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Below you will find much of the history of Infinity (previously known as EVIL). It's actually a pretty interesting read, and also serves as a means to finding out more about the group if you're considering joining the group, or even if you're at war with us :) As you can see, it's a pretty intimidating wall of text, so you're probably better to just pick out particular periods of time and reading through those instead of attacking the whole thing. I've left it mostly unedited, although several of the pages linked to now no longer exist. Entirely written up by Poodle of Doom, the group's previous leader, although hopefully we can continue to add more to the page ourselves in the coming months.--Gumball135 19:49, 17 October 2010 (BST)

What is this page?

This page is here to act as a sort of archive for our history. Basically,... you'll find the year, who's history archive you wish to view, then click on appropriate month you wish to see. This will help us keep our recorded history organized, while keeping it from cluttering up our front page.

What's the Point?

The point is very simple. We intend on using this as a tool to help us organize our history.

June 2010

-Our leader has now returned to the game, after almost a months hiatus. Regular updates will begin again. Our group has transitioned into Vinetown during this time.

-Well, it seems as if the Spanish Inquisition have singled us out over the course of the last month. Tacticle plans are being made to confront this menace as we speak. Perhaps we shall hold some sort of dark gathering at a most holy place,... God only knows....

-Yesterday, we promoted an older member to the rank of General. This is the first General we've had for our group. Congrats Dumuzi!

-Plans for attacking the Spanish Inquisition, and hitting them where it counts are being made. The attack will most likly be made before the end of the month. A list of TSI members is being compiled as we speak,... all allies are invited to attend this dark gathering, and enjoy all it has to offer. One simply needs to ask to help via the forums...

-A certain group of individuals have fled the area making it hard for them to track. Regardless,... we shall stay vigilant, and draw them out.

-Attacks on the immediate area continue. The group is growing restless. We wish for a fight. A good ol' beat down... alas, our opponent has run off in cowardace. We only hope to draw them out. Now we shall see if it can be done....

May 2010

-Well, it's safe to say that we didn't start this war, but we're sure as hell finishing it. We've killed several of the SoC members, and continued to dump them in the streets. They've threatened to kill us at revive points, and pit the community against us. We have yet to witness any anti-EVIL messages within the suburb, and aside from the conflicts beginning, have yet to receive a single casualty. We don't know if this is from a lack of conceded effort on their part, or if we're just doing our jobs really well. Regardless, we prefer the later. So,... bring it on boys,... paint our names across town,... we like it when everyone talks about us. We like it when you play hard to get, and deny us revives. If you boys want to play,.... then let us play.....

-We're still fighting the good fight,... and seemingly winning. The SoC has said that they really have no interest in pursuing us. That said, with the SoC being the only real source of possible resistance within the suburb,... it seems as if we'd have free reign,.... We can't wait to make good use of our time, killing the locals,... and such. Not that we'd ever quit hunting our friends.

SATURDAY, MAY 15 -We're whooping ass. The SoC have targeted select members of the group,... and by sheer volume of kills, EVIL appears to be winning. Plans to disrupt the local revive points are being put togethor. Hopefully, we'll be able to disrupt the flow of the local population even further.

FRIDAY, MAY 21 -We've decided to take on Escape, and do our part to quash the exodus as best as we can... We'll be moving to Owsleybank on Sunday. Our main point of attack will be the Ellicott Place Railway Station, and all survivors in it. Prepare!

-There shall really be No Escape.... those looking to escape Malton are dropping like fly’s. Several PKer groups are in the area, as well as many feral zeds, and zed groups. The doors to the Railway Station are constantly open, and survivors are ripe for the plucking. Having to many survivors in one building has give us the shelter we need to do our dirty work, and hide at the same location.

April 2010

-EVIL wants to wish everyone a happy easter,.... here's hoping you all get revived within three days....

-Plans to strike the area surrounding Caiger Mall are now coming togethor, and the finishing touches are being put into place. Soon, this notable mall shall be made to fear us! And the group is growing even more... we've recently accepted two new members. Congratulations to both!

