep religions outside of the game instead of dragging it into conflicts. But if you have to know, I'm a Buddhist first, and a Socialist second. Since Buddhism is a godless and faithless religion, your whole argument about God and zombies is invalid to me. But I'll counter your points from a theist point of view anyway.
    • You said God created zombies. Wrong. The most possible cause is NecroTech experiment gone wrong. And they're here in Malton to observe and fix the situation. See, the cause of zombies apocalypse is science, not God. The last theory that suggests God created zombie to punish humans are never mentioned anywhere in Kevan's canon, or any zombie movies for that matter.
    • Besides, human is the favorite of God's creation, not zombies. And in the end he'll save humans, but only the good ones. All evil people and other beasts will be thrown into hell for eternal torment. It is written in the Revelations chapter of the Bible. If you actually are Christian and read it, you'd know. So why stay on zombie side, do bad things, and risk eternal torment? The most logical choice is to do good and God will bring you eternal happiness in the end.
    • About killing brothers and sisters, you see, it's not a sin to try to survive, otherwise it would be a sin to kill and eat animals, also God's creations. Besides, my brothers and sisters aren't going to crack open my skull and eat my brain. That being said, aren't zombies that kill humans killing their brothers and sisters too? Remember, such a logic works both ways.
    • You said zombies didn't choose to be what they are. Wrong. Zombies in Malton are luckier than movie zombies in that they always have choices. Most traditional movie zombies always go after humans because of their instincts, and they're killed in self-defense. Malton zombies can choose to go to a revive line and get their lives back. Of course they can choose not to, opting to rot their brains and harm humans instead. But they have no right to complain when they're shot in the heads. Because it's their choices and they must be responsible to their actions and consequences. Nobody is forcing them to kill humans, not even instincts, because Malton zombies are sentient, i.e. they have free will. And with freedom comes responsibility.
    • Also, killing a thing that is already dead is not a sin. Especially to save lives. Killing zombies doesn't destroy lives, because they have no lives to begin with. And they can't "die" either. A killed zombie is still a zombie, while a killed human doesn't stay a human.
    • Now let's substitute zombies with sentient evil robots, created by evolutionary algorithm. If they rise up against us, are you going to say it's the work of God? Even though it's clearly science which create them and ultimately do us in? Are you going to say robots are our brothers and sisters? Or sons and daughters, because we make them? Despite the fact that they're just metals and minerals before we assemble them up? Are you going to say that killing robots, or deactivating them, is a sin? Despite the fact they have no lives? Are you going to side with them because they have an equal and classless society? Even though they want to kill us all? See how little sense do your logic make?
  • About zombie society more charitable and better suit to Socialism ideal, you almost got me here. But you didn't. See, you always try to portray human society as selfish consumerism. But that's not always true. As I said before, there are many good humans in Malton, who help other people wanting nothing in return, except maybe the same favor in the time of need. Now carefully consider Malton. It is a moneyless society, with no trading possible. Humans must help each other to survive, as no one can live by himself (and I don't know how, but you can't just revive yourself, unless you cheat.) What does that sound like? Yes, a classic Socialist Utopia, if only with zombies. And because they serve humanity for free, all pro-survivor humans are Socialists, whether they know it or not.
    • Zombies, on the other hand, aren't Socialists, they're just a collective herd of animals who follow their leader to destructive rampage. Perhaps you confuse Socialism with Collectivism. I'll give you a few simple examples: Canada is Socialist, North Korea is Collectivist. Free health care is Socialism, mass suicide/homicide cult is Collectivism. See the difference? Now, do Malton's survivors have access to free health care? I think so. Do Malton zombies travel en masse, with only one mindset, to kill people? I'll let you answer that.
    • Another important thing to remember is, Socialism is the creative force. We want to create a better society where everybody has enough essential resources to live well. True Socialists help people, not kill people. They hate wars and only wage them to free the mass from oppressors. Although humans of Malton have an option to kill, they never have to rely on that to gain experience. Other creative options, like healing and reviving, are always possible, and benefit other humans more in the long run (that's why I stop shooting lead and start injecting serum these days.) Zombies, on the other hand, have to gain experience from destruction alone. How can creatures that only know how to destroy, not create, dare to call themselves Socialists?
  • Lastly, you said that I did a lot of good. That's correct. And you also said I deserve more than ridicule. That's also correct. However, you were wrong to assume that I only got ridiculed. I have already got what I deserve, which is not laughs in the face, but help in time of need. As I said before, every time I was killed, I am revived. Every time I was harmed, I am healed. What should I want more that that? Fame? Fortune? Respect? Isn't the guarantee that I'll be back alive and well every time I go down good enough? It's good enough for me.
    • And you were seriously wrong to say I get more hate from my own kind than from your group. Your words were meaningless, because people's actions speak much louder. If they hate me, why do they keep on healing and reviving me? Anyone within 26.06 radio radius must remember my name by now. And yet I never have a shortage of heals and revives. Even the Beavers, with all those calista's jabbing and bickering, in the end they still resurrect me back from the dead. And I'll do the same thing to them. Because we have the same goal, even with different methods.
    • And even if you're correct, which you aren't, I don't care. It's irrelevant that I get more hate from my own kind than from your group. What's important is my own kind hate your group more than they hate me. And I'm sure they are.

