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VZW Malton Running Man Competition

Welcome to the Annual VZW Malton Running Man Competition! Catch him if you can! Malton's deadliest in-game -- Game!

Tune in to frequency 28.76 during the Competition for Official Running Man updates several times each day.

Official Running Man Competition Rules: The Short Version

A Running Man departs the Clatworthy Arms in [Edgecombe] on a set date at 8 am (EST). He then has 7 full days to collect 5 undamaged Artifacts from 32 different museums located throughout Malton and/or put on specially designated types of clothing. To score points, the Running Man must remain alive and return to the Clatworthy Arms, and install the Artifacts he has found or display to the Hunters the clothing he has recovered. Each day that the Running Man remains alive he must report in his location at a set level of remaining AP. The Hunters' job is easy, find the Running Man and kill him before 7 days elapse.

Running Man GPS Collar

Prior to his or her 'run' each Running Man is fitted with an Explosive GPS Collar. Once per day, at a set level of Action Points, the Running Man must post his current grid location in the appropriate slot by 8 pm (EST). Failure to post your location causes the collar to detonate and disqualifies the Running Man.

Day 1, XX, XX XX: at 16 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Day 2, XX, XX XX: at 14 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Day 3, XX, XX XX: at 14 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Day 4, XX, XX XX: at 12 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Day 5, XX, XX XX: at 12 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Day 6, XX, XX XX: at 10 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Day 7, XX, XX XX: at 8 AP the Running Man was located at grid coordinate (XX,XX)

Additional notes regarding failure to post position: Normally failure to post your position at the appropriate AP level results in disqualification and erasure of all accumulated Running Man points. However, there are extraordinary circumstances that might prevent a player from accessing the internet, and posting his location for any given day. Provided the Running Man did not move at all on the day he failed to post his location, the Hunters can vote to forego the DQ penalty and instead apply a -14 point penalty to that Running Man.

Artifact Recovery List

Note that only one of each specific artifact listed earns points. Burned, damaged, broken, or multiples of the same artifacts earn zero points. Artifacts recovered after a Running Man has been killed or after his allotted run time has expired earn zero points. Artifacts can be recovered in any order the Running Man desires, they are listed below in no specific order:

A Contemporary Painting from any of the following:

The Halberry Museum (96, 24) in Dunningwood

The Innalls Museum (40, 10) in Yagoton

The Jewell Museum (97, 11) in Pescodside

The Keats Museum (93, 15) in Pescodside

The Legg Museum (32, 15) in Shuttlebank

The Lord Museum (0,77) in Nixbank

The Vellacott Museum (3, 19) in Roywood

The Welsford Museum (44, 26) in Brooke Hills

An African Sculpture from any of the following:

The Mallett Museum (21, 98) in Spicer Hills

The Masters Museum (92, 9) in Dulston

The Maxwell Museum (97, 38) in Paynterton

The Nurley Museum (90, 6) in Dulston

The Oakes Museum (6, 5) in Dakerstown

The Organ Museum (60, 27) in Huntley Heights

The Pink Museum (62, 93) in Hollomstown

The Pope Museum (14, 57) in Reganbank

A Conceptual Sculpture from any of the following:

The Schandua Museum (10, 57) in Reganbank

The Sebright Museum (23, 53) in Lerwill Heights

The Sillence Museum (28, 93) in Spicer Hills

The Stoodely Museum (38, 16) in Shuttlebank

The Troakes Museum (8, 41) in Owsleybank

The Uzzell Museum (38, 62) in Brooksville

A European Sculpture from any of the following:

The Eastwood Museum (39, 93) in Williamsville

The Futcher Museum (38, 30) in Richmond Hills

The Gullis Museum (3, 87) in Foulkes Village

The Haste Museum (14, 52) in Reganbank

The Hyson Museum (4, 40) in Owsleybank

The Huddy Museum (52, 95) in Wyke Hills

A Clay Figurine or Earthenware Vase or Grecian Urn or Ming Vase or Terracotta Statue from any of the following:

The Heddington Museum (60, 35) in Randallbank

The Johnston Museum (42, 22) in Brooke Hills

The Kitting Museum (94, 66) in Houldenbank

The Lawler Museum (3,61) in Crooketon

Note Regarding the Installation of Artifacts

At the begining of the Competition the Clatworthy Arms is the only 'legal' artifact installation point. During the competition this may change due to Zed interferance. Changes in legal install points will be announced prior to the start of each 'run.'

Clothing Recovery List

Certain special clothing items earn a Runner points when he can find them. (Hunters can check this by reviewing their 'contacts' and looking at what the Running Man is wearing) The following list of clothes will earn a Running Man +4 points. (Note: refer to the discussion page for rules outline on how points are scored for gathering clothes)


A Hockey Mask from Rodges Stadium


A Fedora (any color) from the Hat Store in Tompson Mall NE Corner


A Zoo Keeper's Peaked Hat from the City Zoo


Fort Perryn Dog Tags from Fort Perryn


A Silver Medalion of St. Mark from St. Mark's Cathedral


A Red Number 10 Football Shirt from Clapton Stadium


A Caiger Mall Staff T-Shirt from Caiger Mall


A Fur Coat from the Curton Mansion


Black Robes from a Puppet Museum


Black Tailcoat from Alner Mansion


Studded Leather Trousers from the Goth Store in Ackland Mall SE Corner


Krinks Power Station Overalls from Krinks Power Station


Blue Football Boots from Floyde Stadium

Runners are required to be wearing a standard 'outfit' when beginning their run. This is in order to be certain that they are not already wearing point scoring clothing items before their turn. Prior to their Run, each Running Man should visit a Mall and outfit themselves in the official garb of the Running Man:

