Notable zombie victories

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Over the span of time, many zombie hordes have successfully overrun survivor safehouses and bastions of resistance. This page will list some of the more notable victories. However, it should be known that outside of the "notable survivor victories" page, no major zombie group has faced a defeat.

  • The Third Siege of Caiger Mall was perhaps the greatest upset in Malton history, in which the Shacknews horde led zombie hordes in taking the major stronghold of Caiger Mall after a two-week siege from October 23 through November 10, 2006.
  • The Battle of Pitneybank was a month-long siege in January of 2008 beginning at Fort Creedy and ending with the fall of Giddings Mall, which eventually spanned most of the suburb and ended in a decisive victory for the Second Big Bash and its allies. As survivor groups rallied to the area, the turning point in the assault on Giddings was the January 23rd update which concluded the battle within the week.
  • The March of The Dead was an endeavor by the SomethingAwful megahorde The Dead to "break the game", which reduced survivor numbers and security to their lowest numbers in game history until game updates and flagging goon interest swung the game back in survivors' favor.

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