You've asked me a lot. I believe I've replied to all of yours points. Now let me ask you back. What actually do you believe in? I seriously doubt that you're a true Christian. Because every word coming out of you, both in radio broadcasts and Wiki pages, are nothing but mockery of Christianity. Even a Christian fundamentalist wouldn't say something like that. Besides, you don't seem to know your Bible. Heck, you're letting a Buddhist Socialist to lecture you on this! You seems to hate social order, so you might be an Anarchist. But true Anarchist love the common people, believing in humanity just like true Socialists do. They only see all kind of social establishment and order as evil oppressors that must be destroyed, trusting the people to govern themselves. You and your group, on the other hand, want to kill all humans indiscriminately, whether they're part of the oppressive order or not. That's far from being Anarchists. Maybe you're a nihilist? Or a Libertarian? That's more likely, because frankly, Libertarianism is the belief that people have the right to be selfish, and there should be no social establishment to deter them from that. So, I'm guessing you're an Anarcho-Libertarian, wanting to destroy all social order and let the strong eat the weak. And funny, you condemn humans for doing the same thing.

So, you tried to punch holes into my logic. But in the end, it's me who punch holes into yours. That's not hard, because you seem to know nothing about what you said. You don't know Socialism from Collectivism. You don't know the Bible even though you claimed to be Christian. You view things from your own point of view only, and without enough information or logic, incorrectly speculate what doesn't really happen. If I'm a bit younger, I'd be sold to your comments. But I'm not. I can think logically and sensibly with my head kept straight. I didn't reply you yesterday because I was sleepy and I was somewhat annoyed by your actions. Thus I slept on it for one night, so my thought can be as clear as possible. Once again I must decline your offer, thus having the honor of being the only human who decline Dead Bunnies' invitation twice. -- Kittithaj 03:40, 8 September 2009 (BST)

Well, thanks for clearing that up. It doesn't matter though, because I decide to leave Santlerville. At first, I planned to stay until the siege on Hall NT is over, one way or another. Then the Bunnies turning pro-survivor has changed my mind. If both groups work together, my effort is not needed. And that nasty broadcast was the last straw.
I've been in stupid drama before, where people (mostly Anonymous) refuse to listen to logic and reason. And I have no desire to stay in this one. Besides, if my life was threatened after all I have done, just because I tried to talk some sense into them, then I know that people here do hate me. And with the Bunnies joining the human side, they probably hate me more than you guys at this point. Maybe there are just a few of them, who make their hostility known vocally, but it's not worth staying.
I once told one of the Bunnies (Jason 'Fock'n' Stafam, I think) that I'd rather stay under the radar. Because every time I make myself known on the radio, troubles follow. And this incident proves it. I don't think I spam the radio, or at least, not that much. And yet, I am hated more than PKers or that Indian spammer. Maybe I should offer my help with my mouth shut all the time, or stay anonymous.
Funny, isn't it? At first, you tried to persuade me to switch sides. Now it is your group who switched. You say you take responsibility for what you said, and that's good. I still think you need to take responsibility for what you talked to calista. And now that you're on the same side of the battle, I believe it's not too hard to work things out. -- Kittithaj 18:05, 16 September 2009 (BST)
P.S. By the way, do you know this guy?

To Dulston?

Well, for whatever reason, looks like you don't want to talk to me in game. That, together with the fact that I'm in central Earletown heading East, I think it's better to talk to you here.

The MOB is leaving Earletown. They head East, towards Rhodenbank. And they'll surely go to Dulston next. So, it's my chance to go there. Now, I know that you are enjoying your hostile acts towards Calista and her Beavers. But if your "good alt" dTangentThree in Chancelwood is interested in helping the Dulston Alliance fight the MOB, which you seem to despise, then feel free to go there.

If not, well, this is probably the last time we meet. Because once I'm in Dulston, I'll stay in Dulston. -- Kittithaj 21:48, 9 November 2009 (UTC)