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Abbreviation: DRGHD
Group Numbers: 27
Leadership: Eyesofdeath and Homuncubish
Goals: maintain order in Fryerbank
Recruitment Policy: All military, PD, FD,Scientists and civilians welcome
Contact: eyesofdeath62@aol.com


Forming in May 2006, Dragonhead is a mixed group of survivors who are members of the South Eastern Quadrant Alliance, more commonly referred to as SEQA. Our goal is to secure Fryerbank. We aim to scour the area, ensure buildings are barricaded, and either revive or kill zombies who roam into this area.

Our main priorities are in maintaining the NTs and Radio Mast within our KG30 zone, ensuring they are at EHB and supplied with a generator and fuel.

We are actively recruiting new members looking for anyone with similar interest to make the South East corner of Malton a safer and brighter place for all survivors, and defend against the zombie threat. Please email eyesofdeath, or feel free to add Dragonhead as your affiliation in your profile



Dragonhead coordinates and maintains Fryerbank with DK13 and The Fortress . Below is map outlining area of operations and barricade policy for Fryerbank

90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
79 Joachim Mall Joachim Mall Earlham Walk Grist Grove the Hazeldine Museum Shickell Drive Railway Station War Crescent Oakley Drive Chedgey Drive Club Frossard
80 Joachim Mall Joachim Mall Urwin Park Barrington Avenue Tudge Way Fire Station Ginn Alley The Osbourne Building The Doutch Museum a factory St. Birinus's Church
81 a wasteland Bousie Avenue Hambling Street Ironsides Alley Gregg Grove Sheriff Towers Hanna Row Burdett Street Tidball Walk a wasteland
82 a wasteland Atkins Cinema Greenland Boulevard Police Department Gelasius General Hospital Derryman Crescent Railway Station a wasteland a wasteland Powlett Road a warehouse Kingham Drive
83 the Blanning Building Bastick Auto Repair Bulmer Street Gendrault Auto Repair the Burtenshaw Arms a wasteland a wasteland Poulter Plaza Parr Towers the Phipps Building
84 a wasteland Anderson Towers St Seraphim’s Hospital Drave Streeet Cutmore Avenue Ewer Street Pratley Library Wiles Bank McCormack Grove the Comitty Building
85 Pollock Street School St Columbanus’s Church a cemetery a wasteland Pownall Street School the Underdown Building Melville Street Club McTier the Noonan Building Bacon Row
86 Hedbitch Row Railway Station a wasteland Parkman Alley Club MacDonnell a warehouse a factory Hebden Auto Repair Canham Bank the Lintell Building the Warman Building
87 the Kind Building Elston Square the Havecroft Motel the Hensler Building a wasteland the Strangemore Building a carpark Whalen Avenue Railway Station the Longstaff Building Pickford Park
88 Club Vacher Godwin Drive Chadwick Square Phabayn Way Railway Station the Wolfendall Building Dohoney Grove Police Department the Owsley Museum the Haskins Building Clear Cinema Knill Towers
89 the Thicke Monument the Quartly Building Forbes Grove Towne Row Police Department Hobson Place Police Department Lanham Drive a warehouse the Press Motel Applegate Alley the Dirkinson Building
Building/KG30 Zone outside/KG30 Zone EHB VSB Revive Point NecroTech Police Radio Mast DK13/KG50 Zone Not maintained


Operation 'Barah' now in effect. All members to relocate and restock for commencement of 'Barah'


Operation 'No Place Like Home' keeping buildings fuel levels stocked up and decorated with artworks

Operation 'Airwaves' was 100% success, with all buildings within the KG30 being powered and radio transmittors setup to 27.11

Operation 'Revive & Restore 2' - operation to retake and secure Fryerbank and revive as many survivors as possible during the onslaught of The Dead. 100% Successful.

Operation 'Exodus'- operation to maintain the security of Fryerbank for all prosurvivors and to nulify the impact fom Bigger Mortice anti-survivors activities.

After the success of Operation 'Revive & Restore' Dragonhead successfully repaired and repowered Fryerbank and adjacent areas to KG40 and maintained active revives from Kingham Drive, whilst also combatting the continual anti-survivor activities of pker group Bigger Mortice.


Alliances have been formed with other human groups residing in Fryerbank, we are a member of the South Eastern Quadrant Alliance, more commonly referred to as SEQA. This is an allaince of legitimate survivor groups operating out of the south eastern grid quadrant SEQA mainframe forum: http://www.seqa.tk

  • Buildings have been secured to appropriate levels, and radios have been set up to allow communications. To help with communication with other survivor groups within Fryerbank, Dragonhead are operating on the DK13 LOCAL SHARED TRANSMIT FREQUENCY radio frequency 26.87 MHz.
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.11 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: disclosed

  • IMPORTANT: If you are a player in our immediate area wishing to transmit your own broadcast via another frequency, you are more than welcome to switch the frequency on ANY of our locally installed radio's in order to send your own broadcast ... but please DO NOT FORGET to reset the frequency back to 26.87MHz as soon as your transmission has been broadcast!