White Baseball Cap

White T-Shirt

White Trousers

White Trainers

Points Awards

Running Man Points

+2 Points per Day that the Running Man survives. (Awarded when the Running Man posts his location)

+4 Points per article of clothing recovered

+16 Points for the 1st Artifact Installed in the Clatworthy Arms

+18 Points for the 2nd Artifact Installed in the Clatworthy Arms

+20 Points for the 3rd Artifact Installed in the Clatworthy Arms

+22 Points for the 4th Artifact Installed in the Clatworthy Arms

+24 Points for the 5th Artifact Installed in the Clatworthy Arms

+1/20 Point per HP damage inflicted on a Hunter (example: 40 points damage equals 2 points)

+5 Points for Killing a Hunter

Hunter Points

+1/10 Point per HP damage inflicted on a Running Man (example: 40 points damage equals 4 points)

+20 Points for Killing a Running Man

Notes on Points

Only 'living' Hunters gain points for wounding or killing a Running Man. Hunters gain no points when in Zombie form. A Hunter who is killed may be revived in the normal manner and can accumulate points once he rejoins the living. The exception to this rule is if the Hunter is killed by the Running Man -- in this case the Hunter must return to Edgecombe and cannot rejoin or participate in the competition in any manner until the next Running Man takes his or her turn.

A Running Man gains no points for Artifacts installed anywhere other than the officially sanctioned home base. A Running Man gains no points for installing damaged, burned or broken Artifacts. A Running Man ceases gaining points if he is killed by any means (Hunter, PKer, Zombie, falling out of a building, dying of infection, etc.). A Running Man ceases gaining points once his 7 days time runs out. A Running Man is awarded points for clothing at the moment they return to Clatworthy Arms and speak to a game official (this way the official can click on their profile and verify the clothes they have on and award points accordingly) and/or when they are killed by a Hunter (the Hunter is responsible for documenting what clothes the Runner had on when he killed them). A Running Man is awarded his +2 Survival Points the moment he posts his location.

Additional Running Man Rules

One Run Per Day Rule

The Running Man shall move only once per day within the window of 8:00 am (EST) and 8:00 pm (EST). After his GPS position has been posted, the Running Man may not take any AP move action prior to 8:00 am (EST) the next day. (Note: a Running Man may expend AP on actions other than moving if he so desires -- for example; he may shoot at a Hunter attacking him)

Restricting the time frame that a Running Man may move allows the hunters time to search for him, and is the only effective way to make the GPS Collar system viable. There is no way to referee or monitor this, so it will have to be on the 'honor' system. As long as every Running Man abides by the 'one run a day' rule, the competition should be fun for everyone. Hunters are not restricted in their movements.


After a Running Man has completed his turn, whether by his allotted 7 days time elapsing or by his death, there will be a 3 day 'downtime' period. This allows all players time to muster back at the Clatworthy Arms and allows the former Running Man some time to reload and re-equip before taking on the role of a hunter. The next start date and time will be announced on this page, and the GPS Collar will be reset.

Turns as Hunter and as Running Man

For continuity of the Competition, players should make accommodations to ensure that they are available to participate for all 7 days that they are the Running Man. We will try to schedule each Running Man so that there are no conflicts with vacations or other type events. If a player knows of future conflicts, make sure to plan so this happens during your time as a Hunter.

Game Official

The Game Official is required to stay at base and observe when the Running Man enters and installs an artifact or speaks to confirm points awards for clothes he may have collected.

Current Games Officials are: Ettore Fieramosca, Vincent Coccotti, and Amanda Webster. Any of these three officials can award points for clothing declared and artifacts installed inside the Clatworthy Arms.

Alternate Home Base

As is often the case when dealing with the walking dead and the vagaries of their insatiable hunger, a quiet and peaceful pub can quite quickly become the site for a shambling horde of moaning rotters. In the event that the Clatworthy Arms becomes untenable as a Home Base during the Competition, the players will elect an alternate location to serve as a base for installing Artifacts. This may need to be kept secret and distributed via email should it become obvious that nefarious sources are utilizing this page to sabotage our efforts. Currently the default alternate is Club Somerton at (75,57), however, artifacts installed there only count if it has been officially activated as an Alternate Home Base.

PK Event Notification

During the course of the game while playing as a Hunter or a Running Man, you may find yourself killing a fellow survivor. In order to avoid ending up on some group's PKer list, it would behoove you to speak in the room and let people know what you are up to -- perhaps even direct them to this Wiki so they can verify on the Competitor's List that you are indeed playing a game within the game. In the end, it is up to you whether you let people know or not.

The Winner

The Winner is the player who has the most combined Running Man and Hunter points when the competition ends. The Competition ends when the last player completes his turn as a Running Man.

Rules Clarifications

See the Discussion page

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