-The plan to move out of the suburb, and into the area surrounding Caiger Mall has been presented to the group. We shall be leaving Tollyton this coming sunday,... and shall be residing within the two suburbs around Caiger,... those two suburbs being Darvall Heights, and Chudleyton,... Let everyone who resides in these suburbs come to know us,... so that they may learn to fear us!!

-We've made it into Chudleyton, and Darvall Heights, and have begun advertising our group, via spraypaint, and word of mouth. We shall begin ripping the two suburbs apart peice by peice at the end of the week. Soon, our names shall be on everyones lips,... terror shall fill their hearts, and many will perish by our hands!

-Today marks the beginning of a new era in Chudleyton and Darvall Heights! We started launching attacks on each suburb, and started raiding the mall... a couple buildings have been ruined by our hands, and we intend to keep them that way. Local revive points will soon start filling up with our victims. Being that we are in two suburbs instead of one this time around, we're sure that the locals should be able to keep up with our presence,... this time around. For now, we'll just keep doing what we do best...

-We've been launching attacks for a week now, and to date, have not had as much of an impact on the community as we had hoped. We shall continue with our efforts to contort the masses, and wreak havok on these great suburbs of Malton. As rumor has it, we're the good guys,... We have no clue where it began, but we know it will end with a bullet at point blank range. Time is the key, eventually, all our efforts will come togethor,.... and these two suburbs of Malton will come to know us as well as all the ones prior to them....

-Revive points are moving quickly. Many of our members don't even have time to roll over in our graves.... we've encountered some resistance from the local denizens,.... but really, there's nothing out of the ordinary going on. Moral is high, and we're happy doing what we love. We'll continue to be a menace for many of the days ahead.

-The group has decided to meet up in Darvall Heights, and begin acting as a solitary unit again. The recent encounters with the local population have sparked an interest in us, and raising ourselves a more stringent set of challenges to overcome. Failure is not an option,... in fact, we're sure that we'll do just fine. This isn't taking on such a challenge after all...

March 2010

-The assault on Tollyton began on the 28th,... and is continuing. We've been concentrating the blunt of our attack on the Mall, hoping to aid the zed presence in this area over throw the survivors holding it. The group has gained a new member, and is currently looking for more. Again, anyone interested in joining is asked to apply.

-The group is still attacking the local mall. The population within Woodroffe has been low since we moved into the suburb. As long as we're capable, we intend to keep it that way. Best of luck to the locals,... they're going to need it.

-Today we picked up our 15th member,.... the group is begining to rally again! Our attacks on the mall have been successful. The Locals are begining to reconize us, and kill us on sight. This makes it difficult for them to suppress local zed presence. Time to choose Tollyton,.... to whom will you give the honor of taking your lives?

-We've had another person request membership,... and they are doing well! We're sure to see them succeed soon,... Tollyton's Mall will fall within the next couple days, so long as the zed presence in the area continues to perform as expected. We've mastered the art of deception in the area as well,... and having done so, have hidden ourselves amongst the population. We've not had a casualty in days,... Few seem to know how to find us. Tollyton is ripe for the taking!!

-Tollyton is begining to fall. The only NT building in the area is down for the count. A small group of feral zeds have broken into the building, and cleared it out of survivors. EVIL is now watching over the building as well, hoping to help keep it free of survivor presence, via the murder of anyone attempting to reclaim it. The lines at the local revive point are begining to build up, and to top it all off, we think we've finally made an impression on the locals. The citizens of Tollyton have been overheard commenting: "If RRF doesn't kill us, EVIL will...."

-Today, word of the Battle of Krinks caught our attention. We are hoping to work with the Philosophe Knights in this matter. As a group, we are dead set against the cruelty shown by the NSU. This is why we wish to see them fall before us. That said, as a general rule of thumb, we believe that everyone is subject to the PKer mantra,... and this is why we wish to kill everyone. We're interested in working with the Philosophe Knights, but if we're turned away for the duration of this conflict, we may just show up to stir the pot. Boy, what fun...

-Today, we brought up the remander of our awards page. Everyone in the group now has something on their "EVIL Resume" as we like to call it. Congrats to all on everything they've earned, and here's to much more! On that note, it looks as if the Battle of Krinks is now over, and everyone involved will be moving on. That's great news for us,... we've now returned to projects that were placed on the back burner when this came up.

-The group is planning on moving to the area around Caiger Mall, and launching a rather planned strike against the area surrounding it. We've decided to take a slightly different approach though. More information will come in time. That said, all is going well for the group. We are growing as a group, and as a team. We are operating effectivly,.... locals are coming to know us quickly every time we move into a suburb. We're proud of this.

February 2010

-It seems as if our attempts to avoid the MOB have been unsuccessful this time around. We've decided not to flee from the suburb this time though. There's really no reason for any of us to try to save our hind ends this time,.... we have decided to go with the flow,... and possably embrace the dual nature stance of the group.

-The group has decided to ease up on the requirements for entry into the group. All applicants who've formerly applied, who still have an interest, are requested to reapply. Anyone who's thought about attempting to join is asked to apply.

-All activity within the suburb has come to a halt. The suburb is in ruin,.... the only thing that EVIL can do now is continue to break into buildings,... ransacking the few that have been rebuilt,... and kill any of the living locals. To say the least,... it's slow going at best.

-The group is planning another move yet again. There is little going on in South Blythville to keep us here. Soon, a dark cloud will linger over someone elses head.

-The group is stocking up on supplies, and getting ready to move out. Tollyton has been selected as our next place of operations,.... we've entered into an agreement with our newest ally, and have decided to make this a joint effort. The details are in the works as we speak.

-The group has made the transition to Tollyton, and our first major assault is schedualed to begin at the start of next week. That said, group members have already begun to make our presence known through the destruction of genorators, and graffiti. Be forwarned, though,... this is the least of your worries Tollyton....

-Our mission in Tollyton officially begins tomorrow. The group has been on edge all week. It's not our nature to be so reserved with a location. Then again,... we don't normally get the oppertunity to work with our allies as closly as we will be here in this suburb. We can't wait to let the killing spree begin.

December 2009

-Well, it's official. We must be doing something right. The KT have been complaining about being killed by rouge members,... Penny Heights still broadcasts on their frequency about us somewhat regularly,.... The LoBo have basically given up, though they won't admit to it,.... and now, we've been nominated by a few wiki members for the Malton Murder Awards. In your face Malton!!!

-Hype within the group about our recent nominations has died down dramatically. We're back to focusing on what we do best: being natural born killers.... The Lockettside Boys are droping as fast as usual. We even have some potiential recrutes heading their way,... PREPARE!!

-It's just another day in the neighborhood. The hometown heroes seem to have given up on the fight. We're more or less interested in moving on to other targets. Lockettside is a rather large place to terrorize after all, and we've only managed to bother one of the many blights.

-Victory has been acheived! We have slain the beast! Read on:

December 14 09 --Some of the boys have found an old bus and decided to take a road trip. Destination unknown but HQ is expecting Karaoke to hit the airwaves anyday now. Some of the senior members have stayed behind to man the club and keep killing EVIL when it arises.......but we're really bored of them.--Shaun Zedkiller 11:58, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

Finally, this blight will leave the face of Lockettside, possably forever! Thank God! It's about time....

-Well,.... we've had enough time to gloat,.... and have decidided to move onto more pressing matters. It seems as if the MOB will be rolling through Lockettside sometime in the upcoming days. This gives us a very short window to prepare. Others have used our movements just ahead of the MOB as a way to put us down. Not this time though,... a revival clinic will be started and will take effect immediatly after, in the wake of the massive zombie hoarde. Anyone willing to get on board is requested to visit us in the ally section of our boards.

-All is going well. We've established a new target, though they seem to hide in the surronding area. This works well with our current plan; to clean up in the wake of The MOB. Perhaps while we hunt down these freelance agents for the atrocities they have commited, we can rally across the surrounding suburbs, and fill the wake quicker than anticipated.

-Merry Christmas,.... today is a day of meditation for our group... a day to remember all those who've come before, and who've fallen before us....

-What a year it's been! We've seen the rise of EVIL,... and the fall of man! We've struck terror into the hearts of many, and moved forward to continue our reign! We've even felt a cold, depressing, harshness from some old friends of our leader.... Let us not forget where it was that we started out, or where it is that we are going! Let us look back on what we hope will be a year to remember.... and move forward with all the force, terror, and sheer awe inspiring power that we've channeled through our anger,... let us continue to strike fear into the hearts of men for many years to come! Happy new year!

November 2009

-The group has been targeting The LoBo since we came to the neighborhood, and have struck this blight down. Very little retaliatory effort has come been brought against us. These so called "Defenders" of Lockettside aren't worth their weight in beer. The hunt for our newest enemy continues, though there has been no recent sightings of him. Considering that we'd much rather be left alone by our counterparts, and deal with more pressing matters, a proposition had been raised. We've not heard back from this group, but we shall see. Perhaps we can deal with a mutual problem.

-The drama surrounding our recent expulsion of one of our members has now increased. Thanks to a member of The LoBo, we've managed to find ourselves heavy hearted over this entire matter. There is nothing to do but move forward. This seems to be more of an insurmountable task than we ever imagined.

-The Drama surrounding current events has finally subsided. We are currently looking to make a move to take back Fort Perryn sometime in the future. This is still a long ways in the future,... and we are looking to enter into battle with a great many people. An alliance of this magnitude is going to take time,.... we shall come soon.

-It's another day in paradise. We're still fighting the good fight, and winning the battle against the locals. The idea of taking back Fort Perryn seems to be idling down now. I think it's going to be a long while before we get in there to do anything. Who knows... could be a week, month, maybe even a year. We haven't lost hope yet.

-It seems that the locals have become somewhat board with bickering. They no longer attack us as they once did, and the rest of the community randomly executes us, and only on a whim at that. The group has taken this as a moral boost, and as another boost of confidence. Radio receivers have been honed to the local frequency, as well as the frequency of Penny Heights. It's nice to hear that we are still talked about frequently in the suburb we came from. We also take great pride in being ridiculed and slandered on the local frequency. As long as everyone is screaming our name; as long as some beg for mercy; as long as some fall by our name; as long as our name is on everyone’s lips, we'll thrive! This is how we know we've done our job! It's glad to know we've made waves, and embedded ourselves in your nightmares....

-Well, we've finally spent our first Thanksgiving together as a group. All was well. We were happy to go door to door, collecting brains, and passing out hot led. We hope the neighborhood is happy, and that they enjoyed their holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

October 2009

-We are getting ready to leave Penny Heights, and move into Lockettside at the end of the week. The Team Captains have collectively decided to launch one last strike on Lumber Mall before we go, just to celebrate our time here.

-The coordinated strikes are going well. Many people have been slain over the past couple days. The locals are taking one last opportunity to rally against us before we go. This heart felt token makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks Penny Heights. We love you to!

-Well, the general populations of zeds have pretty much kept us dead. The revive lines are slow. Scouts have gone out ahead of the group, and we're preparing to make our way out this Saturday. Good luck with your zed presence Penny Heights!

-We're doing really well in this suburb. Certain people have reconized our presence already in the suburb. The group has made another huge leap today, while simultaneously making a name for itself in this suburb. That's right, we took out half the people in St. Alexander's Hospital in only a matter of minutes. We hope you'll have as much fun playing games as we do, Lockettside!! Remember to play nice!!

-The Lockettside Boys have taken up issue with us... yet they seem very unwilling to face us. Maybe there is a lack of coordination in the group. Perhaps it's due to a lack of effort at this point. Perhaps they don't have the support of the local denizens. Whatever it may be,... We're still here. We're still waiting,....

-Well, LoBo has been dishing out a rather fierce ass whooping,... and we've dealt subtle blows back. The Towers are frequently without power. A struggle has ensued to cut the power from The Pursey Building,... an adequate summation, by those who've watched the lights flicker on and off. Club Frankland is a frequent target,... and our members are frequent targets in this building. It's actually fairly exciting at times.

-Well,... we had the first expulsion from our wonderful group occurred over the weekend. What a shame,... our Lockettside KOS List has now been updated to include this particular user. Members are keeping an eye out for this self proclaimed zerger,.... and support from some of the local groups has been requested. We hope to make the remainder of this individuals stay in Malton as un-enjoyable as possible.

