Notable survivor victories

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Over the span of time, many survivor players and organizations have scored victories against the zombie hordes. This page will list some of the more well-known victories.

  • The First Siege of Caiger Mall was the longest and largest siege in the history of Urban Dead up to that point. During this event, the Caiger Mall Survivors and other supporting groups proved victorious against multiple hordes of zombies who had laid siege to the mall for almost a full month and against prevailing wisdom of the day, demonstrated survivors could make malls a defensible position.
  • The Second Siege of Caiger Mall was the last stop on the Mall Tour '06. The zombies were beaten back after a siege lasting from the start of February 2006 to the 19th March 2006. It remains the largest and longest siege in the history of the game. Groups from all over Malton participated, and it is considered by many to be the greatest victory by the living in game history, with several thousand participants on both sides.

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