Members of Dragonhead are encouraged to maintain ALL pre-existing Dragonhead tag's within our area of operation, or "re-tag" throughout whenever necessary where orginal tags been sprayed over..

Officially approved Dragonhead tags for use throughout the entire zone are listed below:


We've been having this persistent problem within Fryerbank for several months now, would all survivors within Fryerbank please show common courtesy to other survivors and respect designated SEQA entry points within Fryerbank and stop overbarricading them. You may think it makes it safer for yourself inside but move to an adjacent building already at EHB your actions only lead to survivors getting stuck outside and killed. We also ask the people respect SEQA REVIVE POINTS and newbie players stop killing zeds waiting at these points for revives, in most cases a lot of these zombies there are actually survivors who've got stuck outside after issuing revives and killed because someone barricaded up entry point, don't need yourselves using them as free targets there are plenty more zombies out there to kill instead


Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

Dragonhead are currently operating a dedicated 24/7 revive point located at Kingham Drive (99,82 - operational since June 06). This is a fast revive point and we actively encourage players who are new to the area NOT to use it as a free shooting gallery. However we occasionally experience delays with several rotters trying to hold up revives by sitting at this point, The best way to get a revive is to post on the DEM Revive Request so that we have your Urban Dead ID number and makes the rotter's occupation unimportant.


Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.

The following list is known PKers who have tried to create havoc in Fryerbank. We urge all local survivor players who are resident within Fryerbank not to heal, revive, or interact with ANY of these confirmed ANTI-SURVIVOR/SERIAL PK players.

Player Name Group Player Name Group Player Name Group
[thecowinabox] [[]] Dekuyper Bloodbath MaryKathryn Brotherhood of the Reckoning
trujitron2 PH [Fragile] [[]] [Tenaza] [[]]
[JohnnyQ] [[]] [kaemper] [[]] [DeKyleSilverton] [[]]
Shamblin'Sam [[]] TheJimp [[]] [Somebody] [[]]
[Zazie] [[]] [Spilled blood] [[]] ahzid scarlet beverage
Karloth Vois Red Rum Virus002 Red Rum Jennifer Thrush Red Rum
Born Evil Red Rum Fosi Red Rum Zugbar Red Rum
Larry Johnson 27 Red Rum c138 Red Rum Cantaloupe Red Rum
znarh Red Rum Duncan Bates White Wine SharkSkinMan [[]]
JuIes WinnfieId [[]] Harlequin1 The Orchard Captain Smirnoff The Orchard
Kaptain The Orchard An Orange Apple The Orchard A Puma The Orchard
General Agnola Extinction Helmut Bastard Children Of The Monkey Basket Slug02 Sociopath Apostles
Missy Rikku The Rotten Tomatoes Tha Bomberman [[]] Brad Dourif [[]]
Dysplasia [[]] ZombiesAren'tDumb Sociopath Apostles Rajko Sociopath Apostles
Young Bambi Killer Sociopath Apostles Dr Summeroff Sociopath Apostles monkadue Sociopath Apostles
Patrick Killian [[]] willy gee [[]] Phlaatus [[]]
D4rkness Brotherhood of the Reckoning krios Philosophe Knights [] [[]]
OmnusOmega Malton Mob AbleSentinel Insane Asylum aPathetic Bill [[]]
TheUnremarkableHulk The Skorpions Mr Shadows Malton Mob Sleazy P Martini GWAR
Dirk Triggerfinger [[]] coil snake Brotherhood of the Reckoning Private McCarty The Skorpions
Mytrle Dual Nature AgentPapers The Skorpions

All names above should be given a summary sentence and killed on sight when spotted anywhere in Fryerbank. Please DO NOT revive these survivors.


Person has been seen at this location


FORMAT: SEEN NameOfPerson/Profile#/Location/Coordinates/Time


Notification of a PK event

FREQS: 2666/2866/LOCAL

FORMAT: PK NameOfPKer/Profile#/NameOfVictim/Location/Coordinates


All Points Bulletin - Used to ask for the location of persons for a particular reason

FREQS: 2666/2866/LOCAL

Typically to be used by anti-PK forces, or by folks wanting to find friendlies.

FORMAT: APB NameOfPerson/Profile#/Reason

26.66 MHz - PK Alert Channel - If you get PKd, report it here. If you want to hunt PKers, listen here. use the SEEN, PK, and APB codes frequently on this channel.

BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
Dragonhead is an ally of the DEM
Smbp icon.GIF Suburb Mutual Barricade Plan supporter
This User or Group supports the Suburb Mutual Barricade Plan by actively maintaining barricades according to the agreed-upon SMBP for their resident suburb.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.