-The recent removal of a member has gone smoother than was expected. The only drama surronding the event existed here. Members of the group continue to hunt The LoBo, and this new addition to our KOS List.

September 2009

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 -Updates have been scarce latly. Little movement in the group is occuring. The group is activly looking to move to another territory, as the locals here have begun to hunt us activly. It's not that this is bothersom, simply, that we wish to terrorize someone else.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 -All the fooey surrounding our Kill On Sight List has finally settled. The suburb of Penny Heights finally lays in ruin. We will help rebuild a small section of town, but we shall proceed onward with plans to move to another suburb. Perhaps the residents shall finally see that EVIL isn't so bad.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 -Well, we decided to move. We should be leaving Penny Heights by October 1st, and into Lockettside by October 2nd. Thanks for the memories Penny Heights. We'll never forget how much fun we had murdering you all!!

SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 27 -Well, the move we had planned, will be pushed back a week. Lockettside has fallen into hostile hands, and we don't believe that this would allow for our move to be effective, and for our presence to be noticed. See you on the 11th Lockettside.

August 2009

THURSDAY. AUGUST 6 -We've officially raised enough hell to alert yet another group in this suburb to our presence. The MD have come to kill us as well. I hate to break the news, but if you kill us, we shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine. I feel as if we've gained some notoriety within the suburb finally...

SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 -We've been working on bringing down two hospitals in our area. This proves to be a harder task than what we imagined. This mission started out as a support mission, for CotR, prior to us having known it was them. We have offered via their talk page to be allies, yet we have heard nothing from them. We'll see how this plays out for us in the future I guess....

July 2009

FRIDAY, JULY 3 -We're up to nine members now. Small teams are forming. Captains are begining to take charge. Strikes are being ordered. Organization has been acheived. Malton should fear us now....

SATURDAY, JULY 4 -Could there be any other day more glorious than today to launch our first coordinated attack? Without being online at the same time, several people in Pole Mall fell. Their dead lifeless corpses shall soon give rise to their zombie counterparts, and the feeding groans of these damned souls will echo in the hallways, and spill into the streets. Hopefully, this will bring the wrath of this towns ferral zombies,....

SATURDAY, JULY 11 -The MOB finally decided to run through Wray Heights, and I'm glad they waited. They only left flesh wounds on our members, but nothing that wasn't easily fixed. We've decided to go to Penny Heights, and the move is underway. All of our members should be there by the end of the day. Soon, the smell of decay, and rotting flesh will fill the streets, as we slowly make our way into this town.

SATURDAY, JULY 18 -It seems as if we are making a name for ourselves here in Penny Heights,.... as the locals are fighting back, making sure to target our members directly. Alas, we like it when they fight the good fight!!

SATURDAY, JULY 25 -Two of Penny Heights's finer groups have begun to target us directly, and have thrown themselves into the lime light by clearing the streets of the threat we pose: M.S.S, and M.U.M. Good luck boys and girls! We're now going to raise hell!!!!

June 2009

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 -Our wiki has been completed. Our forums are now open. We are now officially a group.

SUNDAY, JUNE 7 -Our struggle to add people to our infrastruction is a slow process, if it's even moving. Plans to move to, and terrorize another neighborhood are immenent. EVIL shall soon fall upon someone else.

TUESDAY, JUNE 9 -Dakerstown, beware, a darkcloud is circling overhead.

THURSDAY, JUNE 18 -Kempsterbank, EVIL works in the shadows....

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 -The Knights Templar have been contacted. A formal request to be allies has been entered. They seem to have grown weary of their PKing counterparts that existed before our arrival. Perhaps EVIL could be the suave required to heal this blight.

FRIDAY, JUNE 26 -Word has come back from the Templars,.... perhaps they enjoy having PKers around,.... perhaps we were not clear on what we had hoped to accomplish for them. We no longer have any idea. What ever may have turned them away, what ever it was that blinded them... let them see again, and the facet of their sight be restored. We are moving to West Grayside.

SUNDAY, JUNE 28 -Finally, we are begining to grow as a group. We are up to a whopping five members now!!

Aaaaand that's as far as it goes. I have no idea what happened to the one or two missing months; I don't think they were ever even